About me

Welcome to Fit Bottom Girl. A personal diary of health, fitness, beauty, and my life.

This is my small place where I like to come and ramble. Sometimes I can be inspiring and most times not so much. I started this blog as an escape. I like writing down my thoughts because sometimes it’s hard connecting with people. Being from a small town in Pennsylvania, this is something I deal with all the time. I’m not a typical girl. I enjoy shopping for designer brands and then turn around and play video games for 8 hours straight. I can be a bit of a diva and then be a total tomboy. Life is too short to be one “thing” – which is why I try to always mix things up and experience what the world has to offer.

What better way to remember your life than having memories wrote out for you? So to sum this typical ramble up, this is my place where I can write down my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I love writing about fitness, health, and cooking. Those are the main things that interest me in life because they are all things that help us live each and every day. This is also a place where I want to connect with new people and bounce ideas back and forth and to try new things together – even if we are miles apart. If anyone wants advice or wants to give me advice, simply contact me and let me know. Or if you have questions or simply would like to see more topics don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you everyone for your amazing support with this!

Email me at BrittnyKendra@gmail.com

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