21 Day Fix: Week 2 Review

Good morning & Happy Thursday!

Time to review my week 2 progress for the 21 day fix. Can I just say how I am loving how this new change has affected myself, my personality, and my body?! I never thought it would be possible for eating healthy can affect my total self. It’s eye opening and refreshing. And for once, I don’t crave bad foods or soda. I think I found the one…

photo 1

My main concern was staying at my fiance’s house all weekend. He isn’t exactly the healthiest eater (all though he is getting better) and his lack of food would throw me off track. So I meal planned & prepped. I packed all my food Friday after work and headed over to his place. Saturday morning I made 2 eggs + basil + feta cheese with a vanilla shakeology w/ almond milk and peanut butter. This has been my main breakfasts through the week and on weekends. Very simple and very filling!

I even packed my 21 Day Fix dvds so I could still get my workouts in at his place. I only rested on Sunday because I was super sore after all the hard workouts I did for last week. The rest of my meals were simple: rice, quinoa, egg wraps, lots of veggies, etc… it’s hard getting fancy with foods when I’m not at my own home.

photo 4

Sunday was my grocery shopping day. I stocked up on more veggies, proteins, and fruits. It’s a lot easier for me to shop every Sunday to ensure that my veggies and fruits are fresh and that they don’t go bad by stocking up on more than I can eat. Plus I feel it’s a lot cheaper. My method of thinking can be sometimes weird.

After I was finished shopping, I headed home to start my meal prepping for the week. Here is what I basically ate all week:

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs + hot sauce + spinach, Shakeology + peanut butter + almond milk or water
  • Mid-Morning: Fruit + pistachios
  • Lunch: Lettuce + whole wheat wrap + dijon mustard + onions + chicken
  • Afternoon: Greek yogurt + banana + veggies
  • Dinner: quinoa + mushrooms + protein + veggies

workout collageI’ve been mixing up my workouts a lot so that my body doesn’t get used to doing the same routines. I’ve been walking/jogging every other day while mixing in the Tone It Up workouts. When I’m not walking, I do the 21 Day Fix DVDs along with the Tone It Up workouts. I always try to do cardio + toning exercise for best results. After all, summer is 6 weeks away!

Processed with Moldiv

I gotta say, the new TIU bikini booty workout is a killer. I was drenched in sweat and burnt over 100 calories in a mere 12 minutes. Head over to their page to try it for yourself! I’m currently on day 11 of the 21 day fix and I never would have made it without my friend Lauren. We are still texting each other every day with our meals, workouts, and motivation. I found it to be a lot better when you have someone with you because you don’t want to let your team down. I highly suggest finding someone to do this plan with you if you struggle sticking to things (like myself). I haven’t weighed or measured myself yet. I’m waiting until after my 21 days to see what I’ve accomplished.

I can feel a difference in myself. That’s all that really matters at this point. I feel more confident about myself (which I never, ever feel) and I look forward to my meals and workouts. My body feels tighter and slimmer. I’ll take it! I am looking forward to doing round 2 after this as well. Stay tuned for my final review next week!

xo Brittny

If you missed my first week review, read it here!


You’re a…BeachBody Coach?

March 2014 Update: I am currently taking a break from coaching and focusing on me and my goals. I may or may not get back into BeachBody coaching, I will be posting more about this in the future. While I loved my team and being a coach, I was straying away from my goals. I love health and fitness and will continue helping others. I was beginning to feel that fitness was a job and not a hobby anymore. Thank you for everyone who has supported my decision.

I can’t tell you how many times people ask me “what is a BeachBody coach?” and I get so excited and ramble on about what it means to be a coach. This past week 2 new girls came to me saying they were interested in coaching, but they had no idea what a coach was. It hit me, I need to write about this. I need to explain in my point of view what I do. This is also a glimpse into my journey of how, why, and when I started. So let’s begin!


BeachBody is famously known for their fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, and Power 90. You see these commercials all the time on tv and see the success stories. But of course, a lot of people just turn the channel because who really orders stuff from tv anymore? At least, that’s how I think. But I do always research things I see on tv that interest me, especially fitness.

Fitness always caught my eye because the majority of my life, I struggled with weight. I never liked my body because kids would always make fun of me for being a curvy girl and not the stick straight athletic girls in my high school. So when I would see girls jumping around on tv, smiling, and being carefree it made me stop and think “I want to feel that.”


A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me her set of Turbo Fire dvds to try out. She knew I was struggling yet again with losing weight and knew I needed something fresh to try. I decided to commit to the 90 day program and see if it actually worked. My first week was embarrassing. I couldn’t land the moves since I haven’t worked out in the longest time. I was getting frustrated with myself because I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. But, I knew I had to stick with something for once and follow it the whole way through.

After my first week, I finally learned the moves. I could jump in the air, not pretty, but I could do it. I started to feel really good about myself. I wasn’t losing the weight I wanted to, but I was starting to feel good. This was a new feeling for me. Chalene Johnson, the instructor and creator of Turbo Fire, is an amazing teacher. She motivated me and pushed me at the exact moments I felt like giving up. It was like she could watch me from my tv. Long story short, I stuck out the program, lost 10 lbs and actually kept it off. I lost inches all over and could wear my jeans from high school. So I began digging more into what “BeachBody” was.


A month after I completed Turbo Fire, I kept hearing about people trying P90X. Everyone said it was super hard and they couldn’t finish half of the workouts. But I also saw a difference in my friends. They were losing weight. They were more fit. They looked incredible. I’m always up for a challenge, so I made my first purchase. I lost 30 lbs and 11 inches all over in just 90 days. Um, ok.. this was new to me. Sure, I lost weight prior to p90x and turbo fire, but I never kept it off. I always gained it back. Nothing ever truly worked for me. Til this day, I still kept that weight off, even when I went way off track. Obviously, I knew BeachBody was the real deal.

I started liking Facebook pages, joining groups, created a free profile, etc… I became obsessed. Then I won a Shakeology 3 day cleanse pack. What was Shakeology?


I tried the cleanse, lost 5 pounds in 3 days, and became a shakeo addict. Back then, there were only 2 flavors: Regular Chocolate and Greenberry. I was in love. I never tasted anything so good that actually kept me full. I bought my first bag and drank a shake every day. I felt a difference in my body. I wasn’t tired anymore. I had energy. I felt clean and healthy. My skin was glowing and I just felt like an overall happy and positive person. I no longer had to take iron pills because Shakeology has all the vitamins that I need and then some. Down side to Shakeology – I was at a job making only $8.25 an hour and was living paycheck to paycheck.

Shakeology is pricy, no doubt. Well, it only comes down to $4 per shake, which is a whole meal, but in one sitting it’s $120. That’s a lot for someone living paycheck to paycheck to fork out at once. I got upset and felt discouraged mainly because I hated having a job where I couldn’t afford something that changed my life. That’s when my coach, Lauren, found me. She started talking to me about what a coach does. Who they are. Filled me in on everything. When I heard her say “you actually save money being a coach. You make money. You get 25% off of everything, including Shakeology. That’s $30 off!” Alright, you have my interest!


I joined up as a coach in November 2012. November has always been a tough time for me, that’s when my father passed away when I was 16. So that month is always a bit tough for me. So when Lauren contacted me the day my father passed away, I knew it was a sign from him. I knew he wanted me to do this, with Lauren, with her team, and do something meaningful with my life.

Since then, she still inspires me and pushes me. She taught me everything I needed to know about the business. She took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns and really teach me what it meant to be a coach. I love my team – we have amazing girls who I get to keep in touch with daily/weekly. We do calls each week to see where we are at the in business, motivate each other to do more, and push each other to be the best we know we can be. We help each other stay accountable and run challenge groups together helping other people change their life.


So if you love having people motivate you and support you, then coaching is for you. When you sign up, you also sign up an entire family. These girls are not only my teammates, but becoming amazing friends of mine. They’ve changed my for the better. It’s been a year – and I never once regretted my decision on this.

So what do you get when you first sign up? Well, you get a coach and a diamond coach. Lauren is my go-to coach, kind of like a boss. Angie Green is my diamond coach, sort of like the CEO of your company. You get automatic access to our two Facebook group pages – Team Dynamite (which has a ton of coaches to help answer questions, give updates, tips, and much more) and a smaller group, Team Pinnacle. Team Pinnacle is Lauren’s group that she started. We do weekly homework assignments, do weekly conference calls where we call in for 20 minutes once a week and talk about what we did for that week, our goals, dreams, and what we can do as a team. We plan out new challenge groups, review personal development, and lift each other up when we slack off. It’s a great support system.

Here are the main things you also get:

  • 25% off programs, supplements, and apparel
  • 25% commission on everything you sell
  • automatic access to the people behind BeachBody & celebrity trainers


To start out, you pay a $40 sign up fee. This covers your first month and the start up kit that gets automatically mailed out to you. This covers the basics on everything you need to know to coach. After your first month, it’s just $16 a month. In order to remain an “active” coach, you must have 50 point values per month. So if you are on Shakeology HD, you don’t need to worry about going inactive because Shakeology will cover that. This is something I will go into more detail about with people who sign me up as their coach. If you go inactive, it’s really not a big deal. So do not stress yourself out about maintaining this.

The more people you get to coach with you, the higher you rank up. A lot of people have turned this into a full time job. They make 6 figures just coaching. Sounds like a pretty good goal, wouldn’t you agree? Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. What you get out of coaching is what you put into it. If you just want to coach for the discount, that’s great. You would be crazy not to sign up and save yourself the money. Do you want to make a second income and go on fancy trips and have the money to afford it? Then, you would do more with the business. Post more. Connect with people more. This is YOUR business – you do whatever you want! You get to be your own boss.

Enough with the specifics, here is what I do:

  • connect with people
  • help people lose weight and give them healthy tips to feel better
  • run challenge groups to hold people accountable
  • push and motivate people to make healthier decisions
  • hold myself accountable – being a coach means people are watching me, which means I need to be a product of the product
  • help change lives while changing mine

Since I became a coach, a lot of people have noticed a difference in me. I don’t go out to the bars anymore and party. I’m not miserable or angry. I have energy to do things now and enjoy being around people. I’m happy and more positive and great things have started happening in my life… and it’s just the beginning! What’s the best thing that has happened since I began coaching? I went on a hugeeee trip last June where I struggled with money. We were leaving Friday for Philly – a 3 day vacation. Hm, I checked my bank account the Monday before we left and didn’t like what I saw in my account.

I started panicking and thinking “oh my god, I booked this trip and I can’t even afford to go. I can’t afford to buy anything. I can’t afford meals… what am I going to do?” Thursday came around (which is BeachBody pay day) and I checked my account again. I had a huge deposit made into my account and couldn’t figure out where it came from. I checked my online office on Team BeachBody and saw I made a few sales. I now had enough money to have a great trip and not have to worry about money. Do you know how good that feels? I was starting to make money without even trying. I was making new friends from people I’ve helped without even going out to the bar. My life was finally going into the direction I wanted and dreamed it would go.

Things to come:

I’m going to interview a few other coaches and get their input and view on what coaching means to them. I’m also going to interview people who have completed BeachBody programs and their results. I’m also going to talk to my coaches and get their feedback. I will add the links here once I get the articles wrote up.

If you’re interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact me! Email me, comment below, text me, Facebook me… whatever you need to do. If you’re interested in becoming a coach, simply go to… www.teambeachbody.com/BKEllis – click sign me up as a coach. When I’m your coach, you get a full support system and amazing people to help you along with your journey while we are making ours. Don’t put off this amazing opportunity anymore.

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

– Brittny

We Are Penn State… and Italian!

Happy Monday!

Normally I oppose this day, but after an amazing weekend it’s hard to be down. Allow me to elaborate…


After work on Friday, my friend Olivia came home from Pittsburgh and we met up for dinner and drinks. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in this area El Campecino. We got some margaritas and enchiladas. It was sooooo yummy! We sat and talked for about 3 hours and it was great catching up with her. Downfall to being an adult: working so much you don’t have time to always catch up with your friends.

date night

I ate sooo bad all last week, I’m so glad to finally be on track with my eating and working out.. but this meal was so worth the extra calories. After we finished, we headed home and I passed out. Tequila is fun, but makes me sleepy.


I woke up early and got ready because my boyfriend surprised me with Penn State tickets. I’ve never been to a PSU game before, so I was beyond happy and excited when I found out last week that we were going. Penn State vs. Kent State.


I’ve been to Beaver Stadium before to tailgate for the blue & white games, but never got to be inside the stadium. It was sooo nice and huge. We also had amazing seats on the 50 year lard just a few rows back.

After being THAT close right in the middle of the field, I will never EVER settle for sitting anywhere else during a game, especially the end zones. Those seats just don’t cut it.

psu game

We got there earlier than a lot of the other fans, but that place filled up quickly. I believe there were 70,000 there. We got to see the players walking into the stadium and chanted with everyone. The energy there was unreal! Now I’m an addict and simply must go to more games, especially when it’s so close to where I live. We won, 34 – 0 I believe. I was so happy that the first game I went to we won.

rain rain

Only downside to the game was that it poured almost the whole time. But we didn’t really care, it was a lot of fun.

We left the game a little early since we were winning to beat the traffic in our soaking wet clothes to go meet up with my best friend, Sarah, who came home this weekend from the Navy. She had huge news for everyone, since she got married. I’m very happy with her, so we met up at our town bar and did some celebration shots and I finally got to meet her husband.


I also got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in years. It was a really fun night out. We left around 2 and I headed up to my boyfriend’s for the night since we had plans the next morning.


We woke up a little late after a long day and got ready to head into Italian Festival at an amusement park close to where we live. It’s probably my favorite day of the year (minus Christmas, of course) because it’s a full day full of Italian food, Italian music, and lots of games.

italian festival

We ate entirely way too much food, but it was impossible to resist. As you can tell, the Paleo diet lifestyle just wasn’t for me. I’m Italian and can’t give pasta up. Sorry Paleo lovers, the diet is amazing.. but just isn’t a realistic plan for me to follow.

We played a lot games in the arcade, including poker. I never played before and was doing sooo well. I won a ton of tickets and got some interesting prizes. It’s fun letting loose and not being an adult for a day. After eating pounds of pasta and desserts, we headed home to play some Xbox before the Steelers game. <— Don’t get me started on this football team. This is where I would insert an angry emoticon…

So now that it is Monday, I finally am back on track and created a realistic plan for me to follow. While I loved following the ChaLean Extreme program, I missed P90X. With the big news of P90X3 coming out, I wanted to do another round of the lean schedule since it was so successful for me when I first followed the 90 days. I lost 30 lbs my first round, so I’m hoping to get similar results.

tone it up

I’ll also be following the Tone It Up fall challenge (while also participating in my Fit For Fall challenge group – starting Sept 30th). I wrote down my goals that I want to reach by Halloween and came up with a healthy diet plan. I’ll be cutting back on carbs, drinking shakeo every day, and eat protein with every meal. I’m also striving to hit 100 miles by Halloween.. whether it’s walking, running, biking, etc.

frisky fall

I’ve made plans to walk with some friends at least 4 nights a week. We actually talked about it tonight while hiking up our usual steep mountain road. 3 miles down, 97 more to go! So that will help give me the motivation to stick with getting my miles in! I’m aiming for 3 miles a day + following the P90X schedule. I’ll be posting my weekly schedules every Monday. If you want so participate in the Frisky Fall challenge, simply go to: www.toneitup.com and don’t forget to hashtag your check-ins! #FriskyFall

Speaking of Fall, as I mentioned above, I’m starting a brand new Facebook workout challenge group starting September 30 until December 23. Fit For Fall will be a little different than my other groups. It will be with 2 other coaches and we mixed up the points a lot and adding in weekly mini challenges related to Fall. I’m really excited to get it started! If you would like to be added to the group, message or comment me and I’ll get you added in! Don’t forget to like my Facebook page to get updates: www.facebook.com/bkellisbbcoach

Weekly Workout Schedule:

Monday – P90X Core Synergistics + 3 mile walk

Tuesday – P90X Cardio X + 3 mile walk/jog

Wednesday – P90X Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper X + 3 mile walk

Thursday – P90X Yoga X + 3 mile walk

Friday – P90X Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X + 3 mile walk

Saturday – P90X Kenpo X + 3 mile walk

Sunday – Rest Day or light stretching

Have a fabulous week everyone!

– Brittny


September Promos – Hip Hop Abs + Rockin’ Body!

Happy Friday!

What better way to enter into the weekend than by an amazing sale happening over at Team BeachBody? Generally, each month, BeachBody has promos going on. But this month is a special promo to get you jump started on your fitness/lifestyle change!



Why is this promo so special? Normally with challenge packs you only get 1 workout program with 1 order of Shakeology. But this month, they are including 2 workout programs + Shakeology. You get 2 programs for the price of 1 and save a ton of money.

Personally, I love Shaun T. I think he is a great motivator and a great instructor. He really breaks down every single move to make sure you’re doing it correctly to get the results you always see being advertised. I haven’t tried Rockin’ Body yet, but I do own Hip Hop Abs. If you love dancing and cardio, then you will really enjoy these workouts. Also what I loved about Hip Hop Abs is that you didn’t have to do any floor work. Once I reach the floor, I get tired and I get sore. So I was amazed to see results with standing up.

Read my personal review on Hip Hop Abs here..

What you get:

– 2 workout programs

– 1 order of Shakeology (read about it here) any flavor you want!

– Workout guides

– Schedules to follow

– Nutrition tips

– Meal plans

– Online Support

– Much more…

Bonus: If you order from me, you get automatically entered into a challenge group on Facebook where you could win money and other prizes. Message me for more details!

To order, simply check out my BeachBody page at www.beachbodycoach.com/BKEllis or just message me for more information. My email is BrittnyKendra@gmail.com

Please do not miss out on this deal… get started on your journey!

– Brittny

Tone It Up: 5 Day Slim Down Review


As many of you know, this week I started the 5 Day Slim Down by Tone It Up. If you are unfamiliar with who the tone it up girls are, they are two girls who are best friends that started a fitness and health program together. They have workout videos on YouTube, a blog where they post weekly routines and recipes, an app where you can check in daily, and a community page where a bunch of girls get on like Facebook and check in with one another and support each other. Check out their site for more: www.toneitup.com

Two weeks ago, I purchased their regular nutrition plan after reading many reviews. I haven’t had a chance to read the whole book yet, since it is 184 pages, but from what I’ve read so far I can tell this is something that will inspire and change me. I’ve already gained so much knowledge and a better understanding of what eating healthy really means. Included in the plan are quick slim down plans to help you get started on your health journey. So a group of 30 girls and myself started the 5 Day Slim Down plan together. We checked in daily of our workouts and recipes via Instagram, Twitter, and the TIU site.

Here is what a typical day requires:

  • M1: Bombshell Spell (a drink that wakes you up & cleans you out)
  • AM Workout: Choose a 30 minute workout of cardio (walking, yoga, HIIT workout…)
  • M2: Breakfast (you choose from a list of what you want to eat)
  • M3: One Piece (this is a piece of fruit you eat between breakfast & lunch)
  • M4: Bikini Wrap (you choose from a list of healthy wraps as your lunch)
  • M5: 3:30-4 PM: Juice of Smoothie (this is to reenergize you before your PM workout)
  • PM Workout: Do a 30 minute workout of anything you choose.
  • M6: Dinner (choose from a selection of healthy dinner options)
  • One Piece: Eat another piece of fruit if needed as a snack


Day 1: I started my morning with a drink called a Bombshell Spell… this is a drink that you drink every morning before or with your breakfast. It’s made up of pineapple juice, apple cider vinegar, lime juice, and honey. It helps to give you a natural energy boost, cleans out your system, and gives you a glow. I have a hard time waking up in the morning before work, so I was really surprised at how I felt after drinking this. I felt wide awake and so clean. I thought this was caused only by my mere excitement to try this slim down, so I waited to see how I felt during the rest of the week.

day 1

For my AM workout, I did the Beach Babe HIIT the Beach II. This was one of the workouts on their new fitness DVD (which I also ordered last week…) It was a killer! Unfortunately, it was a little too much for me to handle in the morning before work since I’m not used to waking up that early. But it woke me up and kept me energized all day long. I didn’t go to work that morning since I didn’t feel the greatest, so I did a few chores and then made some waffles with all natural syrup and fresh cut strawberries. This helped replenish me and kept me full until my snack. For my snack, I had 1 whole banana. I also drank a ton of water to help keep me hydrated after such an intense workout.

1 lunch

For lunch, I made the Simple Spicy Mustard Wrap from the nutrition plan. It was sooo good! I never liked the taste of mustard, but it tasted great with this salad which was made up of collards, gluten free chicken, red onion, and a spicy mustard dressing. I drank a Shakeology shake for my smoothie, since I can’t go one day without having one.

1 dinner

After my shake, I felt energized enough to do my second workout. I did the Hula Booty workout to help tone me up. I was definitely feeling the soreness the next morning! It’s been a while since I started toning workouts again. For dinner, my cousin Haily came down to watch some movies with me and the girls. So I made my dinner up quick which was a Portobello mushroom cap and 2 scoops of quinoa. Then, I added some balsamic vinaigrette which gave it amazing flavor. Definitely one of my new favorite recipes!

Thoughts: I loved the meals for day 1 and felt really clean and light. I felt a little hungry, but that’s because I’m used to eating a ton of food and not watching my portions. I also wasn’t thrilled about working out twice in a day, but again, I haven’t been working out as much lately and was feeling lazy.

day 2

Day 2: I woke up and drank my bombshell drink and then headed off to work. I missed my morning workout, but I figured I could just double up for my PM workout. For my breakfast, I made some Kashi cereal. It wasn’t my favorite, but it was still good. Personally I thought it was too dry. This was the vanilla option… I forget the name of it. For my Tankini, I had some juice and then water. I had a small bowl of fresh strawberries as my mid-morning snack. No sugar added for once! I had another spicy mustard wrap for my lunch since I made extra the day before. I made another shake as my mid-afternoon snack to boost me into pulling off a double workout.


I added their new Fourth of July circuit to my PM workout. This had me on my butt! I almost gave up the idea of doing a second workout, but I wanted to actually stick out the program since it is only for 5 days. So I did the HIIT workout again to help burn some calories that I didn’t in the morning. After doing this workout, I felt even more energized and decided to do the Sunkissed Abs routine since it wasn’t that long. I skipped the warm up and got right to it. It wasn’t too intense, but I could feel the burn.

day 2 dinner

When I went grocery shopping for this, I was skeptical in buying Brussels Sprouts. I never ate them before and wasn’t sure I would be a big fan of them. But I bought them anyways since the recipe sounded good. My boyfriend came down when I was cooking and I made him try one of them first. He instantly loved it and it got me excited to try it. I added seasonings, minced garlic, olive oil, pine nuts, salt, and pepper. I was addicted. I couldn’t believe how good this tasted! He kept trying to steal them while I turned my back. Everyone loved them… now I’m a huge BS fan! After dinner, Nate and I hung out with the family for awhile before calling it a night.

Thoughts: I was full, satisfied, and felt amazing. I am so used to eating so much for dinner that I couldn’t believe 2 cups of a veggie would fill me up. I wasn’t even hungry after dinner, so I skipped the snack. Bring on day 3!

PicMonkey Collage

Day 3: Woke up earlier than I normally do and had my morning Bombshell drink. I did some light yoga stretching in the morning since I was feeling a little sore from all of the toning exercises I’ve been doing. I got ready for work, packed my lunch bag full of goodies, and headed off to work. I made some waffles for my breakfast with honey. So yummy! I enjoyed an iced coffee as well since it was a little hot in the office. I made a PB&J sandwich on wheat bread for lunch since the wraps I had weren’t good. Whoops! (Note to self: check expiration dates on items before starting a slim down…)

My mid-afternoon snack was a vanilla shakeo… wait, vanilla? Yes! My order of Vanilla Shakeology finally arrived the day before. I was so anxious to finally try the new flavor. I made a simple recipe and mixed it with ice + almond milk. It was amazing. Vanilla is my favorite flavor and reminds me of the summer. So this was just what I needed after a long day. Once I got home, my boyfriend came down and we got ready and went to church with my family. After church, we stopped at the grocery store and Nate bought me some wheat wraps. This made me happy because I wanted to try the PB&J on the wrap itself. Unfortunately, an emergency came up and I couldn’t do my PM workout or even make my coach call with my BB team. I was bummed out, but it happens. I knew in order to make it up, I would have to do a two hour workout on Thursday. Once we got home, I made some shrimp and rice for dinner.

Thoughts: Woke up feeling great, went to bed bummed out… that’s life!

day 4

Day 4: I was sooo tired whenever I woke up since I managed getting 4 hours of sleep. I was not in the greatest of moods, but I had my BS drink and went about my morning. I was running late so I missed my booty call workout again. This just simply meant more workout time whenever I got home. I was fine with this notion since I was a little stressed. Working out is the best stress reliever in the world & people take it for granted! Breakfast was more waffles since they were easy to grab in the morning. I made a quick PB&J wrap for my lunch and ran out the door.. literally.

I loved eating the PB&J wrap probably more than any lunch I’ve had yet. I was so shocked that something so small could keep me full until my mid-afternoon snack. I’ve had it in my head for soooo long that I need to eat this amount of food in order to feel full. I’ve been  wrong for so long and now I understand what foods to mix together in order to keep you full and satisfied. I’ll be making these wraps at least twice a week for my lunch. After work, I went to Walmart and picked up some groceries since I’ve been running low. I finally picked up some coconut water since I kept seeing the other girls posting about it. I’ve read that coconut water is an all natural and healthy way to help you hydrate after intense workouts. It’s also low in calories and tastes surprisingly good.

coco water

I got a variety of different flavors and brands. I’m not a huge fan of the Vita Coco water, but I really enjoyed the Zico flavors. So I think I’ll be sticking with that brand.

day 4 wo

Once I got home, it was time to get my workout on. I completed Beach Barre workout from the BB DVD along with their Stars & Stripes workout. It took me about 30 minutes to complete that circuit, I was feeling better and felt the stress melt off of me. I needed to do at least 1 more hour of working out, so I popped in some Turbo Fire. By 6:30, I was laying on my floor exhausted. After about 5 minutes, I peeled myself off the floor, got a shower, and started making my dinner. I chose the North Shore Garlic Shrimp recipe from the plan with 2 small scoops of quinoa. The shrimp was made with garlic, paprika, salt, pepper, and other ingredients. By far the best shrimp I’ve ever ate. Have I mentioned how much I am LOVING the nutrition meals? After dinner, I relaxed with the family and then went to sleep. I didn’t want to miss by booty call workout in the morning.

P.S., a “booty call” workout is what the TIU girls say. It’s an alarm on the app where they wake you up in the morning to get you awake to get your workout on. Pretty cute…

Thoughts: I felt accomplished and really proud that I caught up on my workouts. I felt flat & toned. I went to bed well rested and ready to go strong on my last day.

day 5

Day 5 – final day! My booty call went off at 5:00 am. I woke up, ran upstairs, drank my drink and got my workout clothes on. I did some Turbo Fire before I got ready for work. Once I was ready, I checked my phone and saw that the girls from TIU liked a few of my photos on IG. This completely made me whole day. They’ve quickly become two of my biggest role models and inspirations… just what I needed!

For breakfast, I made a bowl of Kashi cereal. This time, I tried the granola kind instead of the graham cracker vanilla stuff.. this was much better. I love granola cereal, so I’ll be sticking with this kind. It tasted so light and clean. For lunch, I made another spicy mustard wrap since I had to use up the ingredients before they went bad.


My mid-afternoon snack was a vanilla chai shakeo. Whenever I was at walmart on Thursday, I picked up the Bolthouse vanilla chai drink and wanted to mix it into my shake. It was incredible. I love vanilla chai lattes, so I was amazed at how good this tasted being compared to like Starbucks or restaurant styled drinks. I think this is probably one of the best shakes I’ve ever had in my life. After work, I went home and did my workouts. Dinner was the roasted Brussels sprouts recipe since I needed to eat them up before they went bad as well. No complaining from me! Loved them.


Once I finished my dinner, I sat down at the table and filled in the rest of my progress chart. It felt so good filling in each square. The goal behind this slim down was to complete everything. I am a super organized person, so this felt great filling everything in and seeing that I finally accomplished something. Consistency is a huge problem with me, I get excited about something and then get bored with it. Well, if you are trying to lose weight and get toned, consistency is a MUST HAVE. This plan has brought fun back into my life and taught me ways to keep it interesting and fun. Now I have the knowledge to switch up my routines so I don’t get bored and to treat every week like a slim down…

Thoughts: I felt beyond happy. I actually accomplished something and stuck with a plan. I feel smart because I learned new tricks & tips. I was excited to wake up on Saturday morning and see my results.

To see the other girl’s check ins & results, go to Twitter or Instagram & search the hashtag #summer5DSD – so inspiring and can’t believe how many check-ins we got!

RESULTS DAY: I woke up earlier than normal on a Saturday. I couldn’t sleep in, not because I was anxious but because I had an amazing sleep and felt so energized in the morning. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe how flat in my tummy I looked. My skin was glowing. I felt light and clean outside & inside. I ran upstairs and hopped on the scale and saw I was down 3.7 pounds. JUST IN 5 DAYS! The shocking part was that I actually ate a lot of food. I didn’t starve myself. I didn’t deprive myself of anything. I was satisfied with every single meal I had. This made me smile from ear to ear.


I ordered their Perfect Fit Protein powder when I bought the nutrition plan. It’s an all natural/vegan brown rice powder to make pancakes, muffins, baked goods, and waffles instead of using fattening mixtures. I tried their pancake recipe and wow. I was amazed at how good they turned out. You mix the protein powder, egg whites, mashed banana, almond milk, cinnamon, and then top it off with honey or syrup + fruit. Don’t they look fantastic?

After my breakfast, I made a BS drink before doing some chores around the house. Then I ran down to the post office to mail out my customers shakeo sample packets. I’m hoping they love the new flavor as much as I do.

If you are interested in trying the new flavor, comment or message me and I will be more than happy to mail you a free sample! Check out more info at www.myshakeology.com/BKEllis (if the link doesn’t work, it’s because word press sometimes disables opening links… just copy & paste it into your url bar.)

Stay tuned this week for more updates!

xo Brittny

UPDATE: Check out my new Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Review!


Trips + Reviews!

Since I am horribly burnt and can’t do much of anything else, I thought I would take this time to FINALLY write my “catch up” post. Also, I will be posting at the bottom some new things that are happening including the results of my last fitness challenge.

Harrisburg Trip!

Last month, I made a visit down to Harrisburg to visit my best friends. We had a late celebration of Cinco de Mayo. I also got to see two of my best friend’s new house that they got together, along with being reunited with my college friends!


I love being able to spend time with them, especially since we don’t always get to hangout. It was such a great night, definitely reminded me of the old days! Jessie and Kyle grilled some food, made some powerful drinks, and made us feel at home. ❤

I got to finally try Kyle’s homemade wine, which knocked me on my butt for rest of the night. So I sat on their couch while watching everyone else play beer pong.


After everyone started getting tired, we decided to head back home and get some sleep ourselves. That Saturday morning, we woke up early and went to the market for some fresh foods. Victoria and I got this amazing fresh squeezed orange juice, along with some lunch there. Katie bought us all small homemade donuts while we walked around shopping. The food was amazing and I definitely plan on visiting their market more to get fresh foods! They had everything you could imagine.

After the market, Victoria and I did some grocery shopping for the night’s activities while Katie and Amanda went to a birthday party. We got margarita mix, ingredients to make guacamole, and more food for the main course (which we didn’t get to eat). I loved having our girl’s night – drama free! Even Sophia joined in on the activities (minus the drinking). A little later, our friend Heidi finished up with a color run and stopped over.


After one too many margaritas later and the bud light strawbarita, we headed home. It was such a fun night. We were supposed to wake up the next morning and take a spinning class, but that didn’t happen. Maybe next time!

Side Note: A lot more happened that what I explained, but I am trying to post everything I’ve missed the past few months, so bare with me… 🙂

Philly Comicon 2013!

For those of you who keep up with me, you obviously know I’m a total nerd at times. I try and attend all of the Wizard World Comicon Conventions as much as possible. Well, at least on the east coast. This year was probably the best convention ever! Aside from when I got to meet Chris Hemsworth, or Thor, from last year.

comicon collage

This year, I got some really amazing things. But first, let’s start at the beginning…

My friend Gus rented this huge fan for the weekend trip. Included in the fan was our friends Jarvis, Loren, Katie, and Lindsey. We stopped at Sheetz, got some food, and then ventured off for our 4 hour trip to Philadelphia. I booked us two rooms at one of the nicest hotels in Philly and quite possibly, one of the nicest hotels in the US. We stayed at the Mariott Downtown Courtyard, which is also the oldest hotel. It was connected with the convention center, so we didn’t even need to walk that far! As soon as I went to check us in, I saw Norman Reedus’ agent. Then it hit me, all of the celebs were staying in the exact hotel. How awesome is that?! That automatically made everyone super excited. The girls stayed in one room while the guys stayed in the other. We got dressed, unpacked, and headed off to comicon.

We did some shopping and I got some pretty awesome things.. including: a marvel backpack, some wolverine and batman t-shirts, comic books, graphic novels, autographs, pictures, a limited edition walking dead comic book exclusively made for this comicon (only 500 were made), and some other items. I got to meet Stan Lee, which we also got to eat breakfast with him since he stayed at our hotel, and I got an original Spiderman comic book signed by him. I couldn’t be happier! I also got to see Michael Rooker, or Mearle from the Walking Dead, and got my picture with him. He was super nice and really awesome to talk to. I also got his autograph along with Nina Dobrev. She just happens to be my favorite actress of this generation.


I also got to see one of the artists draw an original picture. It was really cool. So after we finished up our shopping, we went to the Hard Rock Café and got some dinner. After dinner, we did a little sight seeing before we called it a night. Saturday is when we got to eat breakfast with Stan Lee and then went back to comicon.

ben zombie

I ran into some of my friends there as well. Which was pretty awesome, because I had no idea they were going. So Jenna, Ben, and myself walked around playing the different games they had. Including some zombie slaying! We also got to play a Superman game where we had these smart phones and walked around this painted city finding clues. It was pretty awesome, not gonna lie. After spending 5 hours here, we decided to get some dinner. We walked around the city for almost an hour before finding a place to eat. We went to this bar that had amazing food… we also got sucked into a drag show. Not so much fun.

sight seeing collage

Sunday, it was time for us to head home. But before we did, Loren wanted to go see the Rocky Statue. This took us 2 hours out of our way, but once we were there it was really cool to see. Personally, I never watched the movies so it didn’t mean as much to me, but the sights were incredible since it overlooked the city. At the top of the stairs, was the fountain and art galleries. I definitely want to make a trip down to visit the museums this summer.

One Year Anniversary + One Year Birthday!

Two weeks ago, it was Nate and I’s one year anniversary. It’s been one crazy year filled with amazing memories. I never thought I would end up finding my soulmate or even being in a relationship for that long.. I’m such a lucky girl. I love you more than words…

To celebrate, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Olive Garden. The food and service was amazing. We talked a lot about our future together and just enjoyed one another. Then, he placed a small wrapped box on the table. Nobody has ever done anything like this before, so I was a little speechless. I opened the box and inside was a gorgeous diamond bracelet filled with black and white diamonds – my favorite!


I am in love with it and wear it all the time. He knows me too well! Nobody, besides my Dad of course, has ever bought me jewelry. You know what they say, when a guy buys you diamonds, he really loves you 🙂 After dinner, we went back to my house and watched some movies. Perfect night!


The next morning, I got ready for my cousin’s first birthday party. There was sooo many people there and fantastic food. I sat with my family and we talked until Kamden opened his presents and ate his first cake. It was so messy but didn’t think much of it, he still just wanted his bottle. He will be one spoiled baby, haha! Happy Birthday, Kamden – Love you!

This Week + Tone It Up!


Work has been going great, but I still needed a vacation… even for just a day. So Wednesday, the girls I work with and myself went to the Black Dog Coffee & Catering Restaurant for some lunch. It was one of the best wraps I’ve ever had in my life! I will definitely be going there much more, especially on my lunch breaks. But I didn’t feel the greatest after eating it. I’ve been doing some research on new fitness and nutrition plans. One of my friends suggested trying the Tone It Up nutrition plan. While it’s pretty pricey, you get a lifetime membership. So every time they create a new slim down or meal plan, I have free access to it. You can’t beat that!

tone it up

So I took the plunge and ordered their meal plan, their new workout dvd, and their Perfect Fit Protein powder. I have been dying for a healthier way to make baked goods and pancakes. That’s exactly what the Perfect Fit is for, so I’m excited to try that out once my order arrives. I became a member as well – and I am loving their energy and the girls who are members. Tomorrow, a group of 30 girls and myself are starting their 5 Day Slim Down. Included in the slim down are fresh fruits and clean healthy foods along with doing two-a-day workouts. Not thrilled about working out early in the morning, but it’s only for 5 days. Plus I’ve read the results are amazing and worth it!

bb workout

Their new workout dvds include 9 workouts, HIIT classes, and an amazing early morning routine to help get you awake. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will be starting it next week. I’ll be following their nutrition plan as well and will be following up with a review, so stay tuned! Now, just because I am mixing this into my lifestyle, does not mean I am giving up on BeachBody. I just enjoy trying new things and mixing in new workout routines since I’m from such a small town, I don’t have the luxury of taking new fitness classes.

Speaking of BeachBody, did you hear the latest news? Shakeology has FINALLY released a new flavor: vanilla. I ordered a 24 sample pack last week and will be giving out free samples to those who are interested. I also have the vegan flavors still available.

shakeo 2shakeo

If you are interested in ordering, go to: www.myshakeology.com/BKEllis (if the link does not work, copy & paste it into your url bar). Also, there is FREE SHIPPING UNTIL JULY 7TH!

That’s right, free shipping! So you don’t need to get on the Home Delivery to get the free shipping. But hurry, limited time only! I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews on the taste. I’m so excited to finally try it! Please comment below if you are interested in learning more!

Onto more catching up…


Friday, Nate took me out for dinner at the Cracker Barrel before we did some shopping. This just happens to be our place to go for date nights. After dinner, we went to Barnes & Noble and read some books for about an hour. I bought the Kardashian Konfidential since I still haven’t read it yet. After that, we went to Walmart where I had to get a few things for our trip Saturday, which leads me to…

Beach Trip!

beach 1

So remember at the top when I said I was extremely burnt? Well, this would be why! Stacy, Lexis, Colby, and myself decided to take a day trip to the beach yesterday. We went to Delaware at one of the smaller beaches that included a shower house.


The beach was gorgeous, the weather was amazing, and not a cloud in sight. I doused myself in tanning oils and got my tan on. We swam for at least 3 hours in the ocean… it was absolutely beautiful.

beach collage

Until I fell asleep reading and got severely burnt. We all got burnt, so the car ride home was a little miserable. But after we were finished laying out, we went to Ocean City and hit up the board walk. I got my traditional beach blanket! I love the hemp blankets, they’re perfect to keep in your car or for a beach blanket. We got some boardwalk food and did a little shopping before we decided to venture home. Which leads me to right now… burnt, typing this post on my couch with the fan on me full blast. But, to end with good news, I thought I would share the results of our latest fitness group challenge Battle 4 Bikini.

Our challenge group was a HUGE success. The girls had a blast with it while we all learned & motivated each other daily. It was by far the best group we have had yet. There were 5 coaches helping the girls out daily with a cash prize of $200! One of my participants, Lexie, won the challenge by having the most amount of points. It has helped her gain some amazing results – she’s also getting married soon. So I know the money will definitely help her out! I’m really proud of her and everyone who participated. Congrats!


I was also blown away with my other participant’s results. Natalie has really transformed her body with just 45 days! She’s been drinking Shakeology, running, and doing the 10 Minute Trainer! She looks absolutely amazing and loved her results so much, that she decided to become a coach under me. I’m really proud of her and I know she will be amazing! Please check out my site at www.beachbodycoach.com/BKEllis if you are interested in any of the fitness programs – or if you would like to become a coach yourself. Just click on the banner on the right side!

When one door closes, another one opens…

End The Trend!


While one challenge group has ended, another one will be starting up! If you’ve read my previous post, you know about this challenge. For those who haven’t, here you go! This group will have 7 top coaches motivating you, pushing you, and inspiring you to do more with your fitness and health. But it’s a lot different than our past groups, because we are working towards actually making you healthy aside from eating clean and just working out. Health goes way beyond that, we will teach you what it means to be healthy and how to enjoy yourself while doing it. It’s never too late to educate yourself and to learn new things!

  • 7 coaches
  • Videos for you to connect with us
  • Points document to follow
  • Daily motivation
  • Healthy recipes
  • Building new friendships
  • Grand prizes of $350
  • Much more…

The only down side – spots are limited. I have one more spot open for someone who is willing to post daily, participate, and get healthy! It’s a private facebook group – so members only will see your posts! All you have to do is spend a few minutes a day posting into this group… that’s it!

To be qualified to enter, all you have to do is order Shakeology or a fitness program from me. Boom, you’re entered! Summer is hard time for people to stay fit & healthy, that’s why we are making this group to push you through the second half of summer. Please message me, comment here, email, whatever you have to do to get a hold of me to learn more. I will work with you to get you entered! Please don’t hesitate and do something about it!


This is something my coach has said to me… it helps push me & motivate me. Isn’t this what you want to hear in your life and not listen to the negatives? You will not regret participating in these challenge groups – I promise you that!

For now, I am off to the grocery store with my boyfriend to buy some groceries to get started on my 5 day slim down tomorrow. I can’t wait to post the results and my personal review on the program.

If you are a Tone It Up member and would enjoy participating, use the #summer5DSD hashtag on IG or Twitter!

Until next time…

xo Brittny

Spring Clean Your Body: Going Green!


March is finally here and I am welcoming it with open arms! I am over snow, cold, and cloudy weather! Give me sun, warm breezes, and blooming flowers any day. I like to think of March as the month to start over – to start fresh. March is the month where Spring finally makes it appearance, especially those of us who live in the North. March melts away the snow, washes away the clouds, and restarts everything in nature. So why wouldn’t we want to do that as well?

Everyone always does their “spring cleaning” from cleaning out the attic to dusting everything in their house, which is great, but what about our bodies? Sure, cleaning the house might make you feel better and cleaner attitude wise, but what about physically? Why don’t we clean our bodies out as well? Is it because no one really knows how to or because they just don’t want to or know where to begin? As I was hanging out with my family as I usually do on Sunday nights, my sister and I got to talking about doing a cleanse and taking natural herbs to help balance ourselves out. She gave me the great idea to write this post – Spring Clean Your Body – Going Green!

opening-spring-clean-kitchen-ssTo get started, since you’re already cleaning your entire house, let’s start with your fridge, freezer, and cabinets. If you even have to second guess if something is healthy, pitch it! Do you need those 4 bags of half empty chip bags? The dips? Tubs of ice cream? NO! Get rid of them. Not only will you not be tempted to eat them, but you’ll gain a lot of space to add new healthier foods.  No more excuses! Do you see a lot of canned foods that aren’t healthy? Take an empty box, go through all your canned goods, and box them up. Take them to a food bank for the less fortunate who need the food. Not only are you saving yourself, but you’re helping someone else. It’s a double win – you can’t beat that!

After you clean our the temptations, it’s time to clean yourself. No, not in the shower… your insides! Start with a cleanse – do some research before diving in. There are all sorts of cleanses out there for you to try. Some will last only 3 days or up to 21 days. Need some help finding the perfect cleanse? Not a problem. I’ve personally tried the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse and had great results. It was only 3 days and I finally felt better and got all of the junk out of my body. I’ve also tried an all natural herb cleanse. Check your local herb store and talk to the professionals on what they think you should try. They know their stuff and will guide you to what you’re looking for! For myself, I’m ordering the Ultimate Reset cleanse from BeachBody. This is a 21 day cleanse that resets your entire body. My coach has done it and had amazing results. This helps you lose weight, reboosts your energy levels, and much more! BONUS: it’s on sale this month only – check out my site for more info – http://www.myultimatereset.com/bkellis

Renee-Kendall-PilatesSince it will also be getting warmer out, get outside! Unplug your treadmill and take a nice long relaxing walk! Not only will you physically feel great, but you will mentally. How? Simple! Being outside in the sun gives you vitamins and will get you out of that winter depression – something I personally suffered from. Take a yoga mat outside in your front or backyard and stretch! Hit the tracks and go for a run of a jog – have a baby? Take her/him to the park. It’s important to get outside and just breathe in that fresh air. Trust me, the more you are outside the better you’re going to feel. Since I have an hour for lunch at my job, I’m going to use it for taking brisk walks around the block. What else are you going to be doing on that lunch break? Going out for lunch? Eating even more bad foods? STOP! Eat a light lunch and get your sneakers on. You’ll notice the attitude change when you finish out your work day. The less you do inside, the more energy you’re saving. After all, you’re going green now!

PicMonkey CollageNow that you have cleaned the house, cleaned the fridge, cleaned your body, and working out, it’s time to start talking nutrition. This is where a lot of people struggle, including myself. But after a lot of research, I finally learned what’s healthy to eat – even if it is a vegetable. Not all vegetables are healthy, fruits as well. A lot of them contain carbs, sugars, or fats. This is what we are trying to rid your body of. So next time you are out grocery shopping and you’re not sure what to get, tell yourself this: “The darker the color, the better.” While head lettuce might be high in fiber, it’s still not the best for your salad. Simply because it has no nutrition besides the fiber. Try eating Romaine lettuce and adding spinach – full of vitamins!

Here is a great list of foods to pick up:

  1. Kale
  2. Asparagus
  3. Broccoli
  4. Green beans
  5. Peas
  6. Edamame (great protein for vegetarians)
  7. Romaine lettuce
  8. Spinach
  9. Green apples
  10. Avacados

Try adding as much green to your daily meals as possible. Now, there is a down side to eating a ton of vegetables: gas. But here’s a great trick to avoiding that – eating 1 green apple a day (or whatever kind of apple you like). Apples are great for digestion problems and I learned this by talking to my aunt who studies herbs. I have a wheat allergy, so whenever I ate pasta, pizza, or just toast I would become gassy. But then I ate 1 apple a day for my snack and I noticed that the gas went away. It didn’t matter what I ate, I didn’t have gas anymore! I know, might sound gross, but people suffer from this. Nothing to be embarrassed about! Don’t like plain apples? Join the club! I’m not an apple fan but I found awesome ways to make them taste better. Try adding some cinnamon and a light amount of sugar. This takes away that taste and will help you stomach the apple. There are a lot of healthy dips as well out there you can try out! Do some research and find what you would like.

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for teaWe can’t just survive on food now can we? It’s important to drink healthy as well. I never realized how important drinking water was until last week. When you’re working out or weight training, your body releases fluids. So when you’re not drinking enough water and flushing out your system, your body is holding onto that fluid so you don’t dehydrate. Have you ever felt super bloated, retained water, and gained weight like crazy and couldn’t figure out why? Well now you know! You must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I’m going to start taking a gallon of water with me to work and aim to drink half of that. Then, after work, I’ll try and finish the rest. That way I know what my goal is and can see how much further I must go. Not a fan of water? Try adding fresh lemon or lime. Even adding a little bit of mint can help spark your taste buds. Lemon water helps to detox your body as well as cleaning your skin – just in time to spring clean your body!

Try adding in some green tea to your diet as well. Stop drinking that coffee or diet soda and add this in it’s place. Go to your local tea merchant or your local grocery store and just research the different teas. There are so many options out there, you will be able to find what you would enjoy drinking. Benefits of green tea? It is known to kill bacteria from your mouth, a high antioxidant, and gives you a healthier energy boost. Do some research on green tea and see what you find – you’ll be amazed!

spring-tulipsBring some color into your house! Maybe you’re not a fan of being outdoors, that’s fine! You can always bring a little bit of the outside world inside. Head out to your local market and get some flowers and plants. Bringing plants into your house will help brighten up the room and your mood along with ridding the air of bad toxins. What does this mean? It means you’ll be able to breathe cleaner air!

If you’re an outside fan like myself, start your very own garden! Even if you don’t have the green thumb, you’re doing something peaceful and being outside. Plant some flowers or your own vegetables. Stop paying for the expensive organic food and make your own organic foods! This will save you a TON of money – eating green isn’t cheap, especially now a days.

ayurvedic-herbs2After you have completed or started the above steps, it’s time to take it a little farther. This won’t be for everyone, so skip this part if this isn’t for you. My aunt had recently told my sister that she went to an herbal specialist. She’s going through the “change of life” and became moody and a different person. The specialist hooked her up to a machine and was able to detect everything that was off balance in her system. She suggested taking some all natural herbs to help get her body where it needs to be and now she’s a whole new person – much more positive as well. My sister and myself will be going to same lady next month after I finish my cleanse and see what is off balance in our bodies.

How do you know when something is off balance? For me, I knew it was because I found too much satisfaction in eating food. There’s a chemical in your brain that releases when you eat and it makes you feel good. Except, I would overdo it – which led to me gaining a lot of weight. While I am eating healthy and working out, I still have problems saying no to food because it makes me happy. Something is off balance in my body. From stress to losing weight, there is an herb for everything. The good news is it’s all natural – so you won’t be addicted to pills or reliant on them to make you feel better. They’re simple ingredients from nature to help get your body on track. I don’t even like taking an aspirin when I have a headache, pills aren’t my scene but I firmly believe in the power of nature and all natural herbs. Again, this isn’t for everyone – just a side idea!

tumblr_m0zyjrHlVp1qgf0w3o1_400March also has a little holiday included – St. Patrick’s Day. Also known as one of the most popular excuses to get wasted. While I’m not here to tell you to not go out or drink, I’m going to suggest ways to lessen the calorie intake. Instead of chugging down 14 green beers, try lighter calorie beers or clear liquors. Drink a gin and club soda instead – less calories and will get you to where you’re wanting to be.

Don’t go overboard. Think about what is more important – getting drunk or losing weight. Yeah, you might have a blast with your friends and not even remember what you did that night or weekend, but your body will remember. The scale will be more than happy to remind you what you did – just keep that in mind while slamming down Irish car bombs. I’m not saying don’t go out and enjoy yourself, just don’t go crazy! You’re still human and we all have weaknesses or just want to have fun. We should never deprive ourselves of that – but keep it under control.

I hope you learned some great tricks and tips for this upcoming Spring! Have any suggestions or tips to add? Email me or comment on this post 🙂 I’d love to hear even more healthy tips!

xo Brittny

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 3 & Results


Yesterday was my last day of the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse – hallelujah! While it was just a short 3 days, I can’t tell you how happy I am that I can finally eat real food! Would I do this over again? Of course. I love the results I got and how I feel now. Thankfully, it’s not a cleanse to do often, but every 3 months. So I am good for a while!

If you’ve missed my previous posts on day 1 & 2, you can find them below:

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 1

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 2


I woke up feeling refreshed, happy, and clean. Happy because I knew that it was my last day cleansing and it would be the end of testing this out. Refreshed because all of the toxins, fat, water weight, and other junk are finally out of my body. Clean because I am now loaded with a million vitamins & nutrients – my skin is clear, I feel light.. I feel amazing.

My breakfast this morning was the usual –1 cup of green tea and 1 chocolate shake made with water + ice. I literally chugged it because I was starving! I was sooo tempted to reach into my desk drawer full of goodies & treats but went against it. It’s my last day after all, stick it through!  By 11:00, I was even more hungry so I ate my banana.

This held me over until it was time for lunch. Oh lunch, how you were torture today. Every Wednesday, the women at work order out for lunch from our favorite restaurants. Of course today was the day they ordered out at my favorite Italian place – it’s like everyone is out to get me. The ladies were eating pizza, pasta, calzones, strombolis, salads.. you name it, they ate it! So I just kept my head buried into my phone playing a Disney trivia game. This made my lunch break fly by and kept my mind & stomach off of the food around me.

Around 2:00 I was getting super hungry.. but I held off until my last break for the day at 3. Instead, I had another cup of green tea. Then on my break, I had another shake made with water + ice to hold me over until dinner.


I made the same salad as I did the day before – it was so good & filling. Plus sautéed peppers & onions are my favorite combo! I was actually pretty stuffed, which is shocking. My body is now getting used to not eating so much, so hopefully I can stick to lighter portions for my meals now and not eat until I bust. (Yes, I ate my dinner while watching my niece play xbox..)


Time for my workout! I took it easier last night with Yoga Booty Ballet: Cardio Cabaret. This is my all time favorite workout from the YBB workout series. Super short, light, and you get a good sweat. Plus it’s a lot of fun since you’re dancing that you don’t even realize how fast the workout goes by.

I felt really good after my workout. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror because I looked so flat! I went to bed anxious because I couldn’t wait until I saw my results in the morning.


Results: I woke up this morning, immediately ran upstairs and hopped on the scale. I LOST 4.8 POUNDS.  I can not tell you how happy this makes me! I know I could have lost a lot more if I had picked more intense workouts to do, but I wanted to take it easy and I am glad that I did. I already eat really healthy, so losing almost 5 pounds really is so awesome for me.

Thoughts: I’m really happy that I decided to stick this out for the whole 3 days without cheating. Believe me, I wanted to but I didn’t. I feel like I really accomplished something this week. I also gained a great experience & knowledge by doing this so now if someone has a question about it I can say “Oh, I’ve done that.. let me guide you!” And that’s the best part. But like I said, it’s not easy and it will test your will power. Though it was only 3 days, I’m glad it’s over and I can finally get back to eating a more healthy diet.

So this morning for breakfast, I wasn’t having any cravings. Which was weird because you would THINK I’d be dying for some real food now that I’m allowed. So instead, I poured a bowl of Special K Blueberry cereal with some milk. I couldn’t even finish the whole bowl (normally I could eat, and eat, and eat..) so this made me happy. I poured myself some coffee as well and I couldn’t even drink it. It didn’t taste good to me! This cleanse really did some wonders for me. I’m not feeling tired, I’m full of energy, and I didn’t even need the caffeine!


Tonight after work, Maddie & myself are heading to Chiptole to get some dinner and to discuss our BeachBody Business. So it’s a fun little business meeting and no worries, I’ll be getting a salad from there! I haven’t decided what I’m eating for lunch yet, I might go to Subway and grab a 6″ sub instead of the normal 12″ I get. I’m feeling so great about this!

Some of you had a lot of questions about this cleanse so I chose 5 to answer..

1.)    Would you do this cleanse again?

A.)   Absolutely. I might not do it every 3 months, but I would definitely do it again – especially after the holidays!

2.)    Were you ever tempted to cheat on the diet?

A.)   Of course! I am human and we have temptations.. but the feeling of knowing I pushed past it and actually stuck it out was rewarding in itself. It definitely tests your will power!

3.)    Did you feel tired or not have enough energy?

A.)   Surprisingly I was not tired. I felt groggy in the mornings, only because I am used to having a cup of coffee at work. But after day 1, days 2 & 3 were a breeze and I didn’t feel tired at all! I had enough energy from the shake to workout and still do things at home after work.

4.)    Do you feel cleaner & healthier?

A.)   I can’t remember the last time I felt this clean & good inside. I feel refreshed and my stomach feels so flat. My skin is clear and I’m glowing.. the ladies at work even noticed!

5.)    Would you recommend this to your customers/friends/family?

A.)   Totally. I already brag about Shakeology and how everyone NEEDS to start drinking it, but this cleanse just did wonders for me. I would highly suggest everyone giving this a try to jump start their weight loss journey – or just to clean our your body for your health. It’s great because anyone can do this at any age!

If you are interested in more information, please email me at brittnykendra@gmail.com or leave a comment below. I’d be more than happy to assist anyone with any questions they might have!

If you would like to order Shakeology from me, simply go to myshakeology.com/BKEllis or message me for more details!

xo Brittny

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 2


So, it’s now Day 2 of the Shakeology Cleanse… Surprisingly, I don’t want to rip my hair out – yet. I’m missing real food, bad. I’m only tempted when I’m eating lunch at work with the other women and I can smell their pastas and breads and then I sit there and chug down a big bottle of Chocolate Shakeology. I am ready for Day 3 already!

While it is only 3 short days, it’s tough cutting out real foods when you LOVE food so much. I like chewing on things – especially food. So I’m kind of over drinking so much. I’m not complaining that Shakeology doesn’t taste great (because it does) and especially with the new and improved flavor, it’s just I miss that hot smell of food. Weird right?

When I woke up this morning, I was full of energy (this does not happen usually for me..) and felt so clean. My face even feels refreshed and I know it’s because of the Shakeology. I did the normal routine this morning –got ready for my day and packed my lunch bag of snacks and shakes. I got to work and was already craving coffee! It’s so hard being on a diet/cleanse in a work place when you can smell doughnuts and coffee in the air.  But, I pushed past my cravings and drank some green tea to satisfy my urge.


My breakfast was the same as yesterday – Shakeology + water + ice and then 1 banana. This held me over until my lunch break. I was super busy this morning at work so I didn’t even realize how hungry I actually was. Lunch was the same, Chocolate Shake + water + ice. I was full, but I was starting to get hungry really fast. I kept my mind off of that by reading blogs in the afternoon and catching up on my Chalene Johnson 30 Day Push videos. I started the BeachBody Business Bootcamp this week as well with my Coach, so I started working on the things I needed for that. This kept me pretty busy until my next break at work. I had another shake as a snack along with some green tea. 5:00 could not come any faster; I was dying for my salad! So I packed up my pretty thirty-one lunch bag and headed home!


I made my salad a little differently than I did for my first salad. Instead of using chopped cauliflower and radishes, I chopped up some red & orange peppers along with an onion.


Then I threw this in the skillet with some olive oil & salt and added in my fajita chicken strips. I sauteed this for about 5 minutes until the veggies were nice and soft.


Then to finish off the salad, I drizzled some Kraft Lite Italian House dressing all over. This dressing is quickly becoming my favorite dressing to use.. it’s full of flavor and you wouldn’t even know that it’s lite.


This salad held me over for the remainder of the night. My family ordered pizza from my FAVORITE pizza shop.. I was furious haha I wanted a piece soooo bad but I just said ya know, you have one more day left and you don’t need it! So I went downstairs to my room and played more Xbox to get my mind off the fun food happening upstairs.

After my food finally settled, it was time to get my workout in. I completed TurboFire Fire 30 – and it was intense. Yeah, it’s only for 30 seconds, but it’s a high intense cardio workout. I should have chose something more calm but I was full of energy.


If you don’t know what TurboFire is, check out this awesome video!

Since TurboFire is on sale, me and Maddie have decided to do a 90 Day Challenge group for anyone who is interested in TurboFire. It’s my favorite workout ever and I want to help people lose that weight and get fit & happy! Message me if this is something you would be interested in. The video above is just a sample of the Fire 30 Class.

I felt a little hungry by the time I was ready for bed, so I just went to sleep so I wasn’t tempted to get in the fridge and eat everything in sight!

Feeling: Refreshed and clean. I actually fit into a skirt that was a little tight on me before. So I know I’m losing some weight! I feel lighter and just less stressed out.

Hunger/Cravings: Of course I have cravings – I am a woman who loves food! I’m not as hungry as I was on day 1.

Workout: TurboFire Fire 30.. definitely got the sweat and cardio that I needed!

Thoughts So Far: As much as I want to give in to the “cravings” I have, it’s only for 3 days. So I am keeping myself accountable and I will be strong and finish this out. Anyone can do 3 days.. it’s 3 days! You just have to commit yourself to doing this. The way I think of it, is if I can get through these 3 days.. then I can get through anything related to this. This will give me the jump start that I needed to get more serious about my health & fitness goals.

Bring on day 3!

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 1

Hey readers!

Yesterday morning, I started the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse with my best friend.  If you haven’t read my post about what the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse is, read it here. It basically consists of drinking 3 shakes a day, green tea, fruit as your snack, and then a salad with restrictions.

photo(1)I went to Martin’s and tried to buy as much organic products as possible. Here is what I chose to eat yesterday:

  1. Organic Cauliflower
  2. Organic Romaine Lettuce
  3. Kraft Lite Italian House Dressing
  4. Tyson Fajita Chicken Strips
  5. Red Onion
  6. Radishes
  7. Chocolate Shakeology
  8. Organic Green Tea


So I woke up yesterday morning and weighed myself. I won’t re-weigh myself until the morning after Day 3. I got dressed for work, packed my lunch bag with my snacks and Shakeology shakes and headed off to work. There, I made a hot cup of green tea to start my morning. I never had organic green tea before so I thought adding a lemon wedge would make it taste better. I was mistaken! It did not work well for me so I chugged it down quick. Then for my breakfast I had a Chocolate Shakeo. I was not hungry because I’m used to drinking Shakeology for breakfast and it fills me up.. But I was feeling sluggish because I drink coffee every morning and you CAN’T have any during the cleanse. So I felt like a zombie.


Side note: The tea tasted much better WITHOUT the lemon wedge.

Around 11:15, I began feeling hungry so I snacked on 1 banana. This held me over until my lunch break at 12:30 where I drank another Shakeology shake. The ladies at work always tease me about being “healthy” and eating weird foods, so you can imagine their reactions when I show up with just a chocolate shake. Hopefully they will become interested in this cleanse and will want to try it out. I had another break around 3, so I made another hot cup of green tea and then drank my last Shakeology shake for the day to hold me over until my dinner.

It’s really great doing this with a friend because we keep each other accountable all day long. We talk about what we’re feeling and push each other to make it through the day. Now, Maddie has a headache from no caffeine because she’s dependent on it. Thankfully, I’m not dealing with headaches. So you might experience this if you’re trying out the cleanse and you drink A LOT of caffeine like her.


I get off work around 5, so I packed up my empty bottles and headed home. I was feeling really hungry by this point so I hurried up and changed and went to the kitchen to make my salad. Here is what I used:

  • Chopped up red onion
  • Thinly sliced radishes
  • 4 oz of grilled chicken (no salt.. just pepper)
  • 1/2 cup of chopped raw cauliflower
  • Lite Italian House Dressing drizzled over the salad

This filled me up for the remainder of the night and gave me enough energy to actually do the things around the house that I needed to do before I started my workout.


For my workout, I chose Yoga Booty Ballet:  Bollywood Style. It’s a light cardio workout mixed with a little bit of sculpting. I like this workout a lot because you always start out with some yoga where you concentrate on your breathing. Then, you go into a very fast and simple warmup before getting into the cardio dancing. Yes, dancing! They suggest you wear a coin skirt to not only have some fun with the workout, but so you know you’re moving! Then I did 10 minutes of some sculpting exercises before doing the cool down. I worked up a sweat for sure.

So I showered and I started feeling hungry. So I played some Xbox to get my mind off of it and it worked. I looked in the mirror and I could already tell that my stomach was flatter because I’m getting rid of so much water weight. I can’t wait to weigh myself on Thursday morning.

Feeling: Good, a little sluggish because of no coffee or soda. No headaches – which is great – unlike Maddie’s case.

Hunger/Cravings: A little hungry, but when I feel like I’m starving that is when I get to eat (or drink) my snacks. I feel as though I am craving fast food because I’ve been eating poorly all week so this is a complete change of diet. It’s mostly in my head!

Workout: I wasn’t tired when I ate my salad so I was able to power through my workout without a problem. Then again, it was a light cardio workout and nothing too intense. Definitely worked up a sweat though!

I am currently on Day 2 and I’m feeling great so far. I’ll post a new entry tomorrow morning on how today went.. so stay tuned guys!

xo Brittny

P.S., if you are interested in also trying out the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse and would like to order it from me, message me on here, email me, comment, Facebook/Twitter me – whatever you need to do! I’ll be more than happy to help you out!

Or, simply go to http://www.beachbodycoach.com/BKEllis and order your very own Shakeology!