21 Day Fix: Week 1


Happy Friday everyone! I’m so thankful this week is over with and I get to go home in an hour. Even though the week went fast, I’m getting anxious about going home sooner now that the weather is finally nice in PA! It only took a few months…


So a few weeks ago, I posted about how me and my friend Lauren would be starting the 21 Day Fix program together. It’s a lot nicer having a friend doing it with you for support and motivation – we send each other pictures and texts throughout the day to help push each other. I’m also posting on my IG account for more accountability. So far I am loving how I’m feeling, I’m loving the food, and I’m loving the program in general.

photo 2

Sunday after I left Nate’s house, I stopped to get groceries. I mainly got Greek yogurt, lean proteins, whole wheat wraps, almond milk, and a lot of fruits & veggies.

photo 4

Breakfast: Typically I’ve been sticking with either overnight oats + cinnamon + almond milk + Greek yogurt with a piece of fruit. I also like to add 2 eggs + salsa. On the weekends, I’m going to be drinking Shakeology for my breakfast to mix it up.

For my snacks, I have a piece of fruit (bananas, oranges, or strawberries). When I’m feeling hungry, I’ll also eat some peanuts.

photo 3

Lunch: I only get a 30 minute lunch break at work, so I like something simple and filling. I’ve been making a whole wheat wrap + spinach + lettuce + chicken + Dijon mustard. If I don’t want a wrap, I’ll make a salad with the approved dressings from the plan. This holds me over since I’m eating a lot of carbs and protein in the morning.

photo 5Dinner: This is where I go hard on the protein and veggies. I’m avoiding carbs (or the yellow containers) after 3:00 pm. This helps me digest my food better and not feel so bloated when I wake up the next day. I’ve been loving the crab + shrimp + brussels + asparagus as my main dinners for the week.

What’s awesome is that I get to incorporate a lot of my favorite Tone It Up meals into this plan. Mainly, that is where I’m getting my recipes and ideas. Next week I’ll be mixing my meals up and what not. This was just a quick overview of what my meals are looking like. As for my workouts, I’m doing a Fix workout + Tone It Up. On days where it’s nice outside, I usually go for a walk or jog with my family. Next week I’ll be adding more weight training into my workouts. I’m staying at my boyfriend’s fiance’s house this weekend, so I have a lot of meal prepping & packing to do.

Stay tuned for next week. I’ll be doing a better more in depth post about the plan and what I’m doing. Wish me luck!

xo Brittny

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Tone It Up: Nutrition Plan Review


Good morning girls!

I didn’t realize how long it has been since I wrote… well, anything. I guess the holidays have got the best of me this year. But thankfully, things are finally slowing down in my life and I can start refocusing on the things that I love to do. One of those things is of course, writing. Hopefully, things stay at this pace so I can get back into blogging.

Recently I have been getting a lot of comments on my Tone It Up 5 Day Slim Down Review. I’ve always wanted to write a review of the whole plan, but wasn’t sure if it would it would a review people would be interested in reading. I’m thinking after their new hit show on Bravo came out this year, people are starting to notice the Tone It Up girls more. Please keep in mind; this is my personal opinion and something that has worked for me. It might not be for everybody and I will try to explain everything the best I can. But if you do have more questions, please comment here J  So let’s get started!


The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan comes in 6 different options: regular, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, gluten free vegetarian, and pescetarian.

I purchased the REGULAR PLAN. I once tried the vegetarian lifestyle and absolutely loved it, but I’m a meat eater and simply couldn’t cut out all meats from my diet. I did, however, cut back on eating a lot of red meats. Once in a while, I will splurge but I don’t make it a habit anymore.

All of the plans cost $150 – and yes, when I first saw that I was hesitant right away. I couldn’t afford $150 on a plan that I never even heard of before. I loved their YouTube workouts and the community but just could not stomach the thought of paying $150. That’s a lot of money to commit to something. For about a month, I started trying some of the recipes they would post on their blog. The recipes seemed simple enough and were super yummy. This lured me in… I had to have it! I love food and I can’t get enough. I’m always looking for new cook books and new recipes to try out.

tone it up food

Now that I had the idea in my head that I needed to order this, I started researching more information and talked with a few girls who have the plan themselves. When I saw that you would be a LIFETIME MEMBER and only have to pay that one-time fee, I purchased it that day. I have done a lot of diets, workout programs, and supplements so I feel like I have tried it all. So here is what I compared it to:

  • Weight Watchers – you have to pay $42.95 a month. That’s $515.40 for one year! Yes, I love the meetings and I go with my sister every Tuesday, but I think $500 is a little too much. I love tracking my points and being held accountable, but where are the workouts? Yes, they have a great meal plan and food options for you, but they don’t really dig into the workouts.
  • BeachBody – yes I am a coach and the workout programs and supplements are amazing, but they don’t give you a meal plan to follow. Each workout program has a meal plan to get results doing THAT program, but what if I’m not just following one program? I love mixing and matching my BeachBody workouts so it’s hard for me to follow one specific diet plan.
  • Atkins – I lost weight doing Atkins and got to eat all the foods I love. But this is a diet that you have to stick with and can be harmful if you don’t follow it exactly how they tell you. So, you’re limited on what foods you get to enjoy. No thank you!

So what is inside the nutrition program?

The main nutrition program has 191 pages of over 250 recipes. Recipes included are:

  • Breakfast (including various pancake recipes)
  • Lunch
  • Entrees
  • Desserts
  • Appetizers
  • Party Foods
  • Snacks
  • Beverages – this includes coffee, teas, and adult beverages
  • Soups and Salads
  • Wraps
  • Smoothies and Juices – they also provide detox juices


It literally has everything you could possibly crave and need. This is what I love most about the program. I don’t have to deprive myself of anything because every single meal is right there at my fingertips. Fingertips? Yes. The program is emailed to you. I have an iPhone, so I simply saved mine right to my iBooks. They are PDF Files that you can download right to your phone or computer. I then printed it out and placed them in a big binder. The only downside to the program is printing out the editions as ink is pricey these days.  But that’s just an option. I personally never use my printed copies because my phone is always in reach. Every time they create a new special edition, it goes directly to your email. As you can see from the picture above, they are constantly coming out with new fun editions.

My favorite editions so far are the Love Your Body and Wedding Series edition. I can’t wait to get married simply so I can do all of these fun recipes to prepare myself. So far here are the editions: Regular Nutrition Plan, Beach Babe, Summer Sizzle, Love Your Body, Holiday, Fall, and Bridal.

5 day slim down

Also included in the plan are the 5 and 7 day slim downs. If you haven’t already read my 5 Day Slim Down journey, simply click here. I loved doing this slim down because I still got to eat the foods I love and be satisfied. I was not starving myself and I felt full. By the end of the slim down, my skin was glowing and I literally slimmed down. My next journey will be trying out the 7 Day Slim Down. These are made for when you want a quick slim down for an event. I did mine right before me and my family went to the beach so I didn’t feel overly bloated in a bikini. Nothing is worse than feeling bloated in a bikini.

The 7 Day Slim Down is just a longer version of the 5DSD. It tells you what to eat, when to eat it, and everything is mapped out for you. No guessing! Included with the slim down plan, you’ll get a slim down tracker sheet to make sure you’ve done everything right. Check that out also in my 5DSD Review.

Another thing I loved most about the nutrition plan was the meal guides and what they call a “meal wheel.” This is a color coded chart to help tell you which meals are okay to eat through the day. I never understood what I was eating or when to eat certain foods. I just thought I could eat breads and starchy foods for dinner if I ate super healthy all day. Yes, this method worked for some people but it didn’t work for me. My body is different and I found out that I could not eat heavy foods for my dinner. They helped explain this to me. Each meal or recipe has a guide to help you choose what foods are best for your goals.

Example: My goal is to slim down and lose weight. Obviously, I don’t want to eat the meals that are made for people who want to Tone Up or Maintain their weight. So I tried avoiding those foods as much as possible. I chose the slim down meals, in other words. But every person is different and so are their goals. Some girls come to me and say I lost all my weight, now I need to tone up. What foods should I eat? Well, I can now let them know because of this plan. This doesn’t mean you can’t still eat all of their meals. I mixed and matched recipes throughout the week so I didn’t get bored of eating the same foods all the time. And I still was losing weight. I’ve learned as long as you eat clean, green, and lean (their slogan) you will lose weight and feel great. I sound so cliché right now ha! But it’s the truth. You have to cut out the sugars, breads, red meats, and processed foods. I learned that the hard way and hundreds of dollars later.

Summer Sizzle Pic

The plan also goes into specific and scientific details about which foods you should mix and match. They break down why foods are healthy and good for you and actually give you a reason behind that. If you watch tv or read new fad diets they just say to eat certain foods because it helps you lose weight. Okay, well why is it helping me lose weight? Karena and Katrina break that all out for you and help you understand what you’re eating and what to eat it with. Certain foods come together and create what they call a complete protein.  If you buy the plan, you will see that for yourself. Like I’ve mention several times, I now finally understand what I’m eating because I never did before.

When you buy the plan, you also get exclusive information. They call this the Weekly Members Email. Every Thursday, they send out an email to the people who purchased the plan. The email is different each week and it includes great tips to help motivate you. You also get more information on new and exciting things they are coming up with compared to people who are not members. It’s my favorite part of the week. I love getting new information and ways to stay focused.


Have you ever went to the grocery store with full intentions of buying only healthy foods and when you get there you completely forget and start buying things you THINK is healthy? Yeah, me too… talk about a waste of money. With this plan, there are 2 pages I believe of grocery items they approve of. This makes it a lot easier when you’re shopping because everything is mapped out for you. What’s also nice, every food they list is part of the recipes. So I always try and stock up on foods or highlight the items I need before heading out. I print off that page every time I go shopping.

They also include a weight and measurement tracker. I also print this out weekly to keep track of my measurements. It’s super important to keep track because you might not lose pounds that week, but you will lose inches. Toning up simply removes the fat and replaces it with muscle. Yes you are losing, but you’re toning up at the same time. I love keeping track of my inches that way I don’t get discouraged when the scale doesn’t go down that week.

The last pages are full of printables.  If you travel a lot or don’t always have access to the internet, print out the workouts they include in the plan. They break down each move step by step. Keep them in your purse or travel bag and when you get some free time, pull them out and hop to it. Their workouts don’t require a lot of space, so this will be great if you are stuck in a hotel room.

Like I’ve mentioned above, they include measurement trackers, journal pages, and a grocery list.

Here are a few FAQs I recently got about the plan:


Do you think it’s worth buying?

  • Yes, absolutely. It’s the best plan I’ve ever followed.

Do you get full eating the foods?

  • Surprisingly, yes. You make a lot of food with these recipes and they satisfy your hunger. I feel full, but not miserably stuffed.

Are you still sticking with the plan since you started in August?

  • This is the only plan I’ve actually stuck with. I get excited about everything and go at it with my whole heart and then get bored with it after 3 weeks. This plan actually changed my life.

Have you noticed a change in your health and weight?

  • At first, no. I couldn’t see a difference in myself but everyone else kept saying I was losing weight. Then I compared myself to a picture of me from a year ago and the notice is there. I’m losing weight and actually toning up. My skin is clearing up and I have a natural tan almost. Sounds weird, but it’s true.

Can you mix and match recipes or do you have to buy their protein powder?

  • Their recipes do use their Perfect Fit Protein powder a lot, especially if you want to make their pancakes and smoothies. But when I got the plan, I did not have their protein powder. I did have healthier flour at home, so I used that up before purchasing theirs. But now that I have their brand I won’t use anything else.

If I have missed anything (which I’m sure I have) please comment on this post with any questions you still might have and I will get back as soon as I can! I hope you enjoyed this post and have a better understanding of Tone It Up and that you will too join our TIUteam!

xo Brittny

Weekend Recap + Paleo Review

That feeling when you thought it was Thursday and it turns out it’s only Wednesday? Yeah, no “Happy Humpday” for this girl. But good news, I am down 3 lbs… so that is keeping my head above the clouds during work 🙂 I’m currently on week 2 of following the Paleo diet, so it is officially review time!

Normally when I follow popular diets and go off of them even for a day, I gain some weight back. So I decided to do an experient this weekend with this diet. All week my meals have consisted of the following:

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs + 2 pcs of bacon

Lunch: Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeo mixed with ice, almond milk, and 1 tbsp of almond butter

Snack: almonds or a banana

Dinner: Large steak salad or Brussels Sprouts with chicken or steak

For my workouts, I’ve been walking/jogging every day along with following the ChaLean Extreme month 2 calendar. I felt clean, light, full, and full of energy. I’ve been actually craving water due to eating a lot of protein. I don’t even need to count calories with this diet because I’m always under my goal… and that’s an amazing feeling.

Now, for my experience… this weekend my family planned a small trip for us down to Harper’s Ferry, WV. I was really worried because I would be needing to eat out instead of my prepped meals. I had no idea that the Paleo Diet would be really simple and easy to follow when dining out. We stopped at a small country restaurant for breakfast where I ate eggs, bacon, and sausage. No problemo there! But then dinner came and we went to Cracker Barrel. Normally, when I eat here, I eat way too much, get sick, and gassy. So I decided to order what I normally order and see how I would feel. For once, I wasn’t sick. I was full, yes, and could tell I didn’t eat my typical “clean” meal, but I was absolutely fine FOR ONCE! Eating super clean for the whole week cleaned out my body and showed me that I can have a cheat meal once a week and feel ok about it. And surprisingly, I didn’t gain any weight. I was still down 3 lbs. How awesome is that?

I have 2 girls I work with now starting the diet. I feel so good about that, plus it’s motivating for me to not screw up because I can’t let people down. Also, the doctors in my office have decided to start a Biggest Loser contest for us girls giving away high money for 3 winners. Now it’s time to get my booty into some serious gear! fter work, I will be heading to the grocery store and herbal store to pick up more food! Now onto my weekend…

harpers ferry collage

Like I mentioned above, my family (about 17 of us) took a road trip down to West Virigina to visit Harper’s Ferry since we love the Civil War era. It was absolutely breath taking down there. We met up with some of my family who stayed over night at their hotel and then left to get breakfast. We got to see a lot of really cool things. Plus, it was an intense workout! Everything we wanted to see involved a lot of hiking, walking, and stair climbing. I was dead tired by the end of the day, but it was so much fun.


This was the worst climb of my life. It’s an ancient Catholic Church that set up on top of this huge mountain side where you had to climb at least 100 steep rocks to get to. It was worth it at the end, because it was air conditioned lol we were all dying! It was 91 out that day, so we hung out inside for at least 30 minutes.


After the hike up to the church, I thought that was the end of our adventure until we had to literally hike up to the rock where Thomas Jefferson stood. Needless to say, some of us made it to the top and some of us didn’t… I made it, boom! Haha

After we stopped to see a few museums and ate dinner, we ventured home until I eventually passed out. I can’t remember the last time I was that tired. The next day, I laid on the couch all day from being super sore and caught up on my shows. In the evening, my boyfriend stopped and picked me up and took me to get food at our favorite pizza place. No worries! I ordered a salad. We watched a movie and got some sleep since we had a busy day planned on Labor Day.

steelersWe woke up, got ready, and headed to Pittsburgh. We stopped at the Monroeville Mall to do some shopping! I was in my glory, minus the comic book store being closed. I stayed up the night before making a list of all the comics I wanted to purchase. Grr. But, Express did have a huge sale where everything was 40% off. Score! I got a really pretty white top perfect for the Fall season. After that, we stopped in Macy’s where they had a MAC counter… AHHH! I bought some lipstick and my boyfriend bought me foundation. His exact words were
“You know I love when I just spent $30 on powder.” 🙂 I also found the cutest Steelers cardigan. This was probably my favorite purchase! I am in Steelers heaven.

thai food

We stopped at our favorite thai food place, but they were closed for the holiday. So we went back to Monroeville and found a new Thai place to try… which was incredible. It’s called the Green Mango… So I think we might just start going to this one. Yes, I had my cheat meal for the week.. I couldn’t resist.

pittsburgh collage

Once we finished our meals, we picked up his one friend from Pittsburgh, Greg, and went to the zoo. The weather was perfect and we got to see all of the animals for once. My boyfriend also bought me a stuffed fox since they’re my addiction. Yes, I am 23 years old collecting stuffed animals. I’m a kid at heart 😉 We dropped his friend off and then headed back home. It was the perfect weekend. But I’m really thankful to have this weekend plan free! I need a break.

Coming up: Review on my latest challenge group and news on our brand new one that is starting up in the Fall! I wlil also be finished with month 2 of CLX, so I’ll be writing my review on that. Until next day, have a wonderful evening!

– Brittny

A few updates…

Just a few quick updates since I didn’t get to make a post this weekend and I’m running a little behind today…

Starting July 8th – my BeachBody Team will be starting up a 45 day summer challenge. You’ll be getting the following:

– 7 coaches
– Daily motivation
– Healthy recipes
– Videos from us coaches
– Daily “mood” journal, teaching you the benefits of what working out can do
– Fitness & health tips
– Friends to help push you
– Much, much more…

There are limited positions, so if this is something you’re interested in please contact me *immediately!*

How to be qualified to enter:

– Must purchase Shakeology or a fitness program from me
– Must be ready to bring it!

That’s it! Simple, right? To find the perfect shakeology flavor or fitness program for you, check out my sites:

Shakeology: myshakeology.com/BKEllis
Workouts: http://www.beachbodycoach.com/BKEllis


If you need help figuring out what is best for YOUR goals, message me! I will be more than happy to get you on the right path…

There will be 3 grand prize winners.
1st place – $150
2nd place – $100
3rd place – $50

Don’t delay.
Stop being a beach bum – get one!

Weekly Workout Schedule:
Monday – Tone It Up Bride Series
Tuesday – TurboFire Fire 30
Wednesday – Brazil Butt Lift Cardio Axe + TF Abs 10
Thursday – TIU Bride Series
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – Walk/Jog On Beach
Sunday – Rest Day

I’ve also ordered the Tone It Up Beach Babe DVD 2 to add more variety to my workouts. I love those girls so much & I’m excited to try their workouts! Hopefully it comes this week.

Some posts to be looking for:

– Tone it up workout review
– Makeup products (what I’m using now)
– Insanity Review
– CLX review
– New healthy recipes
– What is a BeachBody coach
– Catching up with me (a post about the trips I’ve been on & what’s going on in my life now)
– much more…

So be sure to stick around!
xo Brittny

Be thinking about joining the new challenge group! Message me for more info…

Weekend Recap + ChaLean Extreme Month 1 Review

Is it me or do the weekends go by way too fast? Not just the weekends anymore, but months even fly by. I can’t believe I just completed my ChaLean Extreme month 1 already. I have 2 more months to go – and I am so happy with my results so far!

First, let me dip into what month 1 consists of. The first month of this workout program is called the Burn Phase. Which basically means you are burning fat and gaining a nice muscle base. For myself, I had 0 muscle. My whole family would make fun of me because I even struggled with carrying heavy grocery bags into the house. Yes, grocery bags. I was never a girl to lift weights because I was always told “when you lift weights, you get big.” Well, hello! I am a girl – I don’t want to gain a ton of muscle! But Chalene Johnson helps you understand this process more. MUSCLE BURNS FAT! It’s a giant myth that women get huge when lifting heavy weights. Why is this a myth and why do guys get big then? Because men have testosterone, much more than women. So when they lift, they get big and lean. When women lift, you get lean and small. Make sense? It took me a while too to catch on, but now it all makes sense to me.

chalean-extreme-workout-dvd-program-burn-fat-boost-metabolism-lean_16907_500Let’s break down the workouts that you’ll be doing with the Burn Phase:

Burn Circuit 1 – This is the first workout you will be doing. It’s an intense, but easier workout in the phase that breaks down techniques while getting a great burn. For this workout, if you don’t have a variety of different sized weights to use, then you can use the resistance band that is provided. This workout is only 35 minutes – but it’s an intense one. I promise, you will be dripping in sweat by the time you finish. There’s a modifier to follow as well in case you don’t have a muscle base (ahem, like me). You learn to lift heavier weights and do fewer reps. Sounds easy, but your arms will be shaking!

Burn Circuit 2 – You get a little bit more intense with this workout. You get into more lower body lifting as well, which is nice for people who really want to tone up their booty. You’ll also be targeting certain muscle groups – such as the triceps more than you did in the first circuit.

Burn Circuit 3 – Again, this gets a bit more intense than the first two – but still doable since you don’t add any cardio. All you do is weight training here. You might not get out of breath, but your body will be burning. Chalene also says that with weight training, you tend to burn higher calories throughout the day. Get it? Burn circuit = burning more calories.

Personal suggestion: When doing the burn circuit workouts, I suggest adding a cardio workout before or after. The workouts are super short, about 35 minutes each, If you have a lot of fat to burn off, up your cardio workout. Something that I learned & wish I would have done when following this calendar. Try doing some TurboFire HIIT classes.

Also, when doing the burn circuits, never do them back to back. What do I mean by this? Let’s say Monday you do Burn Circuit 1, on Tuesday you don’t want to do Burn Circuit 2. It’s important to space these workouts out so you give your muscles a break. You don’t want to overdo them and it’s important to always work your muscles every other day. By doing them every day, you take a risk of inflammation, straining muscles, soreness, etc…


The circuit reps only go up to 12 reps – doesn’t seem like a lot but this is the perfect amount of reps, especially if you want that “lean” body. Also, this workout has a worksheet for each phase. It’s a great way to keep track of the weights you’re using and the reps you could do. Obviously, I couldn’t do all 12 reps when I started out, but by my third week, I could do them all! This is also a great tool for you to see what you have done in the past and to up the weight. Go heavy or go home!

Burn Intervals – Talk about a killer workout! You use light weights in this workout. Example like 5 lbs. You do as many reps as you possibly can within the time limit – and believe me, you will be burning! Since this is an interval workout, you will lift for about 1 minute, cardio for 1 minute, then back to lifting weights etc… This method helps to burn calories throughout the day. Sounds easy, right? Because after an intense cardio workout you can relax and catch your breath. Yes and no. Chalene makes this a tough workout and you push yourself to your limit. Her method of training is to FAIL. No, not in the bad way. You push yourself until you literally can’t do another rep. That’s when you fail and that’s when you know you gave it your best!

Recharge – This is a nice stretch class to help you “recharge” after a week of intense workouts. I did this on Saturday mornings – you don’t have to, but I like to keep it light on the weekends since I don’t have a lot of time. It’s important to stretch out your muscles and give them a break since you worked them so hard – this also helps your flexibility and endurance.

Burn It Off – This is a high intensity workout. You will definitely be scorching away calories once you finish this! You still use some weights in this but not a whole lot. I always did this after finishing Burn Circuit 1.

Ab Burner – If you did the TurboFire Abs 10, this isn’t the same. This is a lot harder than the Abs 10. I could barely finish this workout and it took me two weeks to finally finish. Your abs will be sore after this!

photo(38)The weights I use are the Pro-Form Fusion Space Saver 25. I keep these right beside my entertainment stand – they don’t take up a lot of room and they’re great when doing this workout. This is the perfect set of weights for someone starting out in weight training. You simply select how heavy you want to go by slighting the knob in the middle of each weight. These aren’t the same weights Chalene uses in the video, but these are perfect for me. I could barely lift 5 and now I’m up to 20 lbs – just after 1 month. Imagine the results I’m going to get after I finish the next phase? This can be you!


My typical workout schedule:

Monday – Burn Circuit 1

Tuesday – Burn It Off+Ab Burner

Wednesday – Burn Circuit 2

Thursday – Burn Intervals + Ab Burner

Friday – Burn Circuit 3

Saturday – Rest Day or Recharge

Sunday – Rest Day

How would I have changed this? I would have added cardio on the days I did the burn circuits – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

photo(17)My Results:

I’ve lost 1 1/2″ from each arm, 1″ from both thighs, 1/2″ from my chest, 1″ from my waist, 1″ from my hips, and about 5 lbs so far.

How could I have got better results?

By adding cardio on the days I was doing burn circuits, eating lean protein, upping my vegetable intake, and cutting back on the carbs. I’ve learned a great lesson in weight training that I wish I had known from the beginning. When you lift, your body is burning through carbs first before burning fat. So, if you filled up on carbs all day, your body will burn that first. So by the time you finish your workout, you just burn the carbs and don’t even touch the fat.

Eat lean protein, lots of vegetables, avoid breads & pasta, and stay away from sugar. It’s really important to fill up on protein to also help replenish your muscles. Lesson learned! But I love the results I got, I feel so much stronger – I mean, I’m lifting 20 lbs now! I feel tighter all over and lighter. I started the Push Phase tonight and oh man, it’s going to be killer! AND I LOVE IT!

Thoughts So Far: I love the workout, I love the energy, and I love that Chalene actually teaches you what you’re doing and how to get better results. I actually look forward to doing this workout and I don’t get bored with it.  It switches up a lot and like I said, the first month flew by and now I’m on a complete different set of workouts. YOU WILL NOT GET BORED WITH THIS WORKOUT.

Bring on Phase 2!

Weekend Recap

I won’t get into too much details about this weekend, but I wanted to just give a small update. Friday I didn’t do much of anything, as usual, since I am so tired by the time I get home from work. Did my last burn circuit workout and then watched movies for the rest of the night. I know, I’m lame!

photo(35)Saturday morning I woke up to a few packages at my door. I ordered the new red TurboFire jacket from http://www.turbokick.com – I love it. Plus it matches the new workout pants I just got from Nike.

photo(18)After I ripped open my packages like a little kid on Christmas, I dragged my adult butt up to the kitchen and made some breakfast. I added some olive oil to a pan, sauteed 2 handfuls of spinach, and then added 1 whole egg with 3 egg whites. I stirred this all around until it was fully cooked. Then, I added some pepper (no salt) and salsa on top. For some extra calories, I added 1 piece of the Nickle’s wheat bread (only 35 calories a slice). It was amazing and only 176 calories. It paired nicely with some coffee.

photo(34)After breakfast, I did the Recharge workout and then showered. I caught up on some Glee and then got ready to meet my friends for lunch. I met up with my friends Roman and Shana along with her two friends Misty, and McKayla (spelling). We met at the Knickerbocker where I got the Pittsburgh Specialty sandwich. I know I know, but it was so good! Plus it was my one meal for the weekend to splurge on. Totally worth it.

After lunch, we went out for a few drinks for the night. This was the first time I’ve been out in such a long time. By 1:00 I was ready for bed, which is what I did. Sunday, nothing too exciting. I went to my mom’s for lunch with my whole family. Afterwards I came home, played some Xbox, and then went to church. After church, my sister and I went to Walmart and I did some serious grocery shopping. I read the nutrition book that comes with ChaLean Extreme and got a few ideas on what to get. I can’t wait to try out some new recipes! Then to bed I went.

photo(36)This was my lunch for today at work. It was… too amazing. I simply used the Flatout Rosemary & Olive Oil flat bread, Oscar Myer’s BBQ seasoned deli chicken slices, organic romaine lettuce, fat free Greek feta cheese, miracle whip, and that’s it. So filling and so yummy. Easy to make!

photo(37)Dinner tonight was a small Greek salad with a 6 oz steak. I was craving steak and this hit the spot. Plus it gave me the energy I needed to power through my workout tonight. Since I am now finished with this post, I am going to watch The Carrie Diaries before I go to sleep. Sweet dreams!

xo Brittny

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Khroma Beauty Review



That’s right! Confused? Don’t be… I finally had the chance to purchase their new makeup from their new makeup line Khroma. Last week after our BeachBody Business dinner, Maddie and I went to Ulta to unwind and do a little shopping. After browsing items for over 30 minutes, nothing was catching my eye. Then I saw a picture of them and their makeup products.. I was like a moth to a flame.

I felt like a teenage girl at a Bieber concert. I was like “OH MY GOD, I need to buy these!” No one understands how the Kardashians are my ultimate guilty pleasure. I am addicted. I’ve been wanting to try out their beauty products for a while now but never saw them in town. Unfortunately, a lot of the products were sold out so I grabbed what I could.

photo(16)This kit was only $14.99 and it’s called Shebang. I love it.. I love the colors, I love how it comes with a makeup brush, fake eye lashes, eyelash glue, and an eyeliner pencil. From doing my research, you can get this at your typical drug stores and probably other department stores. I got mine from Ulta, as stated above, but I believe the price is all the same.


The eyeshadow colors are just amazing.. very natural but add a lot of color to your eyes (especially if you have brown eyes..) and I love the eyeliner. Goes on super smooth and it lasted all night for me. I haven’t had a chance to try out the eyelashes because I haven’t went anywhere that I would wanna glam up a lot.. so I’ll give an update on those once I try them.



Here are the swatches from the eyeshadow pallet. The darker colors really stand out, but unfortunately the highlighter colors didn’t really show up. You have to really pack the lighter colors on for them to be noticeable. So that is one thing I’m not a fan of.


photo(11)The eyeliner isn’t exactly smudge proof, as you can see I tested that out on my hand. But I wore this all night long and it stayed in place. Over all, I am satisfied with the eye liner as well.


This is Kourtney’s pallet/kit called Kourtney Kardazzle. Kim & Khloe’s was sold out so I managed to get the last one of this. Personally, I think this kit is super cute, small, easy to carry with you and comes with a full face kit.



The top four eyeshadow colors are matte, which I love! I am a huge fan of matte colors, however, I did not like the lighter matte colors here. You have to really dig your brush into the colors for them to stand out. The bottom four colors are more sparkly and they stand out like crazy. I love them! The bottom part slides out and reveals blush, a highlighter, and a bronzer. Again, the highlighter doesn’t stand out very well but the blush and bronzer was great.


These are swatches from the eyeshadow.. top is the matte colors & bottom is the sparkly ones..


These are swatches from the blush, highlighter, and bronzer.

I personally really like this pallet. It’s small enough to put in your purse, your clutch, or just to store it with your other makeup. It has everything you need (minus brushes) to doll yourself up. I just wish the lighter colors would stand out more.


I needed new mascara and they had all of their mascara in bigger tubes, but I saw this little kit sampling their 4 mascaras. This was $9.99 I believe, which isn’t bad for 4 mascaras!


I have tried them all out and my personal favorite is the Whip Lash simply because it has a different brush (see below). Aside from the different brushes, these are amazing mascaras and super affordable. I will definitely be purchasing more of these if nothing else.


They really make my eyelashes look super long, I don’t even need the fake eyelashes. I mean, yeah I already do have naturally long lashes, but without the right mascara, you wouldn’t really notice because my eyes are so dark.

photo(3)This is a picture I took of me wearing the Kourtney Kardazzle face pallet. Very natural colors, which I love.

photo(20)And this look is from this morning, wearing the Shebang eyeshadows plus liner. This might be my favorite eyeshadow pallet, really loving the dark earthy colors.

They also have nude lip glosses and lipsticks among other makeup products, but I was not able to get my hands on these items. Once I do, I’ll be adding a review on those items as well. Hopefully soon because I keep hearing amazing things about their lipsticks.


Thoughts: I’ve read a lot of bad reviews on their makeup, but I happened to really enjoy it. It’s affordable for everyone, the colors are incredible and would match anyone’s skin tone. Went on smooth, small enough to carry with you, and just a nice product.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely, I mean not everyone can afford to buy MAC, Urban Decay, or Bare Minerals so it’s nice that it’s pretty colors, you get a lot of options, and it’s affordable. You can’t beat that.

Likes: Loving the dark colors, the eyeliner, and the mascara.

Dislikes: I don’t like the lighter colors, they don’t stand out and you really gotta pack it on the brush for it to show up. Also, I wish it would have came with a different eyeshadow brush, I’m not a fan of the sponges. I also wish the eyeliner wouldn’t smudge, but then again, it lasted all night for me. So I am on the fence about that.

I will be purchasing the other eyeshadow pallets and lipsticks once I can find them. So check back for that!

I hope you enjoyed this small review and will go out and purchase the items for yourself. Let me know if you do and what makeup looks you came up with! Also, comment below and let me know if you hate or love the product!

xo Brittny

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 3 & Results


Yesterday was my last day of the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse – hallelujah! While it was just a short 3 days, I can’t tell you how happy I am that I can finally eat real food! Would I do this over again? Of course. I love the results I got and how I feel now. Thankfully, it’s not a cleanse to do often, but every 3 months. So I am good for a while!

If you’ve missed my previous posts on day 1 & 2, you can find them below:

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 1

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 2


I woke up feeling refreshed, happy, and clean. Happy because I knew that it was my last day cleansing and it would be the end of testing this out. Refreshed because all of the toxins, fat, water weight, and other junk are finally out of my body. Clean because I am now loaded with a million vitamins & nutrients – my skin is clear, I feel light.. I feel amazing.

My breakfast this morning was the usual –1 cup of green tea and 1 chocolate shake made with water + ice. I literally chugged it because I was starving! I was sooo tempted to reach into my desk drawer full of goodies & treats but went against it. It’s my last day after all, stick it through!  By 11:00, I was even more hungry so I ate my banana.

This held me over until it was time for lunch. Oh lunch, how you were torture today. Every Wednesday, the women at work order out for lunch from our favorite restaurants. Of course today was the day they ordered out at my favorite Italian place – it’s like everyone is out to get me. The ladies were eating pizza, pasta, calzones, strombolis, salads.. you name it, they ate it! So I just kept my head buried into my phone playing a Disney trivia game. This made my lunch break fly by and kept my mind & stomach off of the food around me.

Around 2:00 I was getting super hungry.. but I held off until my last break for the day at 3. Instead, I had another cup of green tea. Then on my break, I had another shake made with water + ice to hold me over until dinner.


I made the same salad as I did the day before – it was so good & filling. Plus sautéed peppers & onions are my favorite combo! I was actually pretty stuffed, which is shocking. My body is now getting used to not eating so much, so hopefully I can stick to lighter portions for my meals now and not eat until I bust. (Yes, I ate my dinner while watching my niece play xbox..)


Time for my workout! I took it easier last night with Yoga Booty Ballet: Cardio Cabaret. This is my all time favorite workout from the YBB workout series. Super short, light, and you get a good sweat. Plus it’s a lot of fun since you’re dancing that you don’t even realize how fast the workout goes by.

I felt really good after my workout. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror because I looked so flat! I went to bed anxious because I couldn’t wait until I saw my results in the morning.


Results: I woke up this morning, immediately ran upstairs and hopped on the scale. I LOST 4.8 POUNDS.  I can not tell you how happy this makes me! I know I could have lost a lot more if I had picked more intense workouts to do, but I wanted to take it easy and I am glad that I did. I already eat really healthy, so losing almost 5 pounds really is so awesome for me.

Thoughts: I’m really happy that I decided to stick this out for the whole 3 days without cheating. Believe me, I wanted to but I didn’t. I feel like I really accomplished something this week. I also gained a great experience & knowledge by doing this so now if someone has a question about it I can say “Oh, I’ve done that.. let me guide you!” And that’s the best part. But like I said, it’s not easy and it will test your will power. Though it was only 3 days, I’m glad it’s over and I can finally get back to eating a more healthy diet.

So this morning for breakfast, I wasn’t having any cravings. Which was weird because you would THINK I’d be dying for some real food now that I’m allowed. So instead, I poured a bowl of Special K Blueberry cereal with some milk. I couldn’t even finish the whole bowl (normally I could eat, and eat, and eat..) so this made me happy. I poured myself some coffee as well and I couldn’t even drink it. It didn’t taste good to me! This cleanse really did some wonders for me. I’m not feeling tired, I’m full of energy, and I didn’t even need the caffeine!


Tonight after work, Maddie & myself are heading to Chiptole to get some dinner and to discuss our BeachBody Business. So it’s a fun little business meeting and no worries, I’ll be getting a salad from there! I haven’t decided what I’m eating for lunch yet, I might go to Subway and grab a 6″ sub instead of the normal 12″ I get. I’m feeling so great about this!

Some of you had a lot of questions about this cleanse so I chose 5 to answer..

1.)    Would you do this cleanse again?

A.)   Absolutely. I might not do it every 3 months, but I would definitely do it again – especially after the holidays!

2.)    Were you ever tempted to cheat on the diet?

A.)   Of course! I am human and we have temptations.. but the feeling of knowing I pushed past it and actually stuck it out was rewarding in itself. It definitely tests your will power!

3.)    Did you feel tired or not have enough energy?

A.)   Surprisingly I was not tired. I felt groggy in the mornings, only because I am used to having a cup of coffee at work. But after day 1, days 2 & 3 were a breeze and I didn’t feel tired at all! I had enough energy from the shake to workout and still do things at home after work.

4.)    Do you feel cleaner & healthier?

A.)   I can’t remember the last time I felt this clean & good inside. I feel refreshed and my stomach feels so flat. My skin is clear and I’m glowing.. the ladies at work even noticed!

5.)    Would you recommend this to your customers/friends/family?

A.)   Totally. I already brag about Shakeology and how everyone NEEDS to start drinking it, but this cleanse just did wonders for me. I would highly suggest everyone giving this a try to jump start their weight loss journey – or just to clean our your body for your health. It’s great because anyone can do this at any age!

If you are interested in more information, please email me at brittnykendra@gmail.com or leave a comment below. I’d be more than happy to assist anyone with any questions they might have!

If you would like to order Shakeology from me, simply go to myshakeology.com/BKEllis or message me for more details!

xo Brittny