Tone It Up: 2014 Bikini Series!


Happy Monday!

For once, it is a happy Monday for me! Today is the first day of the Tone It Up Bikini Series! As many of you know, I bought the plan last summer, after the bikini series ended. So this will be my first time participating in the challenge. It lasts for 8 weeks, leading up to the first day of summer!

I absolutely love the TIU girls and the plan, so it will not be hard for me to stick with this challenge. I’ll also be participating in a 21 Day Fix challenge group. So I’ll have double the motivation! I’ll be posting weekly about the challenges and my progress along the way.


If you haven’t already, head over to their blog and sign up to also join in on the fun! They email you a great Starter Pack that is loaded with recipes and a grocery list to help you plan your meals throughout the challenge. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?! How awesome is that?

They will have a new blog post each day to help motivate you and give you daily challenges. It’s fun to play along with their challenges and post them to your social media sites using the hashtags they provide in order to win prizes! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get fit and fabulous for the summer!


My goal for this challenge is to finally accomplish the 100 By Summer goal. I started the Love Your Body series back in February and unfortunately did not meet my 100 By V-Day goal. If you are unfamiliar with this, they explain everything HERE.

Each Sunday, they post a NEW weekly fitness schedule to follow. It’s suepr fun to follow along with the members. I mainly use Instagram for my posts and check out everyone else’s posts. It’s motivating and keeps you accountable. I’ll be creating a spreadsheet to help me track my progress along the way. I’m going to be a busy girl! For those of you who ARE participating, feel free to comment on my posts, follow me on IG, or simply email me and we can bounce ideas back and forth and keep each other motivated! I love interacting with new fitness friends.


Their first challenge was to create your summer list. So that’s exactly what I did and while I was writing down each idea, my heart was pumping faster and faster due to the excitement. I have so many great plans for this summer to make it one of the best summers yet! I’ll also be doing a lot of wedding planning which also gets me super pumped. Summer is one of my favorite seasons and I can’t wait to share it with my friends, family, and fiance! So here is my list:

create your summer

What are some of your plans for the summer? Comment and let me know! I hope everyone reading this will join in on the fun so we can get in the best shape for summer time!

xo Brittny


We Are Penn State… and Italian!

Happy Monday!

Normally I oppose this day, but after an amazing weekend it’s hard to be down. Allow me to elaborate…


After work on Friday, my friend Olivia came home from Pittsburgh and we met up for dinner and drinks. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in this area El Campecino. We got some margaritas and enchiladas. It was sooooo yummy! We sat and talked for about 3 hours and it was great catching up with her. Downfall to being an adult: working so much you don’t have time to always catch up with your friends.

date night

I ate sooo bad all last week, I’m so glad to finally be on track with my eating and working out.. but this meal was so worth the extra calories. After we finished, we headed home and I passed out. Tequila is fun, but makes me sleepy.


I woke up early and got ready because my boyfriend surprised me with Penn State tickets. I’ve never been to a PSU game before, so I was beyond happy and excited when I found out last week that we were going. Penn State vs. Kent State.


I’ve been to Beaver Stadium before to tailgate for the blue & white games, but never got to be inside the stadium. It was sooo nice and huge. We also had amazing seats on the 50 year lard just a few rows back.

After being THAT close right in the middle of the field, I will never EVER settle for sitting anywhere else during a game, especially the end zones. Those seats just don’t cut it.

psu game

We got there earlier than a lot of the other fans, but that place filled up quickly. I believe there were 70,000 there. We got to see the players walking into the stadium and chanted with everyone. The energy there was unreal! Now I’m an addict and simply must go to more games, especially when it’s so close to where I live. We won, 34 – 0 I believe. I was so happy that the first game I went to we won.

rain rain

Only downside to the game was that it poured almost the whole time. But we didn’t really care, it was a lot of fun.

We left the game a little early since we were winning to beat the traffic in our soaking wet clothes to go meet up with my best friend, Sarah, who came home this weekend from the Navy. She had huge news for everyone, since she got married. I’m very happy with her, so we met up at our town bar and did some celebration shots and I finally got to meet her husband.


I also got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in years. It was a really fun night out. We left around 2 and I headed up to my boyfriend’s for the night since we had plans the next morning.


We woke up a little late after a long day and got ready to head into Italian Festival at an amusement park close to where we live. It’s probably my favorite day of the year (minus Christmas, of course) because it’s a full day full of Italian food, Italian music, and lots of games.

italian festival

We ate entirely way too much food, but it was impossible to resist. As you can tell, the Paleo diet lifestyle just wasn’t for me. I’m Italian and can’t give pasta up. Sorry Paleo lovers, the diet is amazing.. but just isn’t a realistic plan for me to follow.

We played a lot games in the arcade, including poker. I never played before and was doing sooo well. I won a ton of tickets and got some interesting prizes. It’s fun letting loose and not being an adult for a day. After eating pounds of pasta and desserts, we headed home to play some Xbox before the Steelers game. <— Don’t get me started on this football team. This is where I would insert an angry emoticon…

So now that it is Monday, I finally am back on track and created a realistic plan for me to follow. While I loved following the ChaLean Extreme program, I missed P90X. With the big news of P90X3 coming out, I wanted to do another round of the lean schedule since it was so successful for me when I first followed the 90 days. I lost 30 lbs my first round, so I’m hoping to get similar results.

tone it up

I’ll also be following the Tone It Up fall challenge (while also participating in my Fit For Fall challenge group – starting Sept 30th). I wrote down my goals that I want to reach by Halloween and came up with a healthy diet plan. I’ll be cutting back on carbs, drinking shakeo every day, and eat protein with every meal. I’m also striving to hit 100 miles by Halloween.. whether it’s walking, running, biking, etc.

frisky fall

I’ve made plans to walk with some friends at least 4 nights a week. We actually talked about it tonight while hiking up our usual steep mountain road. 3 miles down, 97 more to go! So that will help give me the motivation to stick with getting my miles in! I’m aiming for 3 miles a day + following the P90X schedule. I’ll be posting my weekly schedules every Monday. If you want so participate in the Frisky Fall challenge, simply go to: and don’t forget to hashtag your check-ins! #FriskyFall

Speaking of Fall, as I mentioned above, I’m starting a brand new Facebook workout challenge group starting September 30 until December 23. Fit For Fall will be a little different than my other groups. It will be with 2 other coaches and we mixed up the points a lot and adding in weekly mini challenges related to Fall. I’m really excited to get it started! If you would like to be added to the group, message or comment me and I’ll get you added in! Don’t forget to like my Facebook page to get updates:

Weekly Workout Schedule:

Monday – P90X Core Synergistics + 3 mile walk

Tuesday – P90X Cardio X + 3 mile walk/jog

Wednesday – P90X Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper X + 3 mile walk

Thursday – P90X Yoga X + 3 mile walk

Friday – P90X Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X + 3 mile walk

Saturday – P90X Kenpo X + 3 mile walk

Sunday – Rest Day or light stretching

Have a fabulous week everyone!

– Brittny


Weekend Recap + Weekly Workout Schedule

Weekend Recap!

As usual, horrible PA weather strikes again! Why do I allow it to affect me so bad? It makes me lose motivation to write or do things I enjoy doing. Spring happened last week, yeah right! We just got hit by another huge snow storm that will continue on until late tonight. Bummer. I am ready to put on my Nikes and hit the trails for some running!

With that being said, yes I have been slacking on here again. Hopefully once this crappy weather ends I’ll get back into writing mode. But big things have happened for me! For starters, last week I have signed up to do Weight Watchers. They had a promo going on where if you signed up before Saturday, you got waived from the sign-up fee. A few of my girls in my fitness group have signed up and mentioned it to me. My sister and niece are also following the plan so I thought, why not? You pay $56 and get a membership for 3 months. After the 3 months if you enjoy the program it then becomes about $18 a month.


This isn’t bad if you ask me, that’s normally one meal out I usually spend. So after one week I weighed in and lost 2 lbs. Here’s the brilliant part, I went to the movies and had some popcorn, went to dinner afterwards, and enjoyed eating the foods I love eating. Of course I made some healthy meals as well, but knowing I can eat anything I want and just plug in the points and making sure I don’t go over my point limit seems simple and easy to me! And hey, it’s working! I can’t wait to give a monthly review on this. Plus it’s great that I have two people in my house following the same program. More motivation!


That Saturday morning I woke up and got a great workout in… plus some serious stretching! After my workout, I got a shower and started getting ready. Train, Debbie, Kristen, Ronnette, Stacy, Lexis, Haily, Lisa, and I went to go see Safe Haven. I thought it was amazing. I love all of Nicholas Spark’s movies & books and this can definitely be added to my top favorite movies. After the movie, we went to the Cracker Barrel for some dinner. We ate dinner and talked for a few hours. It was so nice catching up with everyone.


The rest of the weekend was laid back. Nate came over Sunday night and we watched the walking dead before falling asleep. Typical Sunday! Tuesday came and one of my best friends, Kayla, asked me to meet her for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. Of course I couldn’t refuse!


We had some serious catching up to do and I’m glad I got to see her. Our lives are constantly busy so we don’t always get to talk or hangout. I was proud of myself at dinner; normally I eat a million chips with a huge meal. This time, I didn’t! I had vegetable fajitas, which were amazing. I didn’t even miss the meat. Much healthier and less points for this gal! I went home feeling pretty satisfied with myself. The week flew by pretty fast and before I knew it, Friday was here!


After work on Friday, I went to Kohl’s for some shopping. They were having a great sale and of course, I had to go. I’d be crazy not to, right? I got 4 new shirts from Lauren Conrad’s line LC. I saved $85! That makes me super happy. I also got some of her jewelry because she happens to have the cutest jewelry ever. I got a set of own earrings, camera earrings, and an owl necklace. I’m sort of falling in love with the whole owl fashion. The shirts are perfect for spring (if it ever actually shows up here).


After I did my shopping, my friend Gus texted me with some fun plans. Loren, Garner, Gus, and myself had a Call of Duty split screen tournament. Yes I know, total geek! It’s one of the many things we love doing together, plus it’s tradition to have it quarterly. Clearly, I was the winner despite their opinions. After that, we put in some Mortal Kombat and battled it out. It was so much fun and so funny. We must have played video games for 6 hours straight. It was the latest I’ve been awake in such a long time! I came home around 4 and passed out. Well worth it!

Saturday I decided to have a “me” day, since I haven’t had one in sooo long! I binged on some sweet potato garlic fries and decided to rewatch season 2 of Game of Thrones since season 3 starts this Sunday – which I’m super pumped about! I definitely needed that relaxation day. Sunday I finished up the season and helped my sister make our usual Sunday meal. Pasta, garlic bread, and chicken.

PicMonkey CollageI’ve been eating a lot of the Morningstar replacement meats. So far I’ve had their chicken patties, veggie bacon, and burgers. I’m so impressed with how these taste like the real thing, except healthier! I can’t tell the difference, they taste that good.

Giving up red meats is pretty simple. Now chicken, that’s a different story. I will eventually be giving that up here shortly and replacing it with soy chicken replacements. The whole meal was 17 points, so thankfully I had a healthy breakfast and used my cheat points for this. Totally worth it! Nate came over later and we kind of hung out until the walking dead started.

Tomorrow at lunch I’ll be writing my ChaLean Extreme Month 2 review post. I can’t wait to share my results! This week I am starting the last phase, Lean. I’m excited to switch up my workouts. I have a lot of other posts I need to get started as well, so hopefully I can get those wrote up before March ends! Just in time for Easter!

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – CLX Lean Circuit 1

Wednesday – P90X Cardio + TurboFire Abs 10

Thursday – CLX Lean Circuit 2

Friday – BBL Cardio Axe + RevAbs Fat Burning Abs

Saturday –CLX Lean Circuit 3

Sunday – Rest Day

I’m also going to be posting some helpful tips to stay healthy this Easter! Have any you’d like to share? Comment here or message me!

xo Brittny

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 3 & Results


Yesterday was my last day of the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse – hallelujah! While it was just a short 3 days, I can’t tell you how happy I am that I can finally eat real food! Would I do this over again? Of course. I love the results I got and how I feel now. Thankfully, it’s not a cleanse to do often, but every 3 months. So I am good for a while!

If you’ve missed my previous posts on day 1 & 2, you can find them below:

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 1

Shakeology Cleanse: Day 2


I woke up feeling refreshed, happy, and clean. Happy because I knew that it was my last day cleansing and it would be the end of testing this out. Refreshed because all of the toxins, fat, water weight, and other junk are finally out of my body. Clean because I am now loaded with a million vitamins & nutrients – my skin is clear, I feel light.. I feel amazing.

My breakfast this morning was the usual –1 cup of green tea and 1 chocolate shake made with water + ice. I literally chugged it because I was starving! I was sooo tempted to reach into my desk drawer full of goodies & treats but went against it. It’s my last day after all, stick it through!  By 11:00, I was even more hungry so I ate my banana.

This held me over until it was time for lunch. Oh lunch, how you were torture today. Every Wednesday, the women at work order out for lunch from our favorite restaurants. Of course today was the day they ordered out at my favorite Italian place – it’s like everyone is out to get me. The ladies were eating pizza, pasta, calzones, strombolis, salads.. you name it, they ate it! So I just kept my head buried into my phone playing a Disney trivia game. This made my lunch break fly by and kept my mind & stomach off of the food around me.

Around 2:00 I was getting super hungry.. but I held off until my last break for the day at 3. Instead, I had another cup of green tea. Then on my break, I had another shake made with water + ice to hold me over until dinner.


I made the same salad as I did the day before – it was so good & filling. Plus sautéed peppers & onions are my favorite combo! I was actually pretty stuffed, which is shocking. My body is now getting used to not eating so much, so hopefully I can stick to lighter portions for my meals now and not eat until I bust. (Yes, I ate my dinner while watching my niece play xbox..)


Time for my workout! I took it easier last night with Yoga Booty Ballet: Cardio Cabaret. This is my all time favorite workout from the YBB workout series. Super short, light, and you get a good sweat. Plus it’s a lot of fun since you’re dancing that you don’t even realize how fast the workout goes by.

I felt really good after my workout. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror because I looked so flat! I went to bed anxious because I couldn’t wait until I saw my results in the morning.


Results: I woke up this morning, immediately ran upstairs and hopped on the scale. I LOST 4.8 POUNDS.  I can not tell you how happy this makes me! I know I could have lost a lot more if I had picked more intense workouts to do, but I wanted to take it easy and I am glad that I did. I already eat really healthy, so losing almost 5 pounds really is so awesome for me.

Thoughts: I’m really happy that I decided to stick this out for the whole 3 days without cheating. Believe me, I wanted to but I didn’t. I feel like I really accomplished something this week. I also gained a great experience & knowledge by doing this so now if someone has a question about it I can say “Oh, I’ve done that.. let me guide you!” And that’s the best part. But like I said, it’s not easy and it will test your will power. Though it was only 3 days, I’m glad it’s over and I can finally get back to eating a more healthy diet.

So this morning for breakfast, I wasn’t having any cravings. Which was weird because you would THINK I’d be dying for some real food now that I’m allowed. So instead, I poured a bowl of Special K Blueberry cereal with some milk. I couldn’t even finish the whole bowl (normally I could eat, and eat, and eat..) so this made me happy. I poured myself some coffee as well and I couldn’t even drink it. It didn’t taste good to me! This cleanse really did some wonders for me. I’m not feeling tired, I’m full of energy, and I didn’t even need the caffeine!


Tonight after work, Maddie & myself are heading to Chiptole to get some dinner and to discuss our BeachBody Business. So it’s a fun little business meeting and no worries, I’ll be getting a salad from there! I haven’t decided what I’m eating for lunch yet, I might go to Subway and grab a 6″ sub instead of the normal 12″ I get. I’m feeling so great about this!

Some of you had a lot of questions about this cleanse so I chose 5 to answer..

1.)    Would you do this cleanse again?

A.)   Absolutely. I might not do it every 3 months, but I would definitely do it again – especially after the holidays!

2.)    Were you ever tempted to cheat on the diet?

A.)   Of course! I am human and we have temptations.. but the feeling of knowing I pushed past it and actually stuck it out was rewarding in itself. It definitely tests your will power!

3.)    Did you feel tired or not have enough energy?

A.)   Surprisingly I was not tired. I felt groggy in the mornings, only because I am used to having a cup of coffee at work. But after day 1, days 2 & 3 were a breeze and I didn’t feel tired at all! I had enough energy from the shake to workout and still do things at home after work.

4.)    Do you feel cleaner & healthier?

A.)   I can’t remember the last time I felt this clean & good inside. I feel refreshed and my stomach feels so flat. My skin is clear and I’m glowing.. the ladies at work even noticed!

5.)    Would you recommend this to your customers/friends/family?

A.)   Totally. I already brag about Shakeology and how everyone NEEDS to start drinking it, but this cleanse just did wonders for me. I would highly suggest everyone giving this a try to jump start their weight loss journey – or just to clean our your body for your health. It’s great because anyone can do this at any age!

If you are interested in more information, please email me at or leave a comment below. I’d be more than happy to assist anyone with any questions they might have!

If you would like to order Shakeology from me, simply go to or message me for more details!

xo Brittny

Bye Bye Flu, Hello Cleanse!

Happy Monday! For once, it is a happy Monday!

I’ve been slacking on here very bad.. but that’s only because I’ve had the flu for the past week and I woke up this morning finally feeling 100% better. Now I think my whole department caught the flu from me lol whoops! (Give us sick days and we won’t come to work sick..)

photo(1)I finally have some color back to my skin and my hair doesn’t look so dead!

So for the next 3 days, you will be finally getting updates on the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse. Me and my best friend decided to do this together since we got our brand new bags of Chocolate Shakeology. I’ll be posting pictures, how I’m feeling, and the results I get after I’ve completed it. I’m really excited to see what my results are because people have lost up to 10 pounds doing it. I’m currently on Day 1, so I’ll be posting about it tomorrow morning and so on.

Anyways, my weekend was pretty awesome (considering I had the flu) thanks to my awesome boyfriend. He came over on Friday after work and we ordered pizza and watched a couple movies. If you haven’t watched Pitch Perfect yet, you must order it soon! It’s so hilarious and has quickly become one of my favorite movies.

Saturday I slept in until noon (I know, lazy bum..) and then we went out for some lunch. We went to my favorite Chinese restaurant Gourmet Buffet and I finally tried Sushi for my first time! I am still iffy about it.. I might have to try some without the seaweed. I wasn’t a fan of that taste in my mouth. Then we did a little shopping at Target where he got me some gifts 🙂 but of course, my flu kicked me in the butt and we left early and laid in bed and watched more movies.

Sunday, Madeline and myself finally exchanged our Christmas gifts – yes, we are running a little behind.. But I loved every single thing she got me! She seriously is the best gift giver ever.

photo(3)She got me Urban Decay – Purple Haze eye shadow because I absolutely love purple eyeshadow now. I also got a sleep mask, a Victoria Secret Houston Astros hat, Sports bras, hair products, and a few Avengers items. I love them! Especially the Avengers pen with matching memo pad. I’ll definitely use all of these items.

After we exchanged gifts, we went to Martin’s and got our groceries that we needed to start for the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse. It’s so nice having someone to do this with and then we can help motivate each other during the day to stick with it. So definitely stay tuned for that! Also, if you are interested in Shakeology samples or if you would like to try out the cleanse, message me and let me know! Until tomorrow, enjoy your Monday!

xo Brittny

FF: Favorite Memories of 2012

In the spirit of Friday Favorites and my last post regarding New Years coming up, I wanted to share with you my favorite memories of 2012. I’m so thankful for the amazing times I’ve got to share with my friends and family and for everyone who stuck by my side this year. I honestly would not change a thing about my life or anything that has happened to me this year.

I hope & pray that I get to have great memories again for 2013 with those same people and new people as well! Enjoy!



My absolute favorite memory was getting to meet Chris Hemsworth at the Philadelphia Comicon Convention.



Meeting Norman Reedus for the second time at the Ohio Comicon Convention. Such an amazing guy!





Me, my best friend, and her sister getting stuck in a rain storm while standing outside for the Gavin Degraw, Colbie Caillat, and Andy Grammer concert in Pittsburgh!



Traveling to Harrisburg with my best friend to spend St. Patty’s Day together with my other best friends. Such a fun weekend! I love you all…




Taking a train ride from Harrisburg to Maryland with my group of friends for some shopping by the bay and to watch the Orioles baseball game!



Going to the Dierks Bentley concert at IUP with one of my best friends..



Of course, the infamous 30 Pack Day.. lots of drinking, eating, and game winning!


Turning 23 and sharing it with my best girl friends..



Traveling to Syracuse, New York for some shopping at the huge mall and to see Daniel Tosh stand up for my best friend’s birthday! So amazingly funny and such a great trip.



Dressing up like Wayne’s World with my best friend for the 80s Prom Party.. we were such a huge hit!


Putting my Call of Duty skills to the test when I went paintballing for my first time.. such a rush!



And then going again for one of my best friend’s birthdays..


Ohio Comicon Convention.. these things are too addicting.



Heading to Pittsburgh for the Luke Bryan & Jason Aldean concert with my huge group of friends.. one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to!


Falling in love…



Going ice skating.. but, I never said I was amazing at it.



Going wine tasting in  Hershey, PA with my girls for the very first time.



My best friend Katie giving birth to this gorgeous baby, Sophia..




Getting lost while going for a hike and then ended up having such a good time together..


Going on a hay ride, corn maize, and pumpkin patch with my best friend and boyfriend!


My boyfriend taking me to Kennywood for my birthday.


Becoming a BeachBody Coach and helping to change the lives of others.

I am just so blessed to have the life that I do and get to spend it with some of the greatest people on this planet. I can’t wait to make even more memories with you guys next year!

xo Brittny

Weekend Recap + Early Christmas For Me

Good morning!

Gosh, I can not believe it is Monday already. This weekend went by way too quickly! But, it was one of the best weekends I’ve had in such a long time.


I had some free time at work, so I thought I would add a blog post quickly before my day gets too crazy. I’m enjoying a Shakeo while I type this.. see below for how I made it!


Thursday, me and my 3 best friends went to Hooters to get some food and beer since we’ve all had such a stressful week. It’s nice to unwind with your friends.


I have a thing for pickles.. but I have a bigger thing for fried pickles. If you have never tried these little guys before, you simply must. And that sauce? Ah-maz-ing.


I also have a thing for wings haha and I happen to love Hooters wings. A lot of people don’t like them, but I do. I always get them in the hot sauce and then dip them in ranch dressing. Not the healthiest meal in the world, but like I’ve said before, sometimes you need to reward yourself. Just not all the time!


Friday, another friend of mine and myself did a little Christmas shopping together. I finally got my sister finished for Christmas. I love giving gifts out! Then we got some dinner and met up with another friend of ours to see The Hobbit. Now, if you like Lord of the Rings you will absolutely love this movie. It was soooo good! The graphics and effects are phenomenal. I won’t say anything more about what happened, just that you need to go see this NOW!


When I got home from the movie, I saw another BeachBody package at the door. I got my Coach hoody! On the back it says I love Turbo Fire, the sleeve it says Coach, and then on the front it says Turbo Fire. I love it.


I also ordered the Turbo Fire tumbler cup. It’s a great promotion item and so nice to have for work since I’m so clumsy. If you haven’t noticed yet, I love Turbo Fire!  You can find more awesome clothing and accessories at or ask me! 🙂


Saturday morning I woke up early, got a quick workout in, and then made this yummy breakfast!


  1. 2 Hard Boiled Eggs
  2. Fat Free Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
  3. 2 Low Calories Whole Wheat English Muffins
  4. Olive Oil or Butter
  5. Salt & Pepper

You can do this multiple ways, but the easiest and quickest way to do it is to cut your English muffins in half, stick them in the toaster, and then add a little butter. Then, cut your hard boiled eggs in half and spread them out over your English muffins. Take a little bit of the mozzarella cheese and sprinkle it over your eggs. Add some salt and pepper and you’re done! Lots of protein and fiber and low on the calories. Plus very filling!


In the evening, I got ready and went to my nephew’s 18th birthday party. Yes, he turned 18! I feel so old! He had such a great party. They made up a scavenger hunt for all the kids where they had to drive around to different stores and find these items, take a picture with them, and then move on to the next. Whoever won, got some money. It was hilarious hearing all their stories of everyone trying to win. I’m glad he had a great night.


After the party, my boyfriend took me to the Olive Garden as a little Christmas dinner for just us two. We both ordered the Tour di Mare and some red wine. This dinner was so beautiful and tasted so great.


I also got to open up my early Christmas presents, He got me the iPhone 5! Which is awesome for me because I didn’t have to use my upgrade and I get to keep my unlimited data plan! Boom, Verizon! He also got me Nick Fury to add to my little Avengers collection. Now I just need the Hulk, which is impossible to find! He also got me a little silver stocking with my favorite Christmas movies in it. So then we laid in bed for the rest of the night and watched them. I love the classic Christmas cartoons like Rudolf. So I was beyond happy with my gifts from him.

Sunday we kind of relaxed and hung out all day. Watched the Steelers lose to the Cowboys.. not happy! Hopefully we can win the next two games so we make it to the playoffs.


Which leads me to this morning. I was craving something a little fruity this morning so I made a Tropical Strawberry Shakeo. This definitely fixed my craving.. so good. I simply took a handful of ice, 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk, 1 packet of the tropical strawberry powder, 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 banana, and mixed it all together in a blender. It tastes like the Orange Julius smoothies. I think for my next bag, I’m going to be ordering the tropical strawberry.

Back to work I go for the day. Later on tonight, I’m going to see a Christmas play at my family’s church. I’ll be posting about that later on this week and a great recipe to go with it!

Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun weekend as well!

xo Brittny


P.S., I forgot to mention that Turbo Fire is now on sale for $79.90! If you have always wanted to try this great workout, now is your time to do it! This was the very first workout program from BeachBody that I’ve tried and fell in love ever since. I saw great results and could feel myself getting more and more in shape than ever. It comes with 12 scorching workouts, a nutrition guide, and much more. To order, please go to and click on my Turbo Fire banner in the right lower hand corner. To wait, for this product will sell out quickly and it’s only on sale for a limited time!