You’re a…BeachBody Coach?

March 2014 Update: I am currently taking a break from coaching and focusing on me and my goals. I may or may not get back into BeachBody coaching, I will be posting more about this in the future. While I loved my team and being a coach, I was straying away from my goals. I love health and fitness and will continue helping others. I was beginning to feel that fitness was a job and not a hobby anymore. Thank you for everyone who has supported my decision.

I can’t tell you how many times people ask me “what is a BeachBody coach?” and I get so excited and ramble on about what it means to be a coach. This past week 2 new girls came to me saying they were interested in coaching, but they had no idea what a coach was. It hit me, I need to write about this. I need to explain in my point of view what I do. This is also a glimpse into my journey of how, why, and when I started. So let’s begin!


BeachBody is famously known for their fitness programs like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, and Power 90. You see these commercials all the time on tv and see the success stories. But of course, a lot of people just turn the channel because who really orders stuff from tv anymore? At least, that’s how I think. But I do always research things I see on tv that interest me, especially fitness.

Fitness always caught my eye because the majority of my life, I struggled with weight. I never liked my body because kids would always make fun of me for being a curvy girl and not the stick straight athletic girls in my high school. So when I would see girls jumping around on tv, smiling, and being carefree it made me stop and think “I want to feel that.”


A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me her set of Turbo Fire dvds to try out. She knew I was struggling yet again with losing weight and knew I needed something fresh to try. I decided to commit to the 90 day program and see if it actually worked. My first week was embarrassing. I couldn’t land the moves since I haven’t worked out in the longest time. I was getting frustrated with myself because I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist. But, I knew I had to stick with something for once and follow it the whole way through.

After my first week, I finally learned the moves. I could jump in the air, not pretty, but I could do it. I started to feel really good about myself. I wasn’t losing the weight I wanted to, but I was starting to feel good. This was a new feeling for me. Chalene Johnson, the instructor and creator of Turbo Fire, is an amazing teacher. She motivated me and pushed me at the exact moments I felt like giving up. It was like she could watch me from my tv. Long story short, I stuck out the program, lost 10 lbs and actually kept it off. I lost inches all over and could wear my jeans from high school. So I began digging more into what “BeachBody” was.


A month after I completed Turbo Fire, I kept hearing about people trying P90X. Everyone said it was super hard and they couldn’t finish half of the workouts. But I also saw a difference in my friends. They were losing weight. They were more fit. They looked incredible. I’m always up for a challenge, so I made my first purchase. I lost 30 lbs and 11 inches all over in just 90 days. Um, ok.. this was new to me. Sure, I lost weight prior to p90x and turbo fire, but I never kept it off. I always gained it back. Nothing ever truly worked for me. Til this day, I still kept that weight off, even when I went way off track. Obviously, I knew BeachBody was the real deal.

I started liking Facebook pages, joining groups, created a free profile, etc… I became obsessed. Then I won a Shakeology 3 day cleanse pack. What was Shakeology?


I tried the cleanse, lost 5 pounds in 3 days, and became a shakeo addict. Back then, there were only 2 flavors: Regular Chocolate and Greenberry. I was in love. I never tasted anything so good that actually kept me full. I bought my first bag and drank a shake every day. I felt a difference in my body. I wasn’t tired anymore. I had energy. I felt clean and healthy. My skin was glowing and I just felt like an overall happy and positive person. I no longer had to take iron pills because Shakeology has all the vitamins that I need and then some. Down side to Shakeology – I was at a job making only $8.25 an hour and was living paycheck to paycheck.

Shakeology is pricy, no doubt. Well, it only comes down to $4 per shake, which is a whole meal, but in one sitting it’s $120. That’s a lot for someone living paycheck to paycheck to fork out at once. I got upset and felt discouraged mainly because I hated having a job where I couldn’t afford something that changed my life. That’s when my coach, Lauren, found me. She started talking to me about what a coach does. Who they are. Filled me in on everything. When I heard her say “you actually save money being a coach. You make money. You get 25% off of everything, including Shakeology. That’s $30 off!” Alright, you have my interest!


I joined up as a coach in November 2012. November has always been a tough time for me, that’s when my father passed away when I was 16. So that month is always a bit tough for me. So when Lauren contacted me the day my father passed away, I knew it was a sign from him. I knew he wanted me to do this, with Lauren, with her team, and do something meaningful with my life.

Since then, she still inspires me and pushes me. She taught me everything I needed to know about the business. She took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns and really teach me what it meant to be a coach. I love my team – we have amazing girls who I get to keep in touch with daily/weekly. We do calls each week to see where we are at the in business, motivate each other to do more, and push each other to be the best we know we can be. We help each other stay accountable and run challenge groups together helping other people change their life.


So if you love having people motivate you and support you, then coaching is for you. When you sign up, you also sign up an entire family. These girls are not only my teammates, but becoming amazing friends of mine. They’ve changed my for the better. It’s been a year – and I never once regretted my decision on this.

So what do you get when you first sign up? Well, you get a coach and a diamond coach. Lauren is my go-to coach, kind of like a boss. Angie Green is my diamond coach, sort of like the CEO of your company. You get automatic access to our two Facebook group pages – Team Dynamite (which has a ton of coaches to help answer questions, give updates, tips, and much more) and a smaller group, Team Pinnacle. Team Pinnacle is Lauren’s group that she started. We do weekly homework assignments, do weekly conference calls where we call in for 20 minutes once a week and talk about what we did for that week, our goals, dreams, and what we can do as a team. We plan out new challenge groups, review personal development, and lift each other up when we slack off. It’s a great support system.

Here are the main things you also get:

  • 25% off programs, supplements, and apparel
  • 25% commission on everything you sell
  • automatic access to the people behind BeachBody & celebrity trainers


To start out, you pay a $40 sign up fee. This covers your first month and the start up kit that gets automatically mailed out to you. This covers the basics on everything you need to know to coach. After your first month, it’s just $16 a month. In order to remain an “active” coach, you must have 50 point values per month. So if you are on Shakeology HD, you don’t need to worry about going inactive because Shakeology will cover that. This is something I will go into more detail about with people who sign me up as their coach. If you go inactive, it’s really not a big deal. So do not stress yourself out about maintaining this.

The more people you get to coach with you, the higher you rank up. A lot of people have turned this into a full time job. They make 6 figures just coaching. Sounds like a pretty good goal, wouldn’t you agree? Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. What you get out of coaching is what you put into it. If you just want to coach for the discount, that’s great. You would be crazy not to sign up and save yourself the money. Do you want to make a second income and go on fancy trips and have the money to afford it? Then, you would do more with the business. Post more. Connect with people more. This is YOUR business – you do whatever you want! You get to be your own boss.

Enough with the specifics, here is what I do:

  • connect with people
  • help people lose weight and give them healthy tips to feel better
  • run challenge groups to hold people accountable
  • push and motivate people to make healthier decisions
  • hold myself accountable – being a coach means people are watching me, which means I need to be a product of the product
  • help change lives while changing mine

Since I became a coach, a lot of people have noticed a difference in me. I don’t go out to the bars anymore and party. I’m not miserable or angry. I have energy to do things now and enjoy being around people. I’m happy and more positive and great things have started happening in my life… and it’s just the beginning! What’s the best thing that has happened since I began coaching? I went on a hugeeee trip last June where I struggled with money. We were leaving Friday for Philly – a 3 day vacation. Hm, I checked my bank account the Monday before we left and didn’t like what I saw in my account.

I started panicking and thinking “oh my god, I booked this trip and I can’t even afford to go. I can’t afford to buy anything. I can’t afford meals… what am I going to do?” Thursday came around (which is BeachBody pay day) and I checked my account again. I had a huge deposit made into my account and couldn’t figure out where it came from. I checked my online office on Team BeachBody and saw I made a few sales. I now had enough money to have a great trip and not have to worry about money. Do you know how good that feels? I was starting to make money without even trying. I was making new friends from people I’ve helped without even going out to the bar. My life was finally going into the direction I wanted and dreamed it would go.

Things to come:

I’m going to interview a few other coaches and get their input and view on what coaching means to them. I’m also going to interview people who have completed BeachBody programs and their results. I’m also going to talk to my coaches and get their feedback. I will add the links here once I get the articles wrote up.

If you’re interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact me! Email me, comment below, text me, Facebook me… whatever you need to do. If you’re interested in becoming a coach, simply go to… – click sign me up as a coach. When I’m your coach, you get a full support system and amazing people to help you along with your journey while we are making ours. Don’t put off this amazing opportunity anymore.

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

– Brittny

Weekend Recap + Getting Back on Track

Where did this whole month go? I can’t October is almost over. I still haven’t accomplished everything on my Halloween Bucket list yet, but I’m marking them off slowly! These include:

  • Haunted House
  • Carving Pumpkins
  • Hayride
  • Halloween Movie Marathon
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Halloween Treats
  • Play a Full Game of Clue

Weird list, but that’s what I plan on accomplishing my October 31st! It’s nice making lists and crossing things off. It keeps me on track, organized, and at peace. If I don’t write things down, I never get them done. I find myself writing down everything lately: ideas, goals, notes, tips, lists, grocery lists, blog topics, etc… I thought I was going into an OCD overload until I found out that this IS what you should be doing if you’re looking to stay on track.

Tonight, my BeachBody Coach team had an amazing call with our Diamond coach, Angie Green. It’s nice having these weekly calls with the girls where we can all get together and talk about what we did that week, go over our homework, our goals, and just catch up. Tonight was amazing though, because Angie gave us a 20 minute talk about how she became a coach and what we need to be doing daily in order to become better and on track. I’m going to do a whole new post summing it up and finally going over what a BeachBody coach is and does.


I saw this today as well when I was browsing Facebook. I asked myself this same question. When it comes to fitness or just life in general, do you make excuses or are you the one making progress? I was making excuses for the longest time and finally made myself a priority. I kept letting everyone else come first. When people would ask to hangout after work, instead of saying “no” and going home and doing my workouts, I went out to eat. I was only hurting myself. So stop making excuses and start making the progress you set out to make! So that is just a small preview of what I’m going to write about next. I’m going to go more into detail about getting back on track. This will include making lists, grocery lists, goal setting, and much more.

Now time for the weekend recap and my weekly workout schedule!


After work, I came home and did my workout. I made a quick dinner, which consisted of a chicken wrap before I got ready to go out.


Nate worked until late, so we decided to catch a late movie. We watched the new Carrie movie that just came out. I honestly wasn’t that impressed with the movie, considering it’s a Halloween movie, I thought it would be more scary. The acting and everything was good by each character, I just wanted to see more of her using powers and going insane haha… tis the season!

After the movie, we went to Denny’s for a quick bite to eat and some coffee. It was nice just sitting and talking to each other after a long week. This is why I love having my boyfriend as my best friend.


I got up early to do a workout before making breakfast. I made a different breakfast this time and soon found my new favorite egg recipe.


I call this a Greek version to ordinary scrambled eggs.

Greek Eggs with Basil

  • 2 eggs (I use vegetarian fed brown eggs)
  • 3 fresh leaves of Basil, chopped
  • Salt + Pepper
  • 1/4 cup of diced tomatoes (I used Hunts diced tomatoes with garlic, basil, and oregano)
  • 1/4 cup of low fat Feta cheese
  • 1/4 cup of chopped white onion
  1. Simply heat up your frying pan with some non-stick spray. While the pan is heating up, crack 2 eggs into a bowl and mix until blended.
  2. Once the pan is hot, add in your onion and sautee until browned or soft. Next, add in your tomatoes.
  3. Pour the egg mixture on top of the onion and tomatoes, adding in salt and pepper.
  4. Once the egg is completely done on both sides, place onto your plate. Add your chopped basil on top with your feta cheese.
  5. ENJOY!

After breakfast, I cleaned up the house with  my niece since we were planning on having a lot of people come over later that night. We had a big night planned. Everyone met at our house before heading out. We stopped at Sheetz to get some drinks and snacks for our hour long trip.

About 17 of us went to a Haunted House. Well, I wouldn’t say “haunted” as we caught the 2 am show after standing in line for about 3 hours. The actors were beat.

haunted house

The house was huge, it included 27 rooms that we got to go through. It wasn’t scary as the reviews made it out to be, but like I said, we caught the late show and felt everyone was exhausted by the time it was our turn to go.

weekend recap

We obviously weren’t thrilled about standing outside in the cold for 3 hours, but we made the most of it and had such a blast. We didn’t get home until about 3 in the morning, so me and Nate passed out as soon as our heads hit the pillow.


It was a lazy Sunday for me. I played some Xbox before me and Nate went back to his place. We got some pizza and watched the Steelers vs. Ravens game. I was so happy that we won, I absolutely have the Ravens (sorry ravens fans…) so that definitely made my week start out amazing. After the game, we watched the Walking Dead together before he drove me home where I made him watch the little mermaid with me. Yes, I’m a kid at heart.

Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday – Tone It Up HIIT the Beach 2 + P90X Yoga X

Tuesday – P90X Core Synergistics + TIU Booty Workout & Thigh Routine

Wednesday – Kenpo X + TIU Yoga & Stretching

Thursday – Tone It Up Tighten Your Abs Routine + Itty Bitty Bikini + Sleek & Slender Abs

Friday – Cardio X + TIU Frisky Fall Routine

Saturday – Rest Day

Sunday – Rest Day or Yoga


Honestly, if you are struggling to find a good workout, please check out – they have great workouts that are FREE. This will help get you back into working out and actually look forward to doing it. I add this to my BeachBody workouts every night and I can feel a huge difference in my body and strength.

Stay tuned for more posts this upcoming week!

– Brittny


September Promos – Hip Hop Abs + Rockin’ Body!

Happy Friday!

What better way to enter into the weekend than by an amazing sale happening over at Team BeachBody? Generally, each month, BeachBody has promos going on. But this month is a special promo to get you jump started on your fitness/lifestyle change!



Why is this promo so special? Normally with challenge packs you only get 1 workout program with 1 order of Shakeology. But this month, they are including 2 workout programs + Shakeology. You get 2 programs for the price of 1 and save a ton of money.

Personally, I love Shaun T. I think he is a great motivator and a great instructor. He really breaks down every single move to make sure you’re doing it correctly to get the results you always see being advertised. I haven’t tried Rockin’ Body yet, but I do own Hip Hop Abs. If you love dancing and cardio, then you will really enjoy these workouts. Also what I loved about Hip Hop Abs is that you didn’t have to do any floor work. Once I reach the floor, I get tired and I get sore. So I was amazed to see results with standing up.

Read my personal review on Hip Hop Abs here..

What you get:

– 2 workout programs

– 1 order of Shakeology (read about it here) any flavor you want!

– Workout guides

– Schedules to follow

– Nutrition tips

– Meal plans

– Online Support

– Much more…

Bonus: If you order from me, you get automatically entered into a challenge group on Facebook where you could win money and other prizes. Message me for more details!

To order, simply check out my BeachBody page at or just message me for more information. My email is

Please do not miss out on this deal… get started on your journey!

– Brittny

Paleo Diet + Weekly Workout Schedule!

Good morning afternoon!

My day is flying by today… and I am not complaining! Now, if the week could hurry up to this weekend, I would be so thankful! I am in need of a 3 day weekend.

If you haven’t read my post yesterday, today I’ll be posting about the Paleo diet that I began yesterday. It’s something I feel that everyone can try and it’s simple to follow.




What you can eat:

  • Turkey
  • Steak
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Pork
  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Salads

What you can’t eat:

  • Dairy
  • Breads
  • Processed Foods
  • Sugars
  • Grains
  • Beans

This is just to give you a basic idea. For the full list of items, check out this site: Paleo Diet Food List

In my last post, I said that people also call this the “caveman diet,” because you basically eat natural and fresh foods, just like the cavemen did centuries ago. I wouldn’t consider this a “diet” because these are the foods you should be eating to begin with. Eating processed foods are so bad on your body and health. Also, when following this plan, avoid drinking juices that are from concentrate. Try finding juices that say not from concentrate. Drinking juice that is from concentrate defeats the purpose of drinking a healthy drink because they take out the nutrients needed that are healthy. Also, this makes people gain weight in the stomach area and makes it much harder to lose from that area.



Sunday night, my boyfriend came down and we headed to Walmart to get some groceries so that I could start this on Monday (yesterday).

Here are the items that I bought:

  • Eggs
  • Bananas
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Minced Garlic
  • Pine Nuts
  • Almonds
  • Asparagus
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Canned Veggies
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Silk Almond Milk
  • All Natural Dairy Free Dressing
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach
  • Bacon (yes, I can eat bacon and not feel guilty!)
  • Organic salsa
  • Natural Almond Butter

I also bought my niece a Batman backpack since she started high school today. Yes, I am the best aunt in the world! A-hem, anyway… this will be able to last me all week. So here is a typical layout of what I will be eating:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 1 cup of sauteed spinach, and 1/4 cup sauteed mushrooms. Sometimes, I add some salsa on top for extra flavor with pepper. No salt!

Lunch: Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology mixed with 1 tbsp of all natural almond butter, ice, and 1 cup of almond milk.

Dinner: Steak/Chicken Salad, or meat with a side of veggies

Snacks: almonds, pine nuts, lara bars, shakeo, or veggies.

Again, this is the meal plan I am following. You don’t have to follow this exact plan – as there are a ton of meals and options you can choose from. Mix and match!

I’m almost finished with day 2. I can feel a huge difference in my body already. Normally, when I eat meals I feel gassy, bloated, and weighed down. But these past 2 days I feel light and clean. I’m excited to see how the rest of the week plays out!



For my workouts, I will be adding cardio every single day. Once I’ve completed my cardio workout, I’ll be adding weight lifting and toning. Every other day, I will work a certain part of my muscles. It’s important to work your muscles every other day. One day do arms and legs, the next do abs and butt, then repeat…

So since I wanted to add some lifting, I decided to finish out ChaLean Extreme. I completed month 1 and reviewed it, but never wrote up the rest of the program. So I wanted to restart it and give full updates!

I plan to run/walk/hike every day and add in CLX plus my Tone It Up workouts. I like to get a variety so I don’t get bored with working out.



Speaking of hiking, yesterday after work I met my friend Priscilla and we went for an hour hike on the mountain. After our hike, we sat by the falls and ate dinner. I packed a steak salad with some water. It was sooo beautiful and a lot of fun. Plus it’s great when you have a workout buddy and switching up the routine. We decided to try and do this twice a week and get more people to tag along. The more the better!

Weekly Workout Schedule:

Monday – Hiking

Tuesday – CLX Push Circuit 1 + Walk/Jog

Wednesday – CLX Burn Intervals + Tone It Up

Thursday – CLX Push Circuit 2 + Hiking

Friday – CLX + Running

Saturday – CLX + Tone It Up

Sunday – Rest Day

Tomorrow I will be posting about the Liebster Award and hopefully get that started! Also, I’ll be including more of meal plans, challenge group conclusion, and updates!

xo Brittny

Easter Recap + Healthy French Toast!

Happy Tuesday!

This week better not drag like last week. Then again, it is Tuesday already. I have a few fun things coming up: I’m ordering Insanity this week, since it’s on sale. I’m really excited to finally add that workout to my list. I’m going to follow the whole 60 day program and hopefully get the results that I want. A lot of the girls in my new workout group have started it, along with my coach. They love it. So hopefully that is here before Monday so I can get it started. I’ll be giving a weekly update on that along with meal plans and results. Also, this weekend is another comicon convention for me. Not a big one, but still pretty awesome. I’ll be heading to Pittsburgh for the weekend.

My Easter weekend couldn’t have been better. I didn’t have work Friday, which was amazing. Having a 3 day weekend was much needed. I woke up early and got a workout in with my sister. We did some stretching and finished TurboFire Fire 30. We went at our full intensity. My sister almost got sick from working out so hard hahaha.. not funny, but it’s a good feeling. She felt great afterwards and that’s how you should feel after a workout.


Later on in the evening, we got ready and headed down to our church for some dinner and to watch Passion of the Christ. They hooked up a projector and big screen for us all to watch it. We also ate tomato soup and toasted cheese, which I packed wheat bread and made it healthier. After the movie, we came home and watched The Hobbit before we passed out.

Saturday morning I woke up, ate a healthy breakfast, and then did some P90X Kenpo. I was amazed that I finished the whole workout without skipping any moves like I would normally do in the past. Afterwards, I got a shower, got ready, made a Shakeology shake, and then met my friend Gus at the movies to watch G.I. Joe. It was amazing, but I was disappointed that someone died way too soon. I don’t want to add any spoilers here so I will leave it at that. After the movie, my boyfriend finally came in. We went out for dinner and got some Chinese food. Thankfully the Weight Watchers website (which is going really well) has a “cheat sheet” for eating out. I loaded up my tray with the foods I always eat and calculate my points up so I know how much I can eat. After dinner, we hung out for rest of the night and then passed out since we had to get up early in the morning.


I woke up super early on Sunday because I was too excited. Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, plus it’s another reason to spend time with the family. I made my sister and boyfriend’s basket up – but no worries, they got healthy foods. I also got some Easter baskets, 4 to be exact. I gave the candy and junk food away and kept the healthier snacks. After we exchanged gifts, we all got ready for church. Once church was over, we changed yet again and headed over to my aunt’s house for our annual Easter dinner tradition.

Yes, I might have splurged a little. But, I ate healthy all week preparing for this exact moment. Like I’ve said, it’s important to have a cheat day. Just don’t make it a daily habit! There was soooo much food, it was hard restraining myself. But I did and I was proud of myself. After everyone ate and finally settled in, we started playing the Wii together. My arm is pretty sore from it still, unfortunately. It’s always nice spending time with the family and seeing everyone. I’m still so thankful and happy to have such a huge family to do things with. Plus it helps that they’re super fun to hangout with.

We got home pretty late, but just in time for the season finale of The Walking Dead. I’m pretty upset it’s over and I am not looking forward to waiting until October to watch it again. But thankfully, one of my other favorite shows started back up for season 3 of Game of Thrones. So that should hold me over in the meantime. Monday was a lame day, it is Monday after all. But I did get to go to Hoss’s on my lunch break with the girls in my office. Krista had a birthday and no worries, I only had a cup of soup and a small salad. I usually can’t resist their food. Now on to a healthy breakfast recipe…

photo(13)For all of you breakfast lovers out there, I found a great healthy recipe! A healthier spin on the typical fattening french toast.

  • 4 pieces of a low calorie wheat break (I used Nickle’s bread – only 35 calories a piece or 4 weight watchers points for all 4 slices)
  • 3 egg whites (only 1 weight watchers point)
  • Cinnamon
  • Syrup
  • Spray butter (0 calories)
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • 1/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk (2 weight watchers points)

Pretty simple and super healthy. To finish off my night tonight, I’ll be getting my workout on! I just did a shot of my E&E (energy and endurance supplment) from BeachBody and I feel super energized! For this all you need is 4 oz of water and a scoop of the powder, shake it up, and drink it 30 minutes before your workout to get energy. I am beyond ready to get my workout on! It tastes like lemonade, so happy I decided to order it! Plus it’s super cheap. If you are interested in order this, just head on over to my page at or message me for more info!


Weekly Workout Schedule

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – CLX Lean Circuit 1 + TurboFire Fire 30

Wednesday – P90X Kenpo

Thursday – CLX Lean Circuit 2 + TurboFire HIIT 20

Friday – Brazil Butt Lift Bom Bom + TurboFire Abs 10

Saturday – P90X Yoga x

Sunday – Rest Day

I hope everyone had a great Easter!

xo Brittny

P.S., I just updated my new Facebook cover page to reflect bikinis and summer! Have you had the chance to like my page to get daily tips and recipes? Head on over there now!


Weekend Recap + ChaLean Extreme Month 1 Review

Is it me or do the weekends go by way too fast? Not just the weekends anymore, but months even fly by. I can’t believe I just completed my ChaLean Extreme month 1 already. I have 2 more months to go – and I am so happy with my results so far!

First, let me dip into what month 1 consists of. The first month of this workout program is called the Burn Phase. Which basically means you are burning fat and gaining a nice muscle base. For myself, I had 0 muscle. My whole family would make fun of me because I even struggled with carrying heavy grocery bags into the house. Yes, grocery bags. I was never a girl to lift weights because I was always told “when you lift weights, you get big.” Well, hello! I am a girl – I don’t want to gain a ton of muscle! But Chalene Johnson helps you understand this process more. MUSCLE BURNS FAT! It’s a giant myth that women get huge when lifting heavy weights. Why is this a myth and why do guys get big then? Because men have testosterone, much more than women. So when they lift, they get big and lean. When women lift, you get lean and small. Make sense? It took me a while too to catch on, but now it all makes sense to me.

chalean-extreme-workout-dvd-program-burn-fat-boost-metabolism-lean_16907_500Let’s break down the workouts that you’ll be doing with the Burn Phase:

Burn Circuit 1 – This is the first workout you will be doing. It’s an intense, but easier workout in the phase that breaks down techniques while getting a great burn. For this workout, if you don’t have a variety of different sized weights to use, then you can use the resistance band that is provided. This workout is only 35 minutes – but it’s an intense one. I promise, you will be dripping in sweat by the time you finish. There’s a modifier to follow as well in case you don’t have a muscle base (ahem, like me). You learn to lift heavier weights and do fewer reps. Sounds easy, but your arms will be shaking!

Burn Circuit 2 – You get a little bit more intense with this workout. You get into more lower body lifting as well, which is nice for people who really want to tone up their booty. You’ll also be targeting certain muscle groups – such as the triceps more than you did in the first circuit.

Burn Circuit 3 – Again, this gets a bit more intense than the first two – but still doable since you don’t add any cardio. All you do is weight training here. You might not get out of breath, but your body will be burning. Chalene also says that with weight training, you tend to burn higher calories throughout the day. Get it? Burn circuit = burning more calories.

Personal suggestion: When doing the burn circuit workouts, I suggest adding a cardio workout before or after. The workouts are super short, about 35 minutes each, If you have a lot of fat to burn off, up your cardio workout. Something that I learned & wish I would have done when following this calendar. Try doing some TurboFire HIIT classes.

Also, when doing the burn circuits, never do them back to back. What do I mean by this? Let’s say Monday you do Burn Circuit 1, on Tuesday you don’t want to do Burn Circuit 2. It’s important to space these workouts out so you give your muscles a break. You don’t want to overdo them and it’s important to always work your muscles every other day. By doing them every day, you take a risk of inflammation, straining muscles, soreness, etc…


The circuit reps only go up to 12 reps – doesn’t seem like a lot but this is the perfect amount of reps, especially if you want that “lean” body. Also, this workout has a worksheet for each phase. It’s a great way to keep track of the weights you’re using and the reps you could do. Obviously, I couldn’t do all 12 reps when I started out, but by my third week, I could do them all! This is also a great tool for you to see what you have done in the past and to up the weight. Go heavy or go home!

Burn Intervals – Talk about a killer workout! You use light weights in this workout. Example like 5 lbs. You do as many reps as you possibly can within the time limit – and believe me, you will be burning! Since this is an interval workout, you will lift for about 1 minute, cardio for 1 minute, then back to lifting weights etc… This method helps to burn calories throughout the day. Sounds easy, right? Because after an intense cardio workout you can relax and catch your breath. Yes and no. Chalene makes this a tough workout and you push yourself to your limit. Her method of training is to FAIL. No, not in the bad way. You push yourself until you literally can’t do another rep. That’s when you fail and that’s when you know you gave it your best!

Recharge – This is a nice stretch class to help you “recharge” after a week of intense workouts. I did this on Saturday mornings – you don’t have to, but I like to keep it light on the weekends since I don’t have a lot of time. It’s important to stretch out your muscles and give them a break since you worked them so hard – this also helps your flexibility and endurance.

Burn It Off – This is a high intensity workout. You will definitely be scorching away calories once you finish this! You still use some weights in this but not a whole lot. I always did this after finishing Burn Circuit 1.

Ab Burner – If you did the TurboFire Abs 10, this isn’t the same. This is a lot harder than the Abs 10. I could barely finish this workout and it took me two weeks to finally finish. Your abs will be sore after this!

photo(38)The weights I use are the Pro-Form Fusion Space Saver 25. I keep these right beside my entertainment stand – they don’t take up a lot of room and they’re great when doing this workout. This is the perfect set of weights for someone starting out in weight training. You simply select how heavy you want to go by slighting the knob in the middle of each weight. These aren’t the same weights Chalene uses in the video, but these are perfect for me. I could barely lift 5 and now I’m up to 20 lbs – just after 1 month. Imagine the results I’m going to get after I finish the next phase? This can be you!


My typical workout schedule:

Monday – Burn Circuit 1

Tuesday – Burn It Off+Ab Burner

Wednesday – Burn Circuit 2

Thursday – Burn Intervals + Ab Burner

Friday – Burn Circuit 3

Saturday – Rest Day or Recharge

Sunday – Rest Day

How would I have changed this? I would have added cardio on the days I did the burn circuits – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

photo(17)My Results:

I’ve lost 1 1/2″ from each arm, 1″ from both thighs, 1/2″ from my chest, 1″ from my waist, 1″ from my hips, and about 5 lbs so far.

How could I have got better results?

By adding cardio on the days I was doing burn circuits, eating lean protein, upping my vegetable intake, and cutting back on the carbs. I’ve learned a great lesson in weight training that I wish I had known from the beginning. When you lift, your body is burning through carbs first before burning fat. So, if you filled up on carbs all day, your body will burn that first. So by the time you finish your workout, you just burn the carbs and don’t even touch the fat.

Eat lean protein, lots of vegetables, avoid breads & pasta, and stay away from sugar. It’s really important to fill up on protein to also help replenish your muscles. Lesson learned! But I love the results I got, I feel so much stronger – I mean, I’m lifting 20 lbs now! I feel tighter all over and lighter. I started the Push Phase tonight and oh man, it’s going to be killer! AND I LOVE IT!

Thoughts So Far: I love the workout, I love the energy, and I love that Chalene actually teaches you what you’re doing and how to get better results. I actually look forward to doing this workout and I don’t get bored with it.  It switches up a lot and like I said, the first month flew by and now I’m on a complete different set of workouts. YOU WILL NOT GET BORED WITH THIS WORKOUT.

Bring on Phase 2!

Weekend Recap

I won’t get into too much details about this weekend, but I wanted to just give a small update. Friday I didn’t do much of anything, as usual, since I am so tired by the time I get home from work. Did my last burn circuit workout and then watched movies for the rest of the night. I know, I’m lame!

photo(35)Saturday morning I woke up to a few packages at my door. I ordered the new red TurboFire jacket from – I love it. Plus it matches the new workout pants I just got from Nike.

photo(18)After I ripped open my packages like a little kid on Christmas, I dragged my adult butt up to the kitchen and made some breakfast. I added some olive oil to a pan, sauteed 2 handfuls of spinach, and then added 1 whole egg with 3 egg whites. I stirred this all around until it was fully cooked. Then, I added some pepper (no salt) and salsa on top. For some extra calories, I added 1 piece of the Nickle’s wheat bread (only 35 calories a slice). It was amazing and only 176 calories. It paired nicely with some coffee.

photo(34)After breakfast, I did the Recharge workout and then showered. I caught up on some Glee and then got ready to meet my friends for lunch. I met up with my friends Roman and Shana along with her two friends Misty, and McKayla (spelling). We met at the Knickerbocker where I got the Pittsburgh Specialty sandwich. I know I know, but it was so good! Plus it was my one meal for the weekend to splurge on. Totally worth it.

After lunch, we went out for a few drinks for the night. This was the first time I’ve been out in such a long time. By 1:00 I was ready for bed, which is what I did. Sunday, nothing too exciting. I went to my mom’s for lunch with my whole family. Afterwards I came home, played some Xbox, and then went to church. After church, my sister and I went to Walmart and I did some serious grocery shopping. I read the nutrition book that comes with ChaLean Extreme and got a few ideas on what to get. I can’t wait to try out some new recipes! Then to bed I went.

photo(36)This was my lunch for today at work. It was… too amazing. I simply used the Flatout Rosemary & Olive Oil flat bread, Oscar Myer’s BBQ seasoned deli chicken slices, organic romaine lettuce, fat free Greek feta cheese, miracle whip, and that’s it. So filling and so yummy. Easy to make!

photo(37)Dinner tonight was a small Greek salad with a 6 oz steak. I was craving steak and this hit the spot. Plus it gave me the energy I needed to power through my workout tonight. Since I am now finished with this post, I am going to watch The Carrie Diaries before I go to sleep. Sweet dreams!

xo Brittny

Have questions about ChaLean Extreme? Comment here or send me an email!

Looking to purchase this workout? Simply go to and don’t forget to sign me up to be your FREE coach at 🙂

Finding Your Soulmate Workout!

Happy Friday!

When you think of the month of February, you automatically think about Valentine’s Day. This can lead you to thinking about love. This month – I love it. This month has brought me so far in my life to so many good things. A new job, a new fitness group, my personal life is great, and my BeachBody business is booming BLOOMING.

But do you know what else happened to me? I found my soul-mate. She is there for me whenever I need a stress reliever, she is there reminding me to be a better person every day, and she is there when I want to do something fun and crazy. Let me think, you’re super confused right? Why am I saying SHE is my soul-mate when I have a boyfriend? Because I’m not talking about THAT kind of soul-mate, but a different kind. I’m talking about finding your soul-mate WORKOUT.

“Today I’m going to play cupid and help you fall head over heels in love with a workout perfectly suited for you.”


What am I talking about? Simple. Do you write down a workout schedule for you to follow weekly and when that day comes up you read over your list and think “oh my gosh, I don’t even want to do this today.” But you do it anyways because you have to. Not because you want to. Are you starting to relate to me now? For years and years I have tried almost every single workout under the sun. From ballet to zumba, I have tried it all. Sure, for the first few weeks I don’t mind doing these workouts, but after a while you just hate it. If you found your soul-mate workout and you’re feeling like this, then you didn’t find your workout.

When you look at the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you should be filled with joy, love, and excited every time you and that person make plans to see each other. That’s because this is the person you want to spend the most amount of your time with. Shouldn’t you feel that way with your workout? In Chalene Johnson’s book Push, she teaches you how to find that workout that makes you happy when you push play. Here are some great points she mentioned on how you’ll know when you found that:

  • Your soul-mate workout makes you feel you can do anything.
  • Your soul-mate workout challenges you never to be complacent.
  • Your soul-mate workout makes you feel alive, sexy, and young.
  • Your soul-mate workout feels like a treat, even when it’s brutal.
  • When you’re doing your soul-mate workout, you are surprised by how fast time passes.
  • Your soul-mate workout clears your mind and calms your emotions.
  • You can’t help but endlessly talk about your soul-mate workout.
  • Your soul-mate workout awakens your spirit.
  • Your soul-mate workout gives you energy, creativity, and drive.
  • You look forward to your next workout.

Your soul-mate workout is there, waiting for you to find it.


You’re probably sitting there thinking “there is no way anyone looks forward to working out” or “how am I supposed to feel sexy when I’m sweating like a pig?” Well, the answer is simple. You haven’t found that workout that makes you feel good!  You’re probably also thinking “what are the benefits of finding this alleged soul-mate workout compared to still working out?” I’m glad you asked!

Think about this for a second: you’re going for a run. You’re tired. You’re miserable. You keep staring at your phone or watch every single minute. The time isn’t going fast enough for you, so you become even angrier. Well, isn’t working out supposed to relieve you of that anger? Isn’t it supposed to help you relax and enjoy that time you have to yourself? When you’re this miserable, you’re not pushing as hard as you should be. Therefore, you’re wasting your time even attempting to workout.

When that hour finally ends and you’re done with your “workout,” do you feel even more energized than when you started? Or do you frantically take off your sneakers, shower, and lay in bed for the rest of the night? If your answer was the second one, then something needs to change!


Remember that line from Legally Blonde when Elle said “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” Well, she was totally right. If you are exercising daily and you’re not happy at the end or beginning of it, then it’s time to switch it up!

So how do you find your soul-mate workout?

I made a list of the things I like in a workout and the things I dislike, the same way you do with your past relationships.  Ever since I was a little girl, my mom had me dancing. I took ballet, tap dance, jazz, cheerleading gymnastics – you name it, I did it. I stuck with those things because they made me happy and I loved going to my classes and recitals each week. Once I grew up, I started taking Tae Bo classes. Now this workout was my absolute favorite! These classes were so full of energy and I loved how I could make it a routine. Since I’ve been so used to dancing, routines and steps are what I’m good at. This class introduced me to a high intense workout that gave me this option.


So if I know that is what made/makes me happy, wouldn’t I find something similar in a workout? Well I did. My soul-mate workout is TurboFire. This workout is a mix of cardio, dancing, and strength training. The songs are upbeat and just makes you want to dance. No matter what new workout program I get, I always come back to TurboFire. ChaLean Extreme would be my second soul-mate (the current workout I am doing).

In order to find yours, all you have to do is write down a list of things you love in your workouts. Now, write down the things you don’t like. Do you like a lot of cardio, dancing, and high intensity? TurboFire is for you! Do you like weight training, cardio, and karate? P90X is for you!  Are you a new mother and can’t balance all the crazy things happening in your life? 10 minute trainer is up your alley! There is a fitness program for everybody. Want to hear the good news? I’m a BeachBody Coach. This means I can help you find your soul-mate workout for FREE! Let me guide you in finding your true love. Do not put this off any longer! You have the secret formula to finding that workout that suits your life, now use it!

make me your coach

Add me as your free coach @ – you will not regret this. Have you found your true love? Comment here and tell me what your favorite workout is!

Be open to finding love!

xo Brittny

P.S., stay tuned – tomorrow I’ll be posting a recap post + an update on ChaLean Extreme & my new workout group!

Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push: Part 2

I am so sorry for slacking on here! My life has been so insanely busy these last 3 weeks. Between getting a new job and advancing my BeachBody Business, I feel as though I am working two jobs. And I love it! My BeachBody Business Bootcamp is going great. My coaches are amazing and provide us with great topics, homework, and conference calls each week. I love learning new things every week from them, it definitely helps motivate me to do more! I can’t wait to write a full review on this.

Also, this weekend I’ll be posting a recap of everything that’s been happening with my life along with my workout challenge group New Year, New You review. Speaking of challenge groups, I’m starting a brand new group! It will be starting Monday, February 11, 2013 and will end on March 31, 2013. More details to follow tomorrow! I also started participating in a 90 day summer squatathon with my coach. So I took my “before” picture and I can’t wait until I see how my booty looks after day 90! It’s intense & each day I can feel myself getting tighter. If you would like to follow along, it’s not too late! Here is the calendar:

february squatathonSave this, print it out, and put it somewhere you’ll see it everyday!

If you have Instagram, simply hashtag #summersquatathon and #f2bf – whoever participates the most could win a prize! For more information on this, check out my coach’s blog @

Okay, so now on to part 2 of my 30 day challenge post. If you missed the first half, here it is. Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push: Day 1


Day 16: What You Need – In life, you learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. My biggest problem is communication. I get nervous when trying to talk to a big group of people and creating that relationship between someone. So now that I know my biggest weakness, I can now work on that becoming a mastered skill. It’s important for you to work on something that is an issue for you. Coaching is helping me branch out and grow more.

Day 17: Small Step Forward – You’ll never achieve your goals without taking that first step. So for me, my first step was ordering Chalean Extreme. It’s time for me to start working out more and focusing on my goals. This workout program will give me that push I need in the right direction.

Day 18 & 19: Conquering a Fear/Push Goal Revised – These two days work together for me. I conquered my fear by realizing that my push goal will be harder to achieve than I imagined. So by going over my push goal, I’m realizing I need to work harder and do more research on how I can achieve this goal.

Day 20: Uncomfortable Assignment – Everyone will come across something they don’t want to do. That’s life. No one ever wants to leave their comfort zone, but if you don’t, you’ll never become successful. For me, in my BeachBody Business Bootcamp group, we have to make a video where we discuss what being a BeachBody coach is about and how we are different. Of course this is uncomfortable – I don’t want to do this because I’m quiet, but I have to.


Day 21: Push Goal After Review – Once you review your push goal, think about these things: Is it measurable? Does it align with your priorities? Does it make your other goals possible? Are you moving forward with it every day? If you answered yes to this, then you’re on the right path! If not, then it’s time to review it over and over and think about ways you can make these things happen.

Day 22: Accountability Partner – This lesson is where you learn of that one person in your life that helps to push you like no other. Someone who will remind you every day of why you started this in the first place. My best friend, Maddie, is my partner. She helps me every day by pushing me to work out and reminds me to not give up and to go even harder.

Day 23: Environment for Success – Think about that one place where you can just sit, relax, clear your mind, and do the things you need to do. For me, it’s in my office at work. When I need a break from my real job, I take some time out of my day and create my BeachBody flyers, work on my challenge group, or simply write in my blog.

Day 24: Time Waster You Will Stop – Everyone has little quirks that are time wasters. It’s time for you to cut back on that and realize all the other things you could be doing. In the mornings at work, I scavenge the kitchen for junk food (even though I’ve already ate breakfast) and then eat it at my desk. Instead, I could be working on filing orders or answering emails. So I need to stop doing this!

Day 25: Your Reward – Today’s lesson was learning how to reward yourself. If you’re working hard on this challenge, you deserve something that reminds you of how hard you pushed. I’m ordering a new TurboFire jacket as my reward and every day I wear it, I’m going to think about how I completed this challenge and it will make me smile.  It will remind me of why I started and to work towards my goals.


Day 26: What You Know is Possible – To answer this simply, anything. Anything you put your mind to is possible. I wanted to meet Chris Hemsworth and you know what? I did it. If you want something bad enough, you can make it happen!

Day 27: Destination Fixation to Quit – I fixate on playing games from Xbox to my iPhone, I love games. I never realized how much time I was wasting doing these when I could be doing so much more. I stopped playing Bingo Bash when I knew I had flyers to make up for potential coaches. Does that mean I’m never going to play again? No, I’m human. Once I complete the tasks I set up for the day, then I will enjoy myself by playing a game. Until then, no way!

Day 28: Something You’re NOT Doing Today – I’ve been having a stressful week. When this happens, I turn to TV shows. I had all intentions of going home after work and having an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia marathon. But what good does that to me? Does it make me feel better? Does it relieve my stress? No. Instead, I’ll be doing an intense workout to get my frustration out of my body. And it worked!

Day 29: Taking Action – I reviewed my push goal and realized I need to start taking action in order to achieve it. I normally order the regular chocolate Shakeology but I decided to go with the Vegan Tropical Strawberry. This will boost my diet, get me back on track, and motivate me more to push towards my goal!

Day 30: Celebration – I made it! I never follow through with a lot of things in my life. I go through phases. I am human, as I have said earlier. But I actually finished this challenge! I posted daily in Instagram, I watched all of Chalene’s videos, I filled out the worksheets, and I am now writing a blog post about it. I celebrated by ordering a new TurboFire jacket for my hard work. I learned so much by doing this challenge.


I highly suggest everyone to save the 30 day push topics and try them out for yourself. They helped me so much! Also, I suggest ordering Chalene’s Push book – I am currently reading that daily on my breaks at work. I’m definitely learning great tips & learning how to become more successful. One last thing I suggest doing – downloading the app AwesomeNote. It’s a great app to help you stay organized & focused. Plus it feels great marking off your tasks. I use this app every single day and it helps me manage what I need to do daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

Thoughts: It was a lot of fun. I learned so much and I haven’t been this motivated in so long. I’m so happy I stuck it out and participated daily! You can check out my posts on Instagram… simply follow me! Username is – BrittnyyEllis

Have you completed the 30 day push challenge or are you thinking about trying it? Let me know! And remember, stay tuned for my upcoming posts!

xo Brittny

Dos & Don’ts Of Dining Out

dining out

Before I became a BeachBody Coach, I was constantly going out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just to have a few drinks. You name it, I went out for it. From Italian restaurants to McDonald’s, I could not stop going out to eat. Was I picking healthy foods and drinks when I went out? Negative. I was getting mixed drinks, beer, appetizers, a huge entrée, and sometimes even desert. Want to know the sad part? I was going out more than once a week and even on the weekends. It was no surprise why I gained almost 50 pounds after high school.


I am a woman who loves eating and who loves being with her friends. I’m from an area where there is nothing to do but go shopping and out to eat. So, of course my friends were always going out to eat and I tagged along because I love being with them. This not only cost me money, but pounds too. Yes, pounds. No one ever taught me nutrition or what to order when you go out and I wish I had.

After a lot of research and a lot of experience at a lot of restaurants, I have decided to make a post about the Do’s and Don’ts of Dining Out. I know what you’re probably thinking… “I have to order only salads and water.” Well, you’re wrong. There are so many restaurants now that offer low calorie meals. I’m going to simply show you what to order and what to avoid ordering. I’m going to give you 10 helpful tips to avoid pigging out.


My Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts

1.)    Set a budget. If you only bring $20 with you, you’re not going to be drinking a lot of alcohol, now are you? Drinks alone at a restaurant range from $3 to $13. That’s insane! That’s money you could be using to buy more important things that will last you longer than 20 minutes. Yeah, It might taste good or feel good, but is it honestly worth that much money? No.

2.)    Get your butt into gear. What do I mean by this? DO some researching before you go to the restaurant. Decide what you want to eat and be strict with yourself. You should be reading about their chicken dinners, lean proteins are so important in a diet. If the restaurant has a low calorie meal section, order something from there. They have tasty meals that are super low in calories. T.G.I. Friday’s is a great restaurant who offers this section. Read it!

3.)    Read before you order. Do you want to order a steak but the description says “drenched in our signature buttery garlic sauce.” Sure, it might sound good… but that’s extra fat and calories that you don’t need in order to enjoy that steak. Steak is good alone without the added fats.

4.)    Portion control. Do you ever leave the restaurant feeling so stuffed you literally have to undo your pants? This is wrong! Portion control is key to any diet. Give your body time to digest your food and don’t eat so fast. Smaller portions! Don’t order the whole portion of pasta. Pasta is fattening enough without adding more of it. Order the ½ portion!

5.)    Drink water. Before your meal arrives, drink a glass of water. This will help fill you up so you don’t have to eat all of your food and stuff yourself. The more water, the better. This also helps to flush out toxins in your body. Don’t like plain water? Most restaurants offer lemons in their water, take it. It adds flavor and lemon water is super good for your skin, health, and digestion.

6.)    Downsize the supersize. Yes, more is usually better. But when it comes to food, do not accept it. Going to McDonald’s they ALWAYS offer “Would you like to supersize that?” Say no! Not only is it more money, but it’s so much more fat! You do not need to up the size. By supersizing your food, you’re also supersizing your waist.

7.)    Pass on the apps. Apps? Appetizers. Generally, your food arrives within 15 minutes. By the time you finish your appetizer, your main course has arrived and you can barely eat 3 bites without saying the classic line “I’m so full I can’t even breathe.” This is not healthy! Avoid ordering more food when you do not need it.

8.)    Doggy bag it. Almost every single restaurant gives you the option of a takeout container for the food you can’t finish. Looking for a lunch for work tomorrow? Simply eat half of your meal at dinner and then get a box for the rest. Easy lunch or a dinner for someone at home.

9.)    Extra, extra, don’t read all about it. Avoid getting extra foods to add to your food already. Salad bars are so famous and they’re incredible. Get a salad before your meal, enjoy yourself… but don’t add 4 packets of ranch dressing, 5 spoonfuls of croutons, and handfuls of shredded cheese. You are defeating the purpose of a salad.

10.)  Do not shake it like a salt shaker. Don’t add extra salt to your food, do you realize how much salt they ALREADY use? You would be blown away. Do not pick up that salt shaker! Mexican restaurants always offer chips & salsa to start off with, try avoiding those and see how much more you enjoy your dinner. They might be free but they aren’t fat free.

11.) Extra Tip. Also try avoiding dairy. Dairy foods are so hard for your body to break down and they are loaded with fat. Get a plain burger or a salad with NO cheese.


Have you read these tips before and you’re still struggling to eat healthier when eating out? I have a solution. Simply join my BeachBody team today for FREE for more motivation, tips, and help. I will push you harder than anyone ever has before. Message me if you’re out and you need someone to remind you why you feel guilty about even thinking of ordering that margarita and I will gladly REMIND you.


Join me at – you will not regret this!

Stuffed Pepperjack Spinach Chicken

Thirsty Thursday – you’re here at last!

After this horrible week, a few of my friends and myself are getting some dinner and drinks after work. It’s much needed! It seems like every single morning something happens and causes me to be late for work. This week can be over any day now!


On the plus side, my package from my BeachBody Coach came last night. I got a sample of the tropical strawberry shakeology, a shaker cup, and a $50 gift card for signing up to be a coach with her. These are the kinds of perks that I’ll eventually start doing as my business with BeachBody starts to grow. The gift card will definitely come in handy for more Christmas presents!

Speaking of Shakeology..


I made an awesome shake this morning, I never tried the unsweetened almond milk before so I thought I would try it out this morning and it’s so good! Plus less fat and less calories. I used 1/2 banana, 1 1/2 cups of almond milk, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, and 1 scoop of chocolate shakeology. So yummy and so filling. Definitely made my morning a lot better!

Anyways, I made this amazing meal last night. I think it’s officially my new favorite recipe that I’ve tried. Not only was it simple and cheap, but so filling and so tasty. I’ve had a few friends already ask me how to make it so I figured I would share the love 🙂


Stuffed Pepperjack Spinach Chicken


  • Olive Oil
  • Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • Fresh Baby Spinach Leaves
  • Pepperjack Cheese


  • Mrs. Dash Southwest Chiptole
  • Kosher Salt
  • Fresh Black Pepper
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Granulated Garlic Powder
  • Cumin

Before you start, you’ll want to preheat your over to 350 degrees. While the over is preheating, start by cutting open your chicken where the fatty parts are. Don’t slice through the whole way, as you’ll want the side to be connected so it’s easier to stuff. Then, take a hammer or a pan and flatten out the chicken to be about 1/4″ thick.


In a bowl, mix all of your seasonings together.


Once you have sliced up your cheese, add it to a separate bowl. Also, add in your spinach with some salt and pepper. Like I’ve said before, I use Kosher salt because it’s great for cooking.


Place your chicken on a baking sheet with some non-stick aluminum foil. Then, take a handful of your cheese and spinach mix and place them on your chicken.


After you’ve done this, simply fold over your chicken. Any pieces that fall out you can stuff  back in or simply add it on top of the chicken. Also, take your olive oil and brush it onto the chicken and then start adding your seasonings mix onto the chicken. Once you’ve finished this step, pop it into the oven for about 35-40 minutes. Make sure it is cooked through!


As for a side, I decided to make asparagus. I simply cut off the ends, drizzle some olive oil on them, plus some salt & pepper and then fold the aluminum foil into a little pack. I stick it in the oven and let this cook for about 20 minutes. You can add almost any side to your chicken, but I love asparagus and it was a great meal.

If you’re watching your weight and don’t really want to use the pepperjack cheese, simply replace it with fat free feta cheese and it will taste just as good because the spices add the kick to the chicken.