Tone It Up: 2014 Bikini Series!


Happy Monday!

For once, it is a happy Monday for me! Today is the first day of the Tone It Up Bikini Series! As many of you know, I bought the plan last summer, after the bikini series ended. So this will be my first time participating in the challenge. It lasts for 8 weeks, leading up to the first day of summer!

I absolutely love the TIU girls and the plan, so it will not be hard for me to stick with this challenge. I’ll also be participating in a 21 Day Fix challenge group. So I’ll have double the motivation! I’ll be posting weekly about the challenges and my progress along the way.


If you haven’t already, head over to their blog and sign up to also join in on the fun! They email you a great Starter Pack that is loaded with recipes and a grocery list to help you plan your meals throughout the challenge. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?! How awesome is that?

They will have a new blog post each day to help motivate you and give you daily challenges. It’s fun to play along with their challenges and post them to your social media sites using the hashtags they provide in order to win prizes! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get fit and fabulous for the summer!


My goal for this challenge is to finally accomplish the 100 By Summer goal. I started the Love Your Body series back in February and unfortunately did not meet my 100 By V-Day goal. If you are unfamiliar with this, they explain everything HERE.

Each Sunday, they post a NEW weekly fitness schedule to follow. It’s suepr fun to follow along with the members. I mainly use Instagram for my posts and check out everyone else’s posts. It’s motivating and keeps you accountable. I’ll be creating a spreadsheet to help me track my progress along the way. I’m going to be a busy girl! For those of you who ARE participating, feel free to comment on my posts, follow me on IG, or simply email me and we can bounce ideas back and forth and keep each other motivated! I love interacting with new fitness friends.


Their first challenge was to create your summer list. So that’s exactly what I did and while I was writing down each idea, my heart was pumping faster and faster due to the excitement. I have so many great plans for this summer to make it one of the best summers yet! I’ll also be doing a lot of wedding planning which also gets me super pumped. Summer is one of my favorite seasons and I can’t wait to share it with my friends, family, and fiance! So here is my list:

create your summer

What are some of your plans for the summer? Comment and let me know! I hope everyone reading this will join in on the fun so we can get in the best shape for summer time!

xo Brittny


We Are Penn State… and Italian!

Happy Monday!

Normally I oppose this day, but after an amazing weekend it’s hard to be down. Allow me to elaborate…


After work on Friday, my friend Olivia came home from Pittsburgh and we met up for dinner and drinks. We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in this area El Campecino. We got some margaritas and enchiladas. It was sooooo yummy! We sat and talked for about 3 hours and it was great catching up with her. Downfall to being an adult: working so much you don’t have time to always catch up with your friends.

date night

I ate sooo bad all last week, I’m so glad to finally be on track with my eating and working out.. but this meal was so worth the extra calories. After we finished, we headed home and I passed out. Tequila is fun, but makes me sleepy.


I woke up early and got ready because my boyfriend surprised me with Penn State tickets. I’ve never been to a PSU game before, so I was beyond happy and excited when I found out last week that we were going. Penn State vs. Kent State.


I’ve been to Beaver Stadium before to tailgate for the blue & white games, but never got to be inside the stadium. It was sooo nice and huge. We also had amazing seats on the 50 year lard just a few rows back.

After being THAT close right in the middle of the field, I will never EVER settle for sitting anywhere else during a game, especially the end zones. Those seats just don’t cut it.

psu game

We got there earlier than a lot of the other fans, but that place filled up quickly. I believe there were 70,000 there. We got to see the players walking into the stadium and chanted with everyone. The energy there was unreal! Now I’m an addict and simply must go to more games, especially when it’s so close to where I live. We won, 34 – 0 I believe. I was so happy that the first game I went to we won.

rain rain

Only downside to the game was that it poured almost the whole time. But we didn’t really care, it was a lot of fun.

We left the game a little early since we were winning to beat the traffic in our soaking wet clothes to go meet up with my best friend, Sarah, who came home this weekend from the Navy. She had huge news for everyone, since she got married. I’m very happy with her, so we met up at our town bar and did some celebration shots and I finally got to meet her husband.


I also got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in years. It was a really fun night out. We left around 2 and I headed up to my boyfriend’s for the night since we had plans the next morning.


We woke up a little late after a long day and got ready to head into Italian Festival at an amusement park close to where we live. It’s probably my favorite day of the year (minus Christmas, of course) because it’s a full day full of Italian food, Italian music, and lots of games.

italian festival

We ate entirely way too much food, but it was impossible to resist. As you can tell, the Paleo diet lifestyle just wasn’t for me. I’m Italian and can’t give pasta up. Sorry Paleo lovers, the diet is amazing.. but just isn’t a realistic plan for me to follow.

We played a lot games in the arcade, including poker. I never played before and was doing sooo well. I won a ton of tickets and got some interesting prizes. It’s fun letting loose and not being an adult for a day. After eating pounds of pasta and desserts, we headed home to play some Xbox before the Steelers game. <— Don’t get me started on this football team. This is where I would insert an angry emoticon…

So now that it is Monday, I finally am back on track and created a realistic plan for me to follow. While I loved following the ChaLean Extreme program, I missed P90X. With the big news of P90X3 coming out, I wanted to do another round of the lean schedule since it was so successful for me when I first followed the 90 days. I lost 30 lbs my first round, so I’m hoping to get similar results.

tone it up

I’ll also be following the Tone It Up fall challenge (while also participating in my Fit For Fall challenge group – starting Sept 30th). I wrote down my goals that I want to reach by Halloween and came up with a healthy diet plan. I’ll be cutting back on carbs, drinking shakeo every day, and eat protein with every meal. I’m also striving to hit 100 miles by Halloween.. whether it’s walking, running, biking, etc.

frisky fall

I’ve made plans to walk with some friends at least 4 nights a week. We actually talked about it tonight while hiking up our usual steep mountain road. 3 miles down, 97 more to go! So that will help give me the motivation to stick with getting my miles in! I’m aiming for 3 miles a day + following the P90X schedule. I’ll be posting my weekly schedules every Monday. If you want so participate in the Frisky Fall challenge, simply go to: and don’t forget to hashtag your check-ins! #FriskyFall

Speaking of Fall, as I mentioned above, I’m starting a brand new Facebook workout challenge group starting September 30 until December 23. Fit For Fall will be a little different than my other groups. It will be with 2 other coaches and we mixed up the points a lot and adding in weekly mini challenges related to Fall. I’m really excited to get it started! If you would like to be added to the group, message or comment me and I’ll get you added in! Don’t forget to like my Facebook page to get updates:

Weekly Workout Schedule:

Monday – P90X Core Synergistics + 3 mile walk

Tuesday – P90X Cardio X + 3 mile walk/jog

Wednesday – P90X Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper X + 3 mile walk

Thursday – P90X Yoga X + 3 mile walk

Friday – P90X Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X + 3 mile walk

Saturday – P90X Kenpo X + 3 mile walk

Sunday – Rest Day or light stretching

Have a fabulous week everyone!

– Brittny


Paleo Diet + Weekly Workout Schedule!

Good morning afternoon!

My day is flying by today… and I am not complaining! Now, if the week could hurry up to this weekend, I would be so thankful! I am in need of a 3 day weekend.

If you haven’t read my post yesterday, today I’ll be posting about the Paleo diet that I began yesterday. It’s something I feel that everyone can try and it’s simple to follow.




What you can eat:

  • Turkey
  • Steak
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Pork
  • Veggies
  • Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Salads

What you can’t eat:

  • Dairy
  • Breads
  • Processed Foods
  • Sugars
  • Grains
  • Beans

This is just to give you a basic idea. For the full list of items, check out this site: Paleo Diet Food List

In my last post, I said that people also call this the “caveman diet,” because you basically eat natural and fresh foods, just like the cavemen did centuries ago. I wouldn’t consider this a “diet” because these are the foods you should be eating to begin with. Eating processed foods are so bad on your body and health. Also, when following this plan, avoid drinking juices that are from concentrate. Try finding juices that say not from concentrate. Drinking juice that is from concentrate defeats the purpose of drinking a healthy drink because they take out the nutrients needed that are healthy. Also, this makes people gain weight in the stomach area and makes it much harder to lose from that area.



Sunday night, my boyfriend came down and we headed to Walmart to get some groceries so that I could start this on Monday (yesterday).

Here are the items that I bought:

  • Eggs
  • Bananas
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Minced Garlic
  • Pine Nuts
  • Almonds
  • Asparagus
  • Steak
  • Chicken
  • Canned Veggies
  • Romaine Lettuce
  • Silk Almond Milk
  • All Natural Dairy Free Dressing
  • Mushrooms
  • Spinach
  • Bacon (yes, I can eat bacon and not feel guilty!)
  • Organic salsa
  • Natural Almond Butter

I also bought my niece a Batman backpack since she started high school today. Yes, I am the best aunt in the world! A-hem, anyway… this will be able to last me all week. So here is a typical layout of what I will be eating:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 1 cup of sauteed spinach, and 1/4 cup sauteed mushrooms. Sometimes, I add some salsa on top for extra flavor with pepper. No salt!

Lunch: Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology mixed with 1 tbsp of all natural almond butter, ice, and 1 cup of almond milk.

Dinner: Steak/Chicken Salad, or meat with a side of veggies

Snacks: almonds, pine nuts, lara bars, shakeo, or veggies.

Again, this is the meal plan I am following. You don’t have to follow this exact plan – as there are a ton of meals and options you can choose from. Mix and match!

I’m almost finished with day 2. I can feel a huge difference in my body already. Normally, when I eat meals I feel gassy, bloated, and weighed down. But these past 2 days I feel light and clean. I’m excited to see how the rest of the week plays out!



For my workouts, I will be adding cardio every single day. Once I’ve completed my cardio workout, I’ll be adding weight lifting and toning. Every other day, I will work a certain part of my muscles. It’s important to work your muscles every other day. One day do arms and legs, the next do abs and butt, then repeat…

So since I wanted to add some lifting, I decided to finish out ChaLean Extreme. I completed month 1 and reviewed it, but never wrote up the rest of the program. So I wanted to restart it and give full updates!

I plan to run/walk/hike every day and add in CLX plus my Tone It Up workouts. I like to get a variety so I don’t get bored with working out.



Speaking of hiking, yesterday after work I met my friend Priscilla and we went for an hour hike on the mountain. After our hike, we sat by the falls and ate dinner. I packed a steak salad with some water. It was sooo beautiful and a lot of fun. Plus it’s great when you have a workout buddy and switching up the routine. We decided to try and do this twice a week and get more people to tag along. The more the better!

Weekly Workout Schedule:

Monday – Hiking

Tuesday – CLX Push Circuit 1 + Walk/Jog

Wednesday – CLX Burn Intervals + Tone It Up

Thursday – CLX Push Circuit 2 + Hiking

Friday – CLX + Running

Saturday – CLX + Tone It Up

Sunday – Rest Day

Tomorrow I will be posting about the Liebster Award and hopefully get that started! Also, I’ll be including more of meal plans, challenge group conclusion, and updates!

xo Brittny

Trips + Reviews!

Since I am horribly burnt and can’t do much of anything else, I thought I would take this time to FINALLY write my “catch up” post. Also, I will be posting at the bottom some new things that are happening including the results of my last fitness challenge.

Harrisburg Trip!

Last month, I made a visit down to Harrisburg to visit my best friends. We had a late celebration of Cinco de Mayo. I also got to see two of my best friend’s new house that they got together, along with being reunited with my college friends!


I love being able to spend time with them, especially since we don’t always get to hangout. It was such a great night, definitely reminded me of the old days! Jessie and Kyle grilled some food, made some powerful drinks, and made us feel at home. ❤

I got to finally try Kyle’s homemade wine, which knocked me on my butt for rest of the night. So I sat on their couch while watching everyone else play beer pong.


After everyone started getting tired, we decided to head back home and get some sleep ourselves. That Saturday morning, we woke up early and went to the market for some fresh foods. Victoria and I got this amazing fresh squeezed orange juice, along with some lunch there. Katie bought us all small homemade donuts while we walked around shopping. The food was amazing and I definitely plan on visiting their market more to get fresh foods! They had everything you could imagine.

After the market, Victoria and I did some grocery shopping for the night’s activities while Katie and Amanda went to a birthday party. We got margarita mix, ingredients to make guacamole, and more food for the main course (which we didn’t get to eat). I loved having our girl’s night – drama free! Even Sophia joined in on the activities (minus the drinking). A little later, our friend Heidi finished up with a color run and stopped over.


After one too many margaritas later and the bud light strawbarita, we headed home. It was such a fun night. We were supposed to wake up the next morning and take a spinning class, but that didn’t happen. Maybe next time!

Side Note: A lot more happened that what I explained, but I am trying to post everything I’ve missed the past few months, so bare with me… 🙂

Philly Comicon 2013!

For those of you who keep up with me, you obviously know I’m a total nerd at times. I try and attend all of the Wizard World Comicon Conventions as much as possible. Well, at least on the east coast. This year was probably the best convention ever! Aside from when I got to meet Chris Hemsworth, or Thor, from last year.

comicon collage

This year, I got some really amazing things. But first, let’s start at the beginning…

My friend Gus rented this huge fan for the weekend trip. Included in the fan was our friends Jarvis, Loren, Katie, and Lindsey. We stopped at Sheetz, got some food, and then ventured off for our 4 hour trip to Philadelphia. I booked us two rooms at one of the nicest hotels in Philly and quite possibly, one of the nicest hotels in the US. We stayed at the Mariott Downtown Courtyard, which is also the oldest hotel. It was connected with the convention center, so we didn’t even need to walk that far! As soon as I went to check us in, I saw Norman Reedus’ agent. Then it hit me, all of the celebs were staying in the exact hotel. How awesome is that?! That automatically made everyone super excited. The girls stayed in one room while the guys stayed in the other. We got dressed, unpacked, and headed off to comicon.

We did some shopping and I got some pretty awesome things.. including: a marvel backpack, some wolverine and batman t-shirts, comic books, graphic novels, autographs, pictures, a limited edition walking dead comic book exclusively made for this comicon (only 500 were made), and some other items. I got to meet Stan Lee, which we also got to eat breakfast with him since he stayed at our hotel, and I got an original Spiderman comic book signed by him. I couldn’t be happier! I also got to see Michael Rooker, or Mearle from the Walking Dead, and got my picture with him. He was super nice and really awesome to talk to. I also got his autograph along with Nina Dobrev. She just happens to be my favorite actress of this generation.


I also got to see one of the artists draw an original picture. It was really cool. So after we finished up our shopping, we went to the Hard Rock Café and got some dinner. After dinner, we did a little sight seeing before we called it a night. Saturday is when we got to eat breakfast with Stan Lee and then went back to comicon.

ben zombie

I ran into some of my friends there as well. Which was pretty awesome, because I had no idea they were going. So Jenna, Ben, and myself walked around playing the different games they had. Including some zombie slaying! We also got to play a Superman game where we had these smart phones and walked around this painted city finding clues. It was pretty awesome, not gonna lie. After spending 5 hours here, we decided to get some dinner. We walked around the city for almost an hour before finding a place to eat. We went to this bar that had amazing food… we also got sucked into a drag show. Not so much fun.

sight seeing collage

Sunday, it was time for us to head home. But before we did, Loren wanted to go see the Rocky Statue. This took us 2 hours out of our way, but once we were there it was really cool to see. Personally, I never watched the movies so it didn’t mean as much to me, but the sights were incredible since it overlooked the city. At the top of the stairs, was the fountain and art galleries. I definitely want to make a trip down to visit the museums this summer.

One Year Anniversary + One Year Birthday!

Two weeks ago, it was Nate and I’s one year anniversary. It’s been one crazy year filled with amazing memories. I never thought I would end up finding my soulmate or even being in a relationship for that long.. I’m such a lucky girl. I love you more than words…

To celebrate, we went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Olive Garden. The food and service was amazing. We talked a lot about our future together and just enjoyed one another. Then, he placed a small wrapped box on the table. Nobody has ever done anything like this before, so I was a little speechless. I opened the box and inside was a gorgeous diamond bracelet filled with black and white diamonds – my favorite!


I am in love with it and wear it all the time. He knows me too well! Nobody, besides my Dad of course, has ever bought me jewelry. You know what they say, when a guy buys you diamonds, he really loves you 🙂 After dinner, we went back to my house and watched some movies. Perfect night!


The next morning, I got ready for my cousin’s first birthday party. There was sooo many people there and fantastic food. I sat with my family and we talked until Kamden opened his presents and ate his first cake. It was so messy but didn’t think much of it, he still just wanted his bottle. He will be one spoiled baby, haha! Happy Birthday, Kamden – Love you!

This Week + Tone It Up!


Work has been going great, but I still needed a vacation… even for just a day. So Wednesday, the girls I work with and myself went to the Black Dog Coffee & Catering Restaurant for some lunch. It was one of the best wraps I’ve ever had in my life! I will definitely be going there much more, especially on my lunch breaks. But I didn’t feel the greatest after eating it. I’ve been doing some research on new fitness and nutrition plans. One of my friends suggested trying the Tone It Up nutrition plan. While it’s pretty pricey, you get a lifetime membership. So every time they create a new slim down or meal plan, I have free access to it. You can’t beat that!

tone it up

So I took the plunge and ordered their meal plan, their new workout dvd, and their Perfect Fit Protein powder. I have been dying for a healthier way to make baked goods and pancakes. That’s exactly what the Perfect Fit is for, so I’m excited to try that out once my order arrives. I became a member as well – and I am loving their energy and the girls who are members. Tomorrow, a group of 30 girls and myself are starting their 5 Day Slim Down. Included in the slim down are fresh fruits and clean healthy foods along with doing two-a-day workouts. Not thrilled about working out early in the morning, but it’s only for 5 days. Plus I’ve read the results are amazing and worth it!

bb workout

Their new workout dvds include 9 workouts, HIIT classes, and an amazing early morning routine to help get you awake. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will be starting it next week. I’ll be following their nutrition plan as well and will be following up with a review, so stay tuned! Now, just because I am mixing this into my lifestyle, does not mean I am giving up on BeachBody. I just enjoy trying new things and mixing in new workout routines since I’m from such a small town, I don’t have the luxury of taking new fitness classes.

Speaking of BeachBody, did you hear the latest news? Shakeology has FINALLY released a new flavor: vanilla. I ordered a 24 sample pack last week and will be giving out free samples to those who are interested. I also have the vegan flavors still available.

shakeo 2shakeo

If you are interested in ordering, go to: (if the link does not work, copy & paste it into your url bar). Also, there is FREE SHIPPING UNTIL JULY 7TH!

That’s right, free shipping! So you don’t need to get on the Home Delivery to get the free shipping. But hurry, limited time only! I’ve heard nothing but amazing reviews on the taste. I’m so excited to finally try it! Please comment below if you are interested in learning more!

Onto more catching up…


Friday, Nate took me out for dinner at the Cracker Barrel before we did some shopping. This just happens to be our place to go for date nights. After dinner, we went to Barnes & Noble and read some books for about an hour. I bought the Kardashian Konfidential since I still haven’t read it yet. After that, we went to Walmart where I had to get a few things for our trip Saturday, which leads me to…

Beach Trip!

beach 1

So remember at the top when I said I was extremely burnt? Well, this would be why! Stacy, Lexis, Colby, and myself decided to take a day trip to the beach yesterday. We went to Delaware at one of the smaller beaches that included a shower house.


The beach was gorgeous, the weather was amazing, and not a cloud in sight. I doused myself in tanning oils and got my tan on. We swam for at least 3 hours in the ocean… it was absolutely beautiful.

beach collage

Until I fell asleep reading and got severely burnt. We all got burnt, so the car ride home was a little miserable. But after we were finished laying out, we went to Ocean City and hit up the board walk. I got my traditional beach blanket! I love the hemp blankets, they’re perfect to keep in your car or for a beach blanket. We got some boardwalk food and did a little shopping before we decided to venture home. Which leads me to right now… burnt, typing this post on my couch with the fan on me full blast. But, to end with good news, I thought I would share the results of our latest fitness group challenge Battle 4 Bikini.

Our challenge group was a HUGE success. The girls had a blast with it while we all learned & motivated each other daily. It was by far the best group we have had yet. There were 5 coaches helping the girls out daily with a cash prize of $200! One of my participants, Lexie, won the challenge by having the most amount of points. It has helped her gain some amazing results – she’s also getting married soon. So I know the money will definitely help her out! I’m really proud of her and everyone who participated. Congrats!


I was also blown away with my other participant’s results. Natalie has really transformed her body with just 45 days! She’s been drinking Shakeology, running, and doing the 10 Minute Trainer! She looks absolutely amazing and loved her results so much, that she decided to become a coach under me. I’m really proud of her and I know she will be amazing! Please check out my site at if you are interested in any of the fitness programs – or if you would like to become a coach yourself. Just click on the banner on the right side!

When one door closes, another one opens…

End The Trend!


While one challenge group has ended, another one will be starting up! If you’ve read my previous post, you know about this challenge. For those who haven’t, here you go! This group will have 7 top coaches motivating you, pushing you, and inspiring you to do more with your fitness and health. But it’s a lot different than our past groups, because we are working towards actually making you healthy aside from eating clean and just working out. Health goes way beyond that, we will teach you what it means to be healthy and how to enjoy yourself while doing it. It’s never too late to educate yourself and to learn new things!

  • 7 coaches
  • Videos for you to connect with us
  • Points document to follow
  • Daily motivation
  • Healthy recipes
  • Building new friendships
  • Grand prizes of $350
  • Much more…

The only down side – spots are limited. I have one more spot open for someone who is willing to post daily, participate, and get healthy! It’s a private facebook group – so members only will see your posts! All you have to do is spend a few minutes a day posting into this group… that’s it!

To be qualified to enter, all you have to do is order Shakeology or a fitness program from me. Boom, you’re entered! Summer is hard time for people to stay fit & healthy, that’s why we are making this group to push you through the second half of summer. Please message me, comment here, email, whatever you have to do to get a hold of me to learn more. I will work with you to get you entered! Please don’t hesitate and do something about it!


This is something my coach has said to me… it helps push me & motivate me. Isn’t this what you want to hear in your life and not listen to the negatives? You will not regret participating in these challenge groups – I promise you that!

For now, I am off to the grocery store with my boyfriend to buy some groceries to get started on my 5 day slim down tomorrow. I can’t wait to post the results and my personal review on the program.

If you are a Tone It Up member and would enjoy participating, use the #summer5DSD hashtag on IG or Twitter!

Until next time…

xo Brittny

New Year, New You Recap + Week Recap

Happy Weekend!

On a Saturday night I am staying in and blogging. That is dedication! I’ve decided to give my blog more attention! Like I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, things in my life have been a little hectic. From starting a new job to my personal life, I’ve been nonstop busy. So I’m going to do a full week recap! Also, I will be writing about my first workout challenge group.

Last Saturday, me and my family went out for dinner. We went to the Cracker Barrel (which is one of my all time favorite restaurants). There was about 10 of us and it was just such a fun time. It’s nice getting out and having fun with people who you can just be yourself with and not have to worry about drama. Such a relief and I’m so thankful to have a huge family to spend time with.


I always order the Chicken Fried Steak – one of my favorite meals!

Fit Tip: Eating one bad meal a week will not make you gain weight or set you off track. Just like eating one healthy meal will make you skinny. It’s all about balance and treating yourself once in a while. Just don’t make it a daily habit!

photo(38)After dinner, we browsed around their gift shop and I saw Gone With The Wind. For anyone who knows me, I love classic movies, especially movies based in the Civil War era. I’m a history geek!  So of course I had to buy it. I originally had this for VHS, but yeah… they’re just a little outdated.

Sunday – my sister and myself went grocery shopping and got items needed for our Super Bowl party. I had no intention of even watching the game since I don’t like either team (Steelers fan – woot) it was fun still making food and pigging out.

photo(35)I made Buffalo Chicken dip and homemade salsa. We bought meats, cheeses, pizza, and much more! Like I said, it’s okay to pig out on special occasions because it doesn’t happen daily! Life is too short, enjoy yourself! Just don’t do it all the time.

This was just what I needed to relieve some of the stress I had. I started my new job this week, which meant I had to leave my comfort zone. It’s always hard starting something new with your life, especially when you don’t know what you’re getting into, what it involves, or who you will be with. I’m a person who doesn’t adapt to change very well – that’s something I am working on. But, I must say, this was an amazing change for me. I love the job so far, I’m learning so much and the people all seem so amazing and nice. It was a relief. My hours are much better and it’s a definite step towards becoming more successful in my life. I’m so happy I decided to take this change!

photo(37)Well, just because I’m becoming more successful doesn’t mean I can’t be a kid at heart. Spiderman notebook & a batman soup cup. YES!

photo(36)Also, finding notes from your sister in your lunch bag is also a reminder of the good things in your life. This certainly put a huge smile on my face – it’s the little things in life 🙂

So that’s just a little update with things in my life. Now, on to my first workout group recap!


New Year, New You – Review

I still can’t believe the group is over and how successful it turned out to be. It was my very first workout group that I hosted. I have participated in many other workout groups, but I never coached my own – and it was so much fun.

For those of you who don’t know what a workout group is:

It’s a private/secret group that I make on Facebook. There, I add the members who want to participate in the challenge. I post a points document for everyone to print out or save and then each member will post daily in order to earn points. It’s a great way for people to help motivate each other while helping themselves. Once the challenge is over, I add up the points for everyone and whoever has the most points, will win a special prize. The prizes vary from gift cards to workout programs. I’ll be mixing up each new challenge group along with the prize.

Examples on how to earn points:

  1. Post a motivational quote or picture
  2. Take a Before/After picture
  3. Stat Saturday – post your weight & measurements lost each week
  4. Post a healthy recipe
  5. Log in your daily workout

This group was hosted by two coaches and we had 20 members join. Each coach kept track of 10 girls each. Some members faded away, but this happens. As much as I want to push and motivate someone to eat better and workout, at the end of the day, it comes down to you pushing yourself. If you really want to get more healthy & fit, then you will make it happen.

Everyone who participated made me extremely proud. The girls were losing weight and inches each week! They inspired and motivated me so much… because I’m human. There are times when I don’t feel like working out or eating healthy, but then I see them posting and it changes my whole outlook. So not only am I helping them, but they are helping me too. Being able to help motivate or inspire someone is truly the greatest feeling you will ever get. It has reminded me so much of why I chose to become a BeachBody Coach. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help someone – even if it’s just with losing weight & getting healthier.

Each girl, on average, lost about 9 pounds. Which is the perfect amount of weight to lose in 1 month. This is a healthy realistic goal to achieve! People always set themselves up for failure by choosing goals that can’t be reached in the amount of time they are given. So, for my new challenge starting Monday, I have created a document for everyone to follow in order to set a goal that they will be able to achieve. I think this will be super helpful for everyone because when they reach that goal, they’ll be more positive and it will push them to do even more.

So if these girls were able to lose almost 10 pounds in a month, imagine how this can help you too! I hope everyone reading this will consider joining my new group and take control of their life in getting more healthy and fit!

photo(42)This group is starting Monday and will end on March 31 – it’s called Love Your Body. I’ll be helping you to love your body because too many people get down on themselves. This is unhealthy and doesn’t benefit you. It’s important to love yourself!

So if this is something you think you would be interested in joining, simply LIKE my Facebook page @ – send me a message telling me you want to join and then I’ll add you to the group!  Do you know anyone else who would be interested in joining? Send them to my page as well! The more, the better! The prize for this challenge will be the BeachBody workout Brazil Butt Lift. This workout has changed my life & body – plus it’s just in time to get your body ready for the summer! After all, bikini season is right around the corner!

Posts to look for next week:

  • ChaLean Extreme Review
  • Weekly Workout + Meal Plan
  • Weekend Recap
  • Clean Eating!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

xo Brittny

Time To Get Lean & Extreme


Happy Monday!

I’ve been slacking on posting so bad. Things have been overwhelming and happening too fast in my life so it’s hard to find balance for everything. I finally have some time today to just write and clear my mind of nonsense.I’ve been busy with my BeachBody Business Bootcamp (which is helping me learn a lot about coaching and how to become more successful) and getting ready to switch careers. Stay tuned for more information on both of those. I’m also on day 28 of my 30 Day Push Challenge, I can’t wait to write a review on that, that will be posted on Thursday! Plus, next Tuesday will be the end of my first workout challenge group New Year, New You on Facebook. So I’ll be posting about that next week as well!

Good news! I finally got my Chalean Extreme workout from BeachBody. I’m starting this program tonight!






So I’m going to give some basic details about this workout and then I’m going to post every Monday what my workouts for the week will be, what I plan on eating (once I sit down tonight and read the nutrition books), and the progress I have made and what I’m feeling during the workouts. So let’s get started with the basics!

Lean Phasing burns fat through resistance training

“Chalene’s proven Lean Phasing technique supercharges your metabolism by shifting your body’s fat-burning focus from cardio exercise to resistance training. You burn fat long after your workout—even while you sleep. With ChaLEAN Extreme, you can burn up to 60% of your body fat in just 3 months.”

What’s Included:

  • 15 workouts – also, Chalene teaches you the proper form & techniques before you start the program. There are 3 different phases; Burn, Push, and Lean.
  • Muscle Burns Fat Nutrition Guide Book
  • Thigh Toner Band
  • Body Fat Tester
  • Fat Burning Food Guide
  • Extreme Motivation Audio CD
  • Healthy Eats & Kitchen Makeover DVD
  • Pro-grade Resistance Band

Week 1 Workout Schedule

Monday – Burn Circuit 1
Tuesday – Burn Circuit 2
Wednesday – Burn Intervals & Ab Burner
Thursday – Burn Circuit 3
Friday – Burn It off & Recharge
Saturday & Sunday – Rest Day


Tonight after I get home from work, I’m going to sit down and read the nutrition guides and then go grocery shopping at some point this week. Then, I will make up weekly meal plans to keep me accountable and on track. I’ll be posting those starting next Monday.

I’ll also be taking my “Before” pictures along with my starting weight & measurement and will be keeping track of that once a week. This is a 90 day program, so it’s time for me to get serious about getting fit! Bikini season is coming up faster than you think, so I need to get started! I refuse to skip out on more beach trips because I’m self conscious this summer. Join me @

Now for some exciting news… at the beginning of my post I mentioned how my first challenge group will be ending next week. Well, with the end of challenges simply comes new ones! Maddie and myself have came up with a brand new challenge group that we will be starting February 12th. We finalized all the rules and what our prize is going to be, so stay tuned! It’s only going to be for 14 girls so I’m super excited to write a post next week giving all the juicy details on this group. My last one has taught me a lot of things and how to manage workout groups better so I’m super excited to get that promoted. If you are interested in joining, I will be more than happy to give you details. Simply message me! I’m so stoked to have a new group to help motivate me and also keep me accountable with my new workout program.

Have you tried Chalean Extreme? Comment on this post and let me know what you loved and/or disliked about the program and if you got any awesome results!

xo Brittny

Month 1/Burn Phase Review

Month 2/Push Phase Review

Month 3/Lean Phase Review & Results

Hip Hop Abs + HFTH Group Review

hhaIn my previous posts, I mentioned that I ordered Hip Hop Abs from BeachBody and how I would follow the program for the last month of the workout challenge group I’m in.. Hot for the Holidays. Today is our last day for the group challenge so I wanted to share my awesome results and my personal review on the workout program!


While my abs & results might not look like Shaun T, I lost a lot of weight and inches in just one month. This workout was so much fun but intense. If you don’t like doing a million sit ups on the floor – this is the workout for you! All of the movements follow 3 rules: Tilt, Tuck, and Tight. Once you nail down this movement, you got it. It’s a lot of dancing and a lot of sweating. Shaun T is such an amazing instructor and I can’t wait to try out Insanity with him this year!

My Results:

  • Arms – I lost a total of 1 1/2″ from both of my arms
  • Thighs – I lost a total of 1″ from both of my thighs
  • Waist – I lost 2 1/2″ from my waist
  • Chest – I lost 1 3/4″ from my chest
  • Hips – I lost 2″ from my hips
  • Weight – All together, I lost 11 pounds

I could have lost a lot more, but the holidays are such a hard time to really stick to a healthy eating habit. But still, in one month I was able to lose all of that! My short term goal when I started this group was to lose 10 pounds before Christmas and I accomplished that! I feel amazing – physically & mentally.

Would I suggest this workout to people? Absolutely. I will say, however, I get bored doing the same workouts in a row. When you follow the calendar, you’re repeating the same workouts for the first 2 weeks which can get boring after a while. But, I stuck it out and I love my results.


The Workouts:

Secret to Flat Abs – I recommend watching this instructional workout video which provides a step by step undering of the tilt, tuck, and tighten method before following the calendar.

Fat Burning Cardio – The name says it all. It’s a great cardio workout that works your abs, legs, and arms. You will definitely be sweating once you’re done with this workout! it’s a great workout because if you don’t want to jump around and go high impact, there is a modifier for you to follow. But I promise, if you keep working out, you won’t need to follow the modifier!

Ab Sculpt – At the end of this workout, you will be on the floor working your abs. But don’t worry – it’s not long at all. You will feel your abs burning by the end though! This workout is what helped me lose the inches from my waist.

Total Body Burn – And burning it does! I could  barely keep up with some of the leg raising workouts here, but I did as much as I could and I could feel that each time I did this workout it became easier for me.

Hips, Buns, and Thighs – I absolutely loved this workout because it’s so important to also work your hips out if you plan non chiseling down your waist line. It was hard and I was super sore after this, but like I said if you keep working out and pushing through the workouts will get easier.


This workout pack also comes with some really great bonus gifts – for free!

Also included:

  • Step by Step Nutrition Guide
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Measuring Tape
  • 6 Day Slim Down Plan
  • Results on the Run Guide Plan – a nutrition guide for what to avoide & to eat at fast food restaurants
  • Learn to Dance – 2 Hip Hop Dance routines to jump start your metabolism & weight loss

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then order it today! Remember, sign me up to be your FREE BeachBody Coach @ and then order it. You will not regret this decision.

xo Brittny

New Year, New You!

Good morning!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and got lots of goodies! I know I did.. this is one of the best Christmas’ I’ve had in such a long time! Santa was very good to me this year. Speaking of year, I can’t believe 2012 is almost over with. It’s time to start those New Year’s Resolutions again!

new years diet

My New Years Resolutions:

  • Stick to a healthy lifestyle
  • Be more organized
  • Be on time to events
  • Progress my BeachBody business

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?

And speaking of New Year, it’s time for a New You as well! New Year, New You is the name of my new Facebook group that I’ll be starting January 1, 2013 with my best friend. This will be a secret group, so no one else besides members of the group can see the posts, where we will help motivate and inspire people to stick to eating healthy and working out. There is a great incentive as well, the person who wins the challenge will win an awesome prize at the end of the 6 weeks!

It’s free to join and everyone is welcome! To determine the winner, we will be creating and sending out a points system for everyone to go off of. Whoever participates the most  by posting into the group will be the winner. We will be making the points as fair as possible so everyone has a chance to win. I’m really excited to get this started and to see everyone’s results!

If you are interested in joining, simply send me a message on Facebook, comment on this post, or simply email me @ or you can click the About Me tab and fill out the contact form. I hope everyone reading this wants to join in!

xo Brittny