Birthday Celebrations!

Guess who got a brand new laptop for her birthday? This girl! 🙂

Which means, I can now finally keep up with writing! I started writing a few posts on my computer at work, but that thing isn’t exactly up to date and it took forever when uploading my media files. No writing = an unmotivated Brittny. My boyfriend clearly saw that and decided to buy me an ultrasound thin laptop 🙂 I’m so happy and so in love with this thing!


Did I mention it was also my boyfriend’s birthday this weekend? So Saturday night, I met Nate out for his birthday dinner. We got Chinese since he’s addicted to it. After dinner, we came back to my house for a small surprise for him. My niece made him a cake and had the candles all lit for him as soon as we walked in the door. He was so surprised 🙂 After that, he opened some of the presents I got for him and then we headed to Glenn’s for a few birthday drinks.

We met some of our friends there while getting served by my best friend, Zach, who recently started bartending. Of course we harassed him all night and made him make us ridiculous drinks. That is what friends are, after all! The band playing was also really awesome. All in all, such a fun night out. We came home, watched a scary movie, and then fell asleep. We never drink anymore, so we were out cold.


Now it is time for my birthday.. haha! I came home from work to Nate standing in the kitchen with my presents and this gorgeous Avengers cake. Minus the fact that I can’t believe I’m 24, I loved everything about my birthday. Including this cake. This is by far the best cake I have ever had in my life! Bonus: the awesome stand display fits my small Avengers figurines. Boo-yah!

I could barely lift my awesome Iron Man bag because inside was my brand new laptop. I was totally surprised when I opened my present to find that. He always spends way too much money on me for occasions and always takes care of me. I’m so thankful to have him. A-hem, before I start crying…

olive garden

I got ready and we headed into my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, for my birthday dinner. The food was soooo yummy and I didn’t even care that I was cheating. It’s my birthday and I will eat what I want to. But after the cake and huge meal, it’s time to get back on track! I got my splurge out of my system and automatically missed my healthy meals. Healthy eating will make you crave healthy meals. Shocking, right?

After dinner, he took me shopping. He bought me a new coat which I adore. I forget the name, but it’s so pretty! I tried taking a picture but my iPhone is currently in the process of updating to the latest version. (It can hurry up any day now…)

I just can’t get over this laptop. I love it. I can’t write to finally write more posts! I’m currently working on a new plan for me to follow that is realistic to my goals. While I loved the Paleo lifestyle and loved the results, I just don’t think it was meant for me. I will write an update about that and post about my new plan PLUS my new fitness challenge group we are currently start on the 30th.

Just wanted to say one more time, I love my boyfriend and wish him the best birthday. I’m so excited for our big plans this weekend! Happy Birthday love.

– Brittny



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