Getting Back on Track!

After careful consideration, research, and talking with different people I have decided on something new to try and give a new review about! I’m getting back on track! I finally realized a lot of things that were holding me back from reaching my goals. Now that I have finally learned what they are, I’m going to make a plan, post about it, and give weekly updates!

If you haven’t heard, a lot of people have switched over to something called the Paleo Diet or simply known as “the caveman diet.”

No, this isn’t something where you just eat dirt and twigs. To break it down, you simply eat fresh foods that are not processed… just like the cavemen did. A close friend of mine began this journey a few months ago and has lost a ton of weight and has done nothing but brag about this new lifestyle change. So why wouldn’t I want to experience this for myself and see what the rage is all about?

My boyfriend and myself went grocery shopping last night where I picked up all the foods I needed for this week. I said goodbye to carbs and bad foods yesterday and will fully be committed to this. I’m excited to go into more details tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Also tonight, I’ll be writing out my weekly workout schedule, more info about the diet, and will be starting ChaLean Extreme again. I will post all of this tomorrow. The reason I am starting CLX again is because I only completed 2 months of the program and only wrote about the first month. My goal is to finish out the program and give a full update on it!

Join me and get back on track!

If you have any questions regarding what I just wrote about, please comment here or email me so I can write it in the update tomorrow!

xo Brittny


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