Weekend Recap! Or, make that two weekend recaps…

Weekend Two Weekend Recaps!

I’ve been falling off the wagon again with writing, but I have some good posts coming! Also, a girl emailed me asking if I would be willing to post her article in my blog. I thought that was pretty awesome, so I’ll be having a guest post coming up this week. I’ll probably post that on Wednesday. It’s about the benefits of working out for cancer patients; I think it will be a great article and something new that I personally don’t know a lot about. So check in for that! Also on the menu will be a new recipe, an article about what a BeachBody coach does, Too Faced makeup review, challenge group review, month 2 of ChaLean Extreme review, finding the perfect workout shoe, switching to a vegetarian diet, and much more. I’m going to be a busy girl this month!

Things have been going really great in my life recently. Plus a lot of new things and opportunities are popping up for me as well – just in time for Spring! J I got with my coach a few weeks ago and asked her about starting up a new online workout challenge group and she said a few of her other coaches asked her about doing that as well. So there will be 5 of us coaches running a new challenge where the grand prize will be $200! Yes, $200 will be awarded to a lucky person just for working out, eating healthy, and participating in a private Facebook group. The challenge will last for 45 days and will start April 1. It’s called “BeachBody Battle 4 Bikini.” This will not only help the girls I’m coaching, but myself as well. I’m not totally bikini ready yet, even though I’ve been losing weight. It’s time to hold myself to my promise that I’ve been making to myself for year and finally be bikini ready.


I’m so excited to get involved with this group! I have a really great feeling this will be the best challenge I’ve hosted yet. Plus these girls are super amazing & nice – it’s going to be a hit!  I already have 1 girl locked in for sure. I have an opening for 2 more girls. I have a few girls interested in joining, but I need people who will actually commit.

photo(20)The first picture is from the summer, totally overweight. Even though I had no idea back then because I couldn’t see it. Until these pictures came out – I was mortified. That’s when I began my fitness journey. The picture on the right is me now. No, I am not wearing tight spanx or clothes to suck me in. They’re the Nike Dri-Fit workout pants, which are quiet loose on me. The jacket does not suck me in as well. For anyone who knows me, they know I hate tight clothes with a passion. No crazy angles, filters, and a full body shot. These are my results – 45 pounds later. I’m still not down to the size I want to be, but I definitely came a long way. Looking at this reminds me of my journey, why I started, and where I want to be.

Time for a the recap! So two weeks ago, the boyfriend took me out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants The Cracker Barrel. The food is always amazing! I love the atmosphere there, so country and filled with memories of the past. We then split desert, which I regret because I felt horrible afterwards. It was amazing and tasted great, but since I’ve been eating so clean and healthy, bad foods make me super sick. Never again!


After dinner, we did some shopping. I had a small shopping spree at Charlotte Russe & Body Central. I’m loving the new spring collections & colors coming up this year! I’m slightly addicted to pastel colors & polkadots. They also added some new jewelry, so I couldn’t resist. Thankfully, their items aren’t that expensive or I would be a broke girl.


We also stopped at EB Games where I finally preordered Tomb Raider. There are so many new games coming out that I have to have. I’ve been playing it nonstop since I got it. Speaking of presents, I came home to even more gifts!

photoMy boyfriend ordered me some Marcel Comics Pajamas – which I absolutely love! Bonus, they’re old school. He also ordered me a Tiffany blue bubble necklace, bought Tomb Raider for me, and my order of Shakeology finally arrived. Just in time because I was beginning to run low! He rewards me for working out and eating healthy, which is a huge motivation for me – more workouts = more presents! Just kidding… but I’m super lucky to have someone stand behind me, hold me accountable, and push me to be my best.

photo(24)My nephew just got back from his band trip to Disney, something I also got to do in highschool. He was nice & awesome enough to get me a Princess lanyard. My family is pretty awesome. This completely made my night because I am obsessed with Disney, especially the princesses. Small addiction!

photo(21)Saturday morning, I woke up and made some breakfast. Wheat English muffins with feta cheese, eggs, salt, and pepper. Super yummy and filling! After breakfast, I did a quick workout. Then I showered and got ready to head into Hoss’s to meet up with two of my best friends: Katie and Brian and their beautiful baby girl, Sophia. She’s getting so big! It was really nice being able to catch up with them since we never get to see each other anymore. Plus seeing the baby is always a bonus!


After lunch, I met up with my other two friends Gus and Garner to watch Jack the Giant Slayer (check movie title). I loved it, despite reviews. It kept my attention the whole way through the movie, the story line was really good, and it had constant action. The graphics were also amazing; it kind of reminded me of Lord of the Rings but obviously not as good. After the movie, I went home to hang out with the family for the rest of the night. Pretty relaxing weekend, which I’m totally okay with!


The week went by super, super fast. Except for Wednesday – we got hit with a huge snow storm which caused me to not make it into work. We got like 8 inches or so, not happy. But of course, as usual, it all melted away by the next morning. Have I ever mentioned that I hate PA weather?

PicMonkey CollageThursday, Nate came in from Pittsburgh and we just stayed in and watched the new movies I got. Friday, same thing – nothing super exciting. We did some shopping and I made him dinner – recipe will be posted this week! Saturday I met up with some friends and family to go see the new James Franco movie The Great and Powerful Oz – which I absolutely loved. I thought it was amazing and the colors were breath taking. The story line was decent, but after watching Wicked on Broadway this didn’t compare. I kind of hoped they would have followed that story line more. But overall, it was a great movie. Especially in 3D. After the movie, we all went to Pizza Hut where I ordered their Chicken Parm salad. I’m still in the process of cutting red meats from my diet, so this will have to do for now. I came home, played a little Xbox, and then got ready to head back out again.

PicMonkey CollageOne of my best friends FaceTimed me and told me to come out. I wasn’t exactly in the mood, but then he mentioned we were going Midnight Bowling. Something I haven’t done in such a long time! So I got ready, met up with Gus, and waited for Alison and Mikey to arrive. Then we all rode into Altoona together to meet Zach, Roman, Ricky, and his girlfriend. It was such a good time and I’m so glad I decided to go out. Even though I was super tired and we lost an hour of sleep, it was totally worth it. Of course I suck at bowling, but it’s still fun to do.

Sunday, Nate came over. We got ready and went with my family up to my mom’s for dinner. I love Sunday dinners with my family, one of my favorite traditions. After dinner, we came home and hung out until the Walking Dead came on at 9. Which wasn’t the best of episodes, but still amazing. I can’t wait to meet Daryl & Mearle at Comicon this June. I’m so pumped!

photo(25)As a start to a vegetarian diet, I got the Morning Star burgers. Which are absolutely incredible! I honestly couldn’t even tell the difference. I used a Flatout sandwich wrap as my bun, added some sauteed onions, low fat feta cheese, spinach, and a honey bbq sauce. It was so amazing, definitely something I”ll be making a lot more of. For a side, I made some asparagus – my all time favorite veggie. I could get used to this lifestyle!

Weekly Workout Schedule:

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – TurboFire Fire 30, CLX Push Circuit 3, & P90X Ab Ripper X

Wednesday – CLX Burn Intervals, TurboFire Lower 30

Thursday – CLX Push Circuit 2, TurboFire Abs 10, & Hot Body Yoga

Friday – TurboFire Fire 45 & CLX Recharge

Saturday – P90X Ab Ripper X, CLX Push Circuit 2, and TurboFire HIIT 15

Sunday – Rest Day

Stay tuned for upcoming posts this week!

xo Brittny




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