Spring Clean Your Body: Going Green!


March is finally here and I am welcoming it with open arms! I am over snow, cold, and cloudy weather! Give me sun, warm breezes, and blooming flowers any day. I like to think of March as the month to start over – to start fresh. March is the month where Spring finally makes it appearance, especially those of us who live in the North. March melts away the snow, washes away the clouds, and restarts everything in nature. So why wouldn’t we want to do that as well?

Everyone always does their “spring cleaning” from cleaning out the attic to dusting everything in their house, which is great, but what about our bodies? Sure, cleaning the house might make you feel better and cleaner attitude wise, but what about physically? Why don’t we clean our bodies out as well? Is it because no one really knows how to or because they just don’t want to or know where to begin? As I was hanging out with my family as I usually do on Sunday nights, my sister and I got to talking about doing a cleanse and taking natural herbs to help balance ourselves out. She gave me the great idea to write this post – Spring Clean Your Body – Going Green!

opening-spring-clean-kitchen-ssTo get started, since you’re already cleaning your entire house, let’s start with your fridge, freezer, and cabinets. If you even have to second guess if something is healthy, pitch it! Do you need those 4 bags of half empty chip bags? The dips? Tubs of ice cream? NO! Get rid of them. Not only will you not be tempted to eat them, but you’ll gain a lot of space to add new healthier foods.  No more excuses! Do you see a lot of canned foods that aren’t healthy? Take an empty box, go through all your canned goods, and box them up. Take them to a food bank for the less fortunate who need the food. Not only are you saving yourself, but you’re helping someone else. It’s a double win – you can’t beat that!

After you clean our the temptations, it’s time to clean yourself. No, not in the shower… your insides! Start with a cleanse – do some research before diving in. There are all sorts of cleanses out there for you to try. Some will last only 3 days or up to 21 days. Need some help finding the perfect cleanse? Not a problem. I’ve personally tried the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse and had great results. It was only 3 days and I finally felt better and got all of the junk out of my body. I’ve also tried an all natural herb cleanse. Check your local herb store and talk to the professionals on what they think you should try. They know their stuff and will guide you to what you’re looking for! For myself, I’m ordering the Ultimate Reset cleanse from BeachBody. This is a 21 day cleanse that resets your entire body. My coach has done it and had amazing results. This helps you lose weight, reboosts your energy levels, and much more! BONUS: it’s on sale this month only – check out my site for more info – http://www.myultimatereset.com/bkellis

Renee-Kendall-PilatesSince it will also be getting warmer out, get outside! Unplug your treadmill and take a nice long relaxing walk! Not only will you physically feel great, but you will mentally. How? Simple! Being outside in the sun gives you vitamins and will get you out of that winter depression – something I personally suffered from. Take a yoga mat outside in your front or backyard and stretch! Hit the tracks and go for a run of a jog – have a baby? Take her/him to the park. It’s important to get outside and just breathe in that fresh air. Trust me, the more you are outside the better you’re going to feel. Since I have an hour for lunch at my job, I’m going to use it for taking brisk walks around the block. What else are you going to be doing on that lunch break? Going out for lunch? Eating even more bad foods? STOP! Eat a light lunch and get your sneakers on. You’ll notice the attitude change when you finish out your work day. The less you do inside, the more energy you’re saving. After all, you’re going green now!

PicMonkey CollageNow that you have cleaned the house, cleaned the fridge, cleaned your body, and working out, it’s time to start talking nutrition. This is where a lot of people struggle, including myself. But after a lot of research, I finally learned what’s healthy to eat – even if it is a vegetable. Not all vegetables are healthy, fruits as well. A lot of them contain carbs, sugars, or fats. This is what we are trying to rid your body of. So next time you are out grocery shopping and you’re not sure what to get, tell yourself this: “The darker the color, the better.” While head lettuce might be high in fiber, it’s still not the best for your salad. Simply because it has no nutrition besides the fiber. Try eating Romaine lettuce and adding spinach – full of vitamins!

Here is a great list of foods to pick up:

  1. Kale
  2. Asparagus
  3. Broccoli
  4. Green beans
  5. Peas
  6. Edamame (great protein for vegetarians)
  7. Romaine lettuce
  8. Spinach
  9. Green apples
  10. Avacados

Try adding as much green to your daily meals as possible. Now, there is a down side to eating a ton of vegetables: gas. But here’s a great trick to avoiding that – eating 1 green apple a day (or whatever kind of apple you like). Apples are great for digestion problems and I learned this by talking to my aunt who studies herbs. I have a wheat allergy, so whenever I ate pasta, pizza, or just toast I would become gassy. But then I ate 1 apple a day for my snack and I noticed that the gas went away. It didn’t matter what I ate, I didn’t have gas anymore! I know, might sound gross, but people suffer from this. Nothing to be embarrassed about! Don’t like plain apples? Join the club! I’m not an apple fan but I found awesome ways to make them taste better. Try adding some cinnamon and a light amount of sugar. This takes away that taste and will help you stomach the apple. There are a lot of healthy dips as well out there you can try out! Do some research and find what you would like.

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for teaWe can’t just survive on food now can we? It’s important to drink healthy as well. I never realized how important drinking water was until last week. When you’re working out or weight training, your body releases fluids. So when you’re not drinking enough water and flushing out your system, your body is holding onto that fluid so you don’t dehydrate. Have you ever felt super bloated, retained water, and gained weight like crazy and couldn’t figure out why? Well now you know! You must drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I’m going to start taking a gallon of water with me to work and aim to drink half of that. Then, after work, I’ll try and finish the rest. That way I know what my goal is and can see how much further I must go. Not a fan of water? Try adding fresh lemon or lime. Even adding a little bit of mint can help spark your taste buds. Lemon water helps to detox your body as well as cleaning your skin – just in time to spring clean your body!

Try adding in some green tea to your diet as well. Stop drinking that coffee or diet soda and add this in it’s place. Go to your local tea merchant or your local grocery store and just research the different teas. There are so many options out there, you will be able to find what you would enjoy drinking. Benefits of green tea? It is known to kill bacteria from your mouth, a high antioxidant, and gives you a healthier energy boost. Do some research on green tea and see what you find – you’ll be amazed!

spring-tulipsBring some color into your house! Maybe you’re not a fan of being outdoors, that’s fine! You can always bring a little bit of the outside world inside. Head out to your local market and get some flowers and plants. Bringing plants into your house will help brighten up the room and your mood along with ridding the air of bad toxins. What does this mean? It means you’ll be able to breathe cleaner air!

If you’re an outside fan like myself, start your very own garden! Even if you don’t have the green thumb, you’re doing something peaceful and being outside. Plant some flowers or your own vegetables. Stop paying for the expensive organic food and make your own organic foods! This will save you a TON of money – eating green isn’t cheap, especially now a days.

ayurvedic-herbs2After you have completed or started the above steps, it’s time to take it a little farther. This won’t be for everyone, so skip this part if this isn’t for you. My aunt had recently told my sister that she went to an herbal specialist. She’s going through the “change of life” and became moody and a different person. The specialist hooked her up to a machine and was able to detect everything that was off balance in her system. She suggested taking some all natural herbs to help get her body where it needs to be and now she’s a whole new person – much more positive as well. My sister and myself will be going to same lady next month after I finish my cleanse and see what is off balance in our bodies.

How do you know when something is off balance? For me, I knew it was because I found too much satisfaction in eating food. There’s a chemical in your brain that releases when you eat and it makes you feel good. Except, I would overdo it – which led to me gaining a lot of weight. While I am eating healthy and working out, I still have problems saying no to food because it makes me happy. Something is off balance in my body. From stress to losing weight, there is an herb for everything. The good news is it’s all natural – so you won’t be addicted to pills or reliant on them to make you feel better. They’re simple ingredients from nature to help get your body on track. I don’t even like taking an aspirin when I have a headache, pills aren’t my scene but I firmly believe in the power of nature and all natural herbs. Again, this isn’t for everyone – just a side idea!

tumblr_m0zyjrHlVp1qgf0w3o1_400March also has a little holiday included – St. Patrick’s Day. Also known as one of the most popular excuses to get wasted. While I’m not here to tell you to not go out or drink, I’m going to suggest ways to lessen the calorie intake. Instead of chugging down 14 green beers, try lighter calorie beers or clear liquors. Drink a gin and club soda instead – less calories and will get you to where you’re wanting to be.

Don’t go overboard. Think about what is more important – getting drunk or losing weight. Yeah, you might have a blast with your friends and not even remember what you did that night or weekend, but your body will remember. The scale will be more than happy to remind you what you did – just keep that in mind while slamming down Irish car bombs. I’m not saying don’t go out and enjoy yourself, just don’t go crazy! You’re still human and we all have weaknesses or just want to have fun. We should never deprive ourselves of that – but keep it under control.

I hope you learned some great tricks and tips for this upcoming Spring! Have any suggestions or tips to add? Email me or comment on this post 🙂 I’d love to hear even more healthy tips!

xo Brittny


One thought on “Spring Clean Your Body: Going Green!

  1. U r looking great Britney! How much wight have u lost? I’m done almost 30 lbs since having Luke which isn’t bad but got a ways to go

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