Finding Your Soulmate Workout!

Happy Friday!

When you think of the month of February, you automatically think about Valentine’s Day. This can lead you to thinking about love. This month – I love it. This month has brought me so far in my life to so many good things. A new job, a new fitness group, my personal life is great, and my BeachBody business is booming BLOOMING.

But do you know what else happened to me? I found my soul-mate. She is there for me whenever I need a stress reliever, she is there reminding me to be a better person every day, and she is there when I want to do something fun and crazy. Let me think, you’re super confused right? Why am I saying SHE is my soul-mate when I have a boyfriend? Because I’m not talking about THAT kind of soul-mate, but a different kind. I’m talking about finding your soul-mate WORKOUT.

“Today I’m going to play cupid and help you fall head over heels in love with a workout perfectly suited for you.”


What am I talking about? Simple. Do you write down a workout schedule for you to follow weekly and when that day comes up you read over your list and think “oh my gosh, I don’t even want to do this today.” But you do it anyways because you have to. Not because you want to. Are you starting to relate to me now? For years and years I have tried almost every single workout under the sun. From ballet to zumba, I have tried it all. Sure, for the first few weeks I don’t mind doing these workouts, but after a while you just hate it. If you found your soul-mate workout and you’re feeling like this, then you didn’t find your workout.

When you look at the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you should be filled with joy, love, and excited every time you and that person make plans to see each other. That’s because this is the person you want to spend the most amount of your time with. Shouldn’t you feel that way with your workout? In Chalene Johnson’s book Push, she teaches you how to find that workout that makes you happy when you push play. Here are some great points she mentioned on how you’ll know when you found that:

  • Your soul-mate workout makes you feel you can do anything.
  • Your soul-mate workout challenges you never to be complacent.
  • Your soul-mate workout makes you feel alive, sexy, and young.
  • Your soul-mate workout feels like a treat, even when it’s brutal.
  • When you’re doing your soul-mate workout, you are surprised by how fast time passes.
  • Your soul-mate workout clears your mind and calms your emotions.
  • You can’t help but endlessly talk about your soul-mate workout.
  • Your soul-mate workout awakens your spirit.
  • Your soul-mate workout gives you energy, creativity, and drive.
  • You look forward to your next workout.

Your soul-mate workout is there, waiting for you to find it.


You’re probably sitting there thinking “there is no way anyone looks forward to working out” or “how am I supposed to feel sexy when I’m sweating like a pig?” Well, the answer is simple. You haven’t found that workout that makes you feel good!  You’re probably also thinking “what are the benefits of finding this alleged soul-mate workout compared to still working out?” I’m glad you asked!

Think about this for a second: you’re going for a run. You’re tired. You’re miserable. You keep staring at your phone or watch every single minute. The time isn’t going fast enough for you, so you become even angrier. Well, isn’t working out supposed to relieve you of that anger? Isn’t it supposed to help you relax and enjoy that time you have to yourself? When you’re this miserable, you’re not pushing as hard as you should be. Therefore, you’re wasting your time even attempting to workout.

When that hour finally ends and you’re done with your “workout,” do you feel even more energized than when you started? Or do you frantically take off your sneakers, shower, and lay in bed for the rest of the night? If your answer was the second one, then something needs to change!


Remember that line from Legally Blonde when Elle said “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.” Well, she was totally right. If you are exercising daily and you’re not happy at the end or beginning of it, then it’s time to switch it up!

So how do you find your soul-mate workout?

I made a list of the things I like in a workout and the things I dislike, the same way you do with your past relationships.  Ever since I was a little girl, my mom had me dancing. I took ballet, tap dance, jazz, cheerleading gymnastics – you name it, I did it. I stuck with those things because they made me happy and I loved going to my classes and recitals each week. Once I grew up, I started taking Tae Bo classes. Now this workout was my absolute favorite! These classes were so full of energy and I loved how I could make it a routine. Since I’ve been so used to dancing, routines and steps are what I’m good at. This class introduced me to a high intense workout that gave me this option.


So if I know that is what made/makes me happy, wouldn’t I find something similar in a workout? Well I did. My soul-mate workout is TurboFire. This workout is a mix of cardio, dancing, and strength training. The songs are upbeat and just makes you want to dance. No matter what new workout program I get, I always come back to TurboFire. ChaLean Extreme would be my second soul-mate (the current workout I am doing).

In order to find yours, all you have to do is write down a list of things you love in your workouts. Now, write down the things you don’t like. Do you like a lot of cardio, dancing, and high intensity? TurboFire is for you! Do you like weight training, cardio, and karate? P90X is for you!  Are you a new mother and can’t balance all the crazy things happening in your life? 10 minute trainer is up your alley! There is a fitness program for everybody. Want to hear the good news? I’m a BeachBody Coach. This means I can help you find your soul-mate workout for FREE! Let me guide you in finding your true love. Do not put this off any longer! You have the secret formula to finding that workout that suits your life, now use it!

make me your coach

Add me as your free coach @ – you will not regret this. Have you found your true love? Comment here and tell me what your favorite workout is!

Be open to finding love!

xo Brittny

P.S., stay tuned – tomorrow I’ll be posting a recap post + an update on ChaLean Extreme & my new workout group!


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