New Year, New You Recap + Week Recap

Happy Weekend!

On a Saturday night I am staying in and blogging. That is dedication! I’ve decided to give my blog more attention! Like I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, things in my life have been a little hectic. From starting a new job to my personal life, I’ve been nonstop busy. So I’m going to do a full week recap! Also, I will be writing about my first workout challenge group.

Last Saturday, me and my family went out for dinner. We went to the Cracker Barrel (which is one of my all time favorite restaurants). There was about 10 of us and it was just such a fun time. It’s nice getting out and having fun with people who you can just be yourself with and not have to worry about drama. Such a relief and I’m so thankful to have a huge family to spend time with.


I always order the Chicken Fried Steak – one of my favorite meals!

Fit Tip: Eating one bad meal a week will not make you gain weight or set you off track. Just like eating one healthy meal will make you skinny. It’s all about balance and treating yourself once in a while. Just don’t make it a daily habit!

photo(38)After dinner, we browsed around their gift shop and I saw Gone With The Wind. For anyone who knows me, I love classic movies, especially movies based in the Civil War era. I’m a history geek!  So of course I had to buy it. I originally had this for VHS, but yeah… they’re just a little outdated.

Sunday – my sister and myself went grocery shopping and got items needed for our Super Bowl party. I had no intention of even watching the game since I don’t like either team (Steelers fan – woot) it was fun still making food and pigging out.

photo(35)I made Buffalo Chicken dip and homemade salsa. We bought meats, cheeses, pizza, and much more! Like I said, it’s okay to pig out on special occasions because it doesn’t happen daily! Life is too short, enjoy yourself! Just don’t do it all the time.

This was just what I needed to relieve some of the stress I had. I started my new job this week, which meant I had to leave my comfort zone. It’s always hard starting something new with your life, especially when you don’t know what you’re getting into, what it involves, or who you will be with. I’m a person who doesn’t adapt to change very well – that’s something I am working on. But, I must say, this was an amazing change for me. I love the job so far, I’m learning so much and the people all seem so amazing and nice. It was a relief. My hours are much better and it’s a definite step towards becoming more successful in my life. I’m so happy I decided to take this change!

photo(37)Well, just because I’m becoming more successful doesn’t mean I can’t be a kid at heart. Spiderman notebook & a batman soup cup. YES!

photo(36)Also, finding notes from your sister in your lunch bag is also a reminder of the good things in your life. This certainly put a huge smile on my face – it’s the little things in life 🙂

So that’s just a little update with things in my life. Now, on to my first workout group recap!


New Year, New You – Review

I still can’t believe the group is over and how successful it turned out to be. It was my very first workout group that I hosted. I have participated in many other workout groups, but I never coached my own – and it was so much fun.

For those of you who don’t know what a workout group is:

It’s a private/secret group that I make on Facebook. There, I add the members who want to participate in the challenge. I post a points document for everyone to print out or save and then each member will post daily in order to earn points. It’s a great way for people to help motivate each other while helping themselves. Once the challenge is over, I add up the points for everyone and whoever has the most points, will win a special prize. The prizes vary from gift cards to workout programs. I’ll be mixing up each new challenge group along with the prize.

Examples on how to earn points:

  1. Post a motivational quote or picture
  2. Take a Before/After picture
  3. Stat Saturday – post your weight & measurements lost each week
  4. Post a healthy recipe
  5. Log in your daily workout

This group was hosted by two coaches and we had 20 members join. Each coach kept track of 10 girls each. Some members faded away, but this happens. As much as I want to push and motivate someone to eat better and workout, at the end of the day, it comes down to you pushing yourself. If you really want to get more healthy & fit, then you will make it happen.

Everyone who participated made me extremely proud. The girls were losing weight and inches each week! They inspired and motivated me so much… because I’m human. There are times when I don’t feel like working out or eating healthy, but then I see them posting and it changes my whole outlook. So not only am I helping them, but they are helping me too. Being able to help motivate or inspire someone is truly the greatest feeling you will ever get. It has reminded me so much of why I chose to become a BeachBody Coach. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help someone – even if it’s just with losing weight & getting healthier.

Each girl, on average, lost about 9 pounds. Which is the perfect amount of weight to lose in 1 month. This is a healthy realistic goal to achieve! People always set themselves up for failure by choosing goals that can’t be reached in the amount of time they are given. So, for my new challenge starting Monday, I have created a document for everyone to follow in order to set a goal that they will be able to achieve. I think this will be super helpful for everyone because when they reach that goal, they’ll be more positive and it will push them to do even more.

So if these girls were able to lose almost 10 pounds in a month, imagine how this can help you too! I hope everyone reading this will consider joining my new group and take control of their life in getting more healthy and fit!

photo(42)This group is starting Monday and will end on March 31 – it’s called Love Your Body. I’ll be helping you to love your body because too many people get down on themselves. This is unhealthy and doesn’t benefit you. It’s important to love yourself!

So if this is something you think you would be interested in joining, simply LIKE my Facebook page @ – send me a message telling me you want to join and then I’ll add you to the group!  Do you know anyone else who would be interested in joining? Send them to my page as well! The more, the better! The prize for this challenge will be the BeachBody workout Brazil Butt Lift. This workout has changed my life & body – plus it’s just in time to get your body ready for the summer! After all, bikini season is right around the corner!

Posts to look for next week:

  • ChaLean Extreme Review
  • Weekly Workout + Meal Plan
  • Weekend Recap
  • Clean Eating!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

xo Brittny


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