Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push: Part 1

Can you believe the weekend is already here? Let me rephrase this… can you believe that January is over?! This month has gone by so fast. I’ve been crazy busy with my BeachBody Bootcamp, my challenge group, starting up a new challenge group, and finishing Chalene’s 30 day push program.

Like I’ve said in my previous posts, I wanted to write full reviews on the things that have been helping me become successful and to maybe help inspire other people to join me. So, the time has come to finally write about the 30 day push challenge!


Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push Challenge

Chalene Johnson (the creator of TurboFire & Chalean Extreme) started up a 30 day program where she teaches you the following:

  • How to manage your time
  • How to properly create to-do lists
  • To become more successful
  • To progress your Beachbody business
  • To stay accountable
  • Achieving your goals (short term & long term)
  • How to better yourself (physically & mentally)
  • Dos & don’ts of reaching success
  • Becoming more organized
  • Much, much more…


Every morning, an email was sent to my inbox from Chalene herself. There, she would give a brief description on what the lesson would be about for that day including a link to a video you would watch of her talking more about the lesson and motivating you. The lessons were so inspiring and moving and definitely helped me to become more organized. The videos would be anywhere from 3 minutes to 12 minutes long – and the great part was that I could watch them any time during the day or week when I had the time. No pressure!


I’m going to now list what the lessons were for 30 days along with my own personal answers or goals that I have set for myself. Hopefully this will give you a better idea of how this worked and hopefully you can apply this to your life!

Day 1: Your Game Face – Your game face is a reminder to yourself of why you started this challenge. Without a good game face, no one will think you’re serious. Think of NFL Football players and their game faces, you don’t want to mess with them do you? NO WAY! You are your biggest obstacle, so scare away that negative side!

Day 2: #1 Priority – My top priority will always be my family. They have been there for me throughout my entire life and will always be there. So without them, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Each and every day, I work harder to be successful because that’s what they would have wanted me to do. Making them proud of me is my top priority in life.

Day 3: 10 Goals – Chalene has us print out 4 sheets where we write down our goals. Example, week 1 I wrote down 10 goals that I wanted to achieve for this year along with my “push goal.” Then you write down a new set of goals each week and watch how quickly you start checking off your list.


Day 4: PUSH Goal – This is where you sit and think about that one goal you want to achieve more than anything. For me, it’s switching to a vegetarian lifestyle. Not only because of my personal beliefs, but so become more healthy and happy. Once you have found your push goal, you will read over your goals list and think about what 3 goals will help you to achieve your PUSH goal. Put a star beside them and work harder on those goals.

push goal

Day 5: Important Person – Chalene has us think of that one special person in our lives. Once you find out who that person is, you make them a promise. Once you make a promise to someone, you can’t break it because it not only hurts you, but that person as well. She has us email, text, call, or face to face make a promise that you will achieve your PUSH goal. Once you do this, then you have to stick to your promise. This is a great motivation for you to work towards your dream.


Day 6: Where You Make Your To-Do List – Now it’s time to start getting more hands on. Creating to-do lists are a way for you to see every single day what you need to get done. From writing in a word document to an app on your phone, think about the best way for you to make a to-do list. I use the app AwesomeNote. It’s the best app I’ve ever come across… download it!

Day 7: Your To-Do List – Chalene breaks down the best ways to stay organized in your lists. With the AwesomeNote app, you can make folders. In there, you’ll want to make a PUSH goal folder, This Week, This Month, and this Quarter. This way, you don’t get discouraged if you can’t complete everything within a day or a week.

Day 8: Progress – By going through my folders of things I needed to do, I made progress by cleaning my room and getting rid of clothes I no longer wear to people who are less fortunate. It’s a double win and helps me become a better person which makes it easier for me to achieve my PUSH goal.

Day 9: To-Do List Trigger – Here, we learn about what is our trigger. A trigger that helps you get through the day or gets you through your list. For me, it’s my Shakeology. I can’t function without my shake in the morning. It helps me get focused and pushes me to get my tasks finished.

Day 10: What You’re Focusing On Now – This might sound selfish, but I’m focusing on me. Let me explain! If I don’t focus on myself and meeting my goals, no one around me will prosper as well. If I’m not completing my tasks, that affects those around me. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s important to do things for yourself because you will always be the only person you have. Take care of yourself!

Day 11: Skill To Master – I hang on to the past. I constantly feel the pain of those who have hurt me or done wrong to me instead of moving forward. Now that I know my issue, it’s time to work on that. So, I tell myself that I will forgive those who have hurt me and just let go of the past. Your past doesn’t matter; it’s your present and future that you need to focus on.


Day 12: Positive Affirmation – People always focus on the negative comments or situations in their life and not looking at the positive side. Remind yourself of the great things in your life or tell yourself why you started. For me, it’s reminding myself that I’m doing this to get healthy, happy, my future, and just for ME.

Day 13: Your Pusher – Think of the people in your life that push you to be your best self. Who supports you and wants to see you succeed. For me, I am lucky to have so many people to help me. My boyfriend, family, friends, Chalene Johnson, and my coach all help me. Without them, I wouldn’t be motivated or pushed to be better or work harder.

Day 14: Your Frog – I know what you’re thinking, what could this possibly mean? Start thinking of the things that you hate doing each day. For me, it’s opening up my email. Because I know in my inbox is a list of people who need answers, help, problems, or just want to flat out be rude. But, I tackle this first thing in the morning because then I get it out of the way and it’s over and done with.

Day 15: Taking Care of You – Today’s lesson was about learning to say no. Yeah, it’s great helping others to achieve what they desire but if it’s affecting you and your goals, then you need to say no. You need to put yourself and your goals first.

Did you feel inspired or motivated? I know I was. I hope this will be helpful for you to become organized & to reach your goals! Stay tuned for part 2!

xo Brittny

Continue on to part 2…


4 thoughts on “Chalene Johnson’s 30 Day Push: Part 1

  1. Love love love chalene – & i love this blog you have written. I’m hugely into goals & working towards them & i live how chalene keeps you focused & on track. Am now essentially a fan of your writings – have followed you on twitter & instagram 🙂
    Karen. Best wishes

    • I’m glad you liked it & started following me! Once I get my new laptop I’ll be posting a lot more articles. I’ve slacked off a bit but I will definitely be following you back soon!

      It’s so nice hearing other people wanting to get fit and healthy and wanting to help motivate others. Are you a BeachBody coach yourself??

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