Dos & Don’ts Of Dining Out

dining out

Before I became a BeachBody Coach, I was constantly going out for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just to have a few drinks. You name it, I went out for it. From Italian restaurants to McDonald’s, I could not stop going out to eat. Was I picking healthy foods and drinks when I went out? Negative. I was getting mixed drinks, beer, appetizers, a huge entrée, and sometimes even desert. Want to know the sad part? I was going out more than once a week and even on the weekends. It was no surprise why I gained almost 50 pounds after high school.


I am a woman who loves eating and who loves being with her friends. I’m from an area where there is nothing to do but go shopping and out to eat. So, of course my friends were always going out to eat and I tagged along because I love being with them. This not only cost me money, but pounds too. Yes, pounds. No one ever taught me nutrition or what to order when you go out and I wish I had.

After a lot of research and a lot of experience at a lot of restaurants, I have decided to make a post about the Do’s and Don’ts of Dining Out. I know what you’re probably thinking… “I have to order only salads and water.” Well, you’re wrong. There are so many restaurants now that offer low calorie meals. I’m going to simply show you what to order and what to avoid ordering. I’m going to give you 10 helpful tips to avoid pigging out.


My Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts

1.)    Set a budget. If you only bring $20 with you, you’re not going to be drinking a lot of alcohol, now are you? Drinks alone at a restaurant range from $3 to $13. That’s insane! That’s money you could be using to buy more important things that will last you longer than 20 minutes. Yeah, It might taste good or feel good, but is it honestly worth that much money? No.

2.)    Get your butt into gear. What do I mean by this? DO some researching before you go to the restaurant. Decide what you want to eat and be strict with yourself. You should be reading about their chicken dinners, lean proteins are so important in a diet. If the restaurant has a low calorie meal section, order something from there. They have tasty meals that are super low in calories. T.G.I. Friday’s is a great restaurant who offers this section. Read it!

3.)    Read before you order. Do you want to order a steak but the description says “drenched in our signature buttery garlic sauce.” Sure, it might sound good… but that’s extra fat and calories that you don’t need in order to enjoy that steak. Steak is good alone without the added fats.

4.)    Portion control. Do you ever leave the restaurant feeling so stuffed you literally have to undo your pants? This is wrong! Portion control is key to any diet. Give your body time to digest your food and don’t eat so fast. Smaller portions! Don’t order the whole portion of pasta. Pasta is fattening enough without adding more of it. Order the ½ portion!

5.)    Drink water. Before your meal arrives, drink a glass of water. This will help fill you up so you don’t have to eat all of your food and stuff yourself. The more water, the better. This also helps to flush out toxins in your body. Don’t like plain water? Most restaurants offer lemons in their water, take it. It adds flavor and lemon water is super good for your skin, health, and digestion.

6.)    Downsize the supersize. Yes, more is usually better. But when it comes to food, do not accept it. Going to McDonald’s they ALWAYS offer “Would you like to supersize that?” Say no! Not only is it more money, but it’s so much more fat! You do not need to up the size. By supersizing your food, you’re also supersizing your waist.

7.)    Pass on the apps. Apps? Appetizers. Generally, your food arrives within 15 minutes. By the time you finish your appetizer, your main course has arrived and you can barely eat 3 bites without saying the classic line “I’m so full I can’t even breathe.” This is not healthy! Avoid ordering more food when you do not need it.

8.)    Doggy bag it. Almost every single restaurant gives you the option of a takeout container for the food you can’t finish. Looking for a lunch for work tomorrow? Simply eat half of your meal at dinner and then get a box for the rest. Easy lunch or a dinner for someone at home.

9.)    Extra, extra, don’t read all about it. Avoid getting extra foods to add to your food already. Salad bars are so famous and they’re incredible. Get a salad before your meal, enjoy yourself… but don’t add 4 packets of ranch dressing, 5 spoonfuls of croutons, and handfuls of shredded cheese. You are defeating the purpose of a salad.

10.)  Do not shake it like a salt shaker. Don’t add extra salt to your food, do you realize how much salt they ALREADY use? You would be blown away. Do not pick up that salt shaker! Mexican restaurants always offer chips & salsa to start off with, try avoiding those and see how much more you enjoy your dinner. They might be free but they aren’t fat free.

11.) Extra Tip. Also try avoiding dairy. Dairy foods are so hard for your body to break down and they are loaded with fat. Get a plain burger or a salad with NO cheese.


Have you read these tips before and you’re still struggling to eat healthier when eating out? I have a solution. Simply join my BeachBody team today for FREE for more motivation, tips, and help. I will push you harder than anyone ever has before. Message me if you’re out and you need someone to remind you why you feel guilty about even thinking of ordering that margarita and I will gladly REMIND you.


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