Khroma Beauty Review



That’s right! Confused? Don’t be… I finally had the chance to purchase their new makeup from their new makeup line Khroma. Last week after our BeachBody Business dinner, Maddie and I went to Ulta to unwind and do a little shopping. After browsing items for over 30 minutes, nothing was catching my eye. Then I saw a picture of them and their makeup products.. I was like a moth to a flame.

I felt like a teenage girl at a Bieber concert. I was like “OH MY GOD, I need to buy these!” No one understands how the Kardashians are my ultimate guilty pleasure. I am addicted. I’ve been wanting to try out their beauty products for a while now but never saw them in town. Unfortunately, a lot of the products were sold out so I grabbed what I could.

photo(16)This kit was only $14.99 and it’s called Shebang. I love it.. I love the colors, I love how it comes with a makeup brush, fake eye lashes, eyelash glue, and an eyeliner pencil. From doing my research, you can get this at your typical drug stores and probably other department stores. I got mine from Ulta, as stated above, but I believe the price is all the same.


The eyeshadow colors are just amazing.. very natural but add a lot of color to your eyes (especially if you have brown eyes..) and I love the eyeliner. Goes on super smooth and it lasted all night for me. I haven’t had a chance to try out the eyelashes because I haven’t went anywhere that I would wanna glam up a lot.. so I’ll give an update on those once I try them.



Here are the swatches from the eyeshadow pallet. The darker colors really stand out, but unfortunately the highlighter colors didn’t really show up. You have to really pack the lighter colors on for them to be noticeable. So that is one thing I’m not a fan of.


photo(11)The eyeliner isn’t exactly smudge proof, as you can see I tested that out on my hand. But I wore this all night long and it stayed in place. Over all, I am satisfied with the eye liner as well.


This is Kourtney’s pallet/kit called Kourtney Kardazzle. Kim & Khloe’s was sold out so I managed to get the last one of this. Personally, I think this kit is super cute, small, easy to carry with you and comes with a full face kit.



The top four eyeshadow colors are matte, which I love! I am a huge fan of matte colors, however, I did not like the lighter matte colors here. You have to really dig your brush into the colors for them to stand out. The bottom four colors are more sparkly and they stand out like crazy. I love them! The bottom part slides out and reveals blush, a highlighter, and a bronzer. Again, the highlighter doesn’t stand out very well but the blush and bronzer was great.


These are swatches from the eyeshadow.. top is the matte colors & bottom is the sparkly ones..


These are swatches from the blush, highlighter, and bronzer.

I personally really like this pallet. It’s small enough to put in your purse, your clutch, or just to store it with your other makeup. It has everything you need (minus brushes) to doll yourself up. I just wish the lighter colors would stand out more.


I needed new mascara and they had all of their mascara in bigger tubes, but I saw this little kit sampling their 4 mascaras. This was $9.99 I believe, which isn’t bad for 4 mascaras!


I have tried them all out and my personal favorite is the Whip Lash simply because it has a different brush (see below). Aside from the different brushes, these are amazing mascaras and super affordable. I will definitely be purchasing more of these if nothing else.


They really make my eyelashes look super long, I don’t even need the fake eyelashes. I mean, yeah I already do have naturally long lashes, but without the right mascara, you wouldn’t really notice because my eyes are so dark.

photo(3)This is a picture I took of me wearing the Kourtney Kardazzle face pallet. Very natural colors, which I love.

photo(20)And this look is from this morning, wearing the Shebang eyeshadows plus liner. This might be my favorite eyeshadow pallet, really loving the dark earthy colors.

They also have nude lip glosses and lipsticks among other makeup products, but I was not able to get my hands on these items. Once I do, I’ll be adding a review on those items as well. Hopefully soon because I keep hearing amazing things about their lipsticks.


Thoughts: I’ve read a lot of bad reviews on their makeup, but I happened to really enjoy it. It’s affordable for everyone, the colors are incredible and would match anyone’s skin tone. Went on smooth, small enough to carry with you, and just a nice product.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely, I mean not everyone can afford to buy MAC, Urban Decay, or Bare Minerals so it’s nice that it’s pretty colors, you get a lot of options, and it’s affordable. You can’t beat that.

Likes: Loving the dark colors, the eyeliner, and the mascara.

Dislikes: I don’t like the lighter colors, they don’t stand out and you really gotta pack it on the brush for it to show up. Also, I wish it would have came with a different eyeshadow brush, I’m not a fan of the sponges. I also wish the eyeliner wouldn’t smudge, but then again, it lasted all night for me. So I am on the fence about that.

I will be purchasing the other eyeshadow pallets and lipsticks once I can find them. So check back for that!

I hope you enjoyed this small review and will go out and purchase the items for yourself. Let me know if you do and what makeup looks you came up with! Also, comment below and let me know if you hate or love the product!

xo Brittny


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