Shakeology Cleanse: Day 2


So, it’s now Day 2 of the Shakeology Cleanse… Surprisingly, I don’t want to rip my hair out – yet. I’m missing real food, bad. I’m only tempted when I’m eating lunch at work with the other women and I can smell their pastas and breads and then I sit there and chug down a big bottle of Chocolate Shakeology. I am ready for Day 3 already!

While it is only 3 short days, it’s tough cutting out real foods when you LOVE food so much. I like chewing on things – especially food. So I’m kind of over drinking so much. I’m not complaining that Shakeology doesn’t taste great (because it does) and especially with the new and improved flavor, it’s just I miss that hot smell of food. Weird right?

When I woke up this morning, I was full of energy (this does not happen usually for me..) and felt so clean. My face even feels refreshed and I know it’s because of the Shakeology. I did the normal routine this morning –got ready for my day and packed my lunch bag of snacks and shakes. I got to work and was already craving coffee! It’s so hard being on a diet/cleanse in a work place when you can smell doughnuts and coffee in the air.  But, I pushed past my cravings and drank some green tea to satisfy my urge.


My breakfast was the same as yesterday – Shakeology + water + ice and then 1 banana. This held me over until my lunch break. I was super busy this morning at work so I didn’t even realize how hungry I actually was. Lunch was the same, Chocolate Shake + water + ice. I was full, but I was starting to get hungry really fast. I kept my mind off of that by reading blogs in the afternoon and catching up on my Chalene Johnson 30 Day Push videos. I started the BeachBody Business Bootcamp this week as well with my Coach, so I started working on the things I needed for that. This kept me pretty busy until my next break at work. I had another shake as a snack along with some green tea. 5:00 could not come any faster; I was dying for my salad! So I packed up my pretty thirty-one lunch bag and headed home!


I made my salad a little differently than I did for my first salad. Instead of using chopped cauliflower and radishes, I chopped up some red & orange peppers along with an onion.


Then I threw this in the skillet with some olive oil & salt and added in my fajita chicken strips. I sauteed this for about 5 minutes until the veggies were nice and soft.


Then to finish off the salad, I drizzled some Kraft Lite Italian House dressing all over. This dressing is quickly becoming my favorite dressing to use.. it’s full of flavor and you wouldn’t even know that it’s lite.


This salad held me over for the remainder of the night. My family ordered pizza from my FAVORITE pizza shop.. I was furious haha I wanted a piece soooo bad but I just said ya know, you have one more day left and you don’t need it! So I went downstairs to my room and played more Xbox to get my mind off the fun food happening upstairs.

After my food finally settled, it was time to get my workout in. I completed TurboFire Fire 30 – and it was intense. Yeah, it’s only for 30 seconds, but it’s a high intense cardio workout. I should have chose something more calm but I was full of energy.


If you don’t know what TurboFire is, check out this awesome video!

Since TurboFire is on sale, me and Maddie have decided to do a 90 Day Challenge group for anyone who is interested in TurboFire. It’s my favorite workout ever and I want to help people lose that weight and get fit & happy! Message me if this is something you would be interested in. The video above is just a sample of the Fire 30 Class.

I felt a little hungry by the time I was ready for bed, so I just went to sleep so I wasn’t tempted to get in the fridge and eat everything in sight!

Feeling: Refreshed and clean. I actually fit into a skirt that was a little tight on me before. So I know I’m losing some weight! I feel lighter and just less stressed out.

Hunger/Cravings: Of course I have cravings – I am a woman who loves food! I’m not as hungry as I was on day 1.

Workout: TurboFire Fire 30.. definitely got the sweat and cardio that I needed!

Thoughts So Far: As much as I want to give in to the “cravings” I have, it’s only for 3 days. So I am keeping myself accountable and I will be strong and finish this out. Anyone can do 3 days.. it’s 3 days! You just have to commit yourself to doing this. The way I think of it, is if I can get through these 3 days.. then I can get through anything related to this. This will give me the jump start that I needed to get more serious about my health & fitness goals.

Bring on day 3!


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