Bye Bye Flu, Hello Cleanse!

Happy Monday! For once, it is a happy Monday!

I’ve been slacking on here very bad.. but that’s only because I’ve had the flu for the past week and I woke up this morning finally feeling 100% better. Now I think my whole department caught the flu from me lol whoops! (Give us sick days and we won’t come to work sick..)

photo(1)I finally have some color back to my skin and my hair doesn’t look so dead!

So for the next 3 days, you will be finally getting updates on the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse. Me and my best friend decided to do this together since we got our brand new bags of Chocolate Shakeology. I’ll be posting pictures, how I’m feeling, and the results I get after I’ve completed it. I’m really excited to see what my results are because people have lost up to 10 pounds doing it. I’m currently on Day 1, so I’ll be posting about it tomorrow morning and so on.

Anyways, my weekend was pretty awesome (considering I had the flu) thanks to my awesome boyfriend. He came over on Friday after work and we ordered pizza and watched a couple movies. If you haven’t watched Pitch Perfect yet, you must order it soon! It’s so hilarious and has quickly become one of my favorite movies.

Saturday I slept in until noon (I know, lazy bum..) and then we went out for some lunch. We went to my favorite Chinese restaurant Gourmet Buffet and I finally tried Sushi for my first time! I am still iffy about it.. I might have to try some without the seaweed. I wasn’t a fan of that taste in my mouth. Then we did a little shopping at Target where he got me some gifts 🙂 but of course, my flu kicked me in the butt and we left early and laid in bed and watched more movies.

Sunday, Madeline and myself finally exchanged our Christmas gifts – yes, we are running a little behind.. But I loved every single thing she got me! She seriously is the best gift giver ever.

photo(3)She got me Urban Decay – Purple Haze eye shadow because I absolutely love purple eyeshadow now. I also got a sleep mask, a Victoria Secret Houston Astros hat, Sports bras, hair products, and a few Avengers items. I love them! Especially the Avengers pen with matching memo pad. I’ll definitely use all of these items.

After we exchanged gifts, we went to Martin’s and got our groceries that we needed to start for the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse. It’s so nice having someone to do this with and then we can help motivate each other during the day to stick with it. So definitely stay tuned for that! Also, if you are interested in Shakeology samples or if you would like to try out the cleanse, message me and let me know! Until tomorrow, enjoy your Monday!

xo Brittny


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