Minute To Win It

Terrible Happy Monday!

Yep. I caught the amazing flu that seems to be so popular now. Ugh, I can not wait until I can go home and lie in bed all night. I’m so bummed because I was going to start the lean calendar from P90X. Thanks a lot, seasonal sickness!


I’m currently at work, sipping on some green tea and reading Allure magazine. I love Keira Knightley! So beautiful.. perfect time to write a blog entry catching everyone up on my weekend!

So Thursday I had a small shopping spree after work, which was a lot of fun. Ulta is too addicting, I am telling you. Especially when you have a gift card and you kind of go crazy on the spending thinking your card will cover all expenses – wrong! This is always a huge downfall for me haha so I needed new perfume and decided on buying the Christian Dior Jadore. It. Smells. Amazing. By far my new favorite scent of the year!


Plus it comes in a super cute bottle 🙂


My Mac makeup also arrived when I got home. I ordered some lipstick because I was in desperate need of new colors. I ordered the Vegas Volt & Girl About Town. I love them both so much and I’m extremely happy with my purchases. They’re not too bright or obnoxious – but they add just the right amount of color that you need. I highly suggest every girl order these two lipsticks!

After I went shopping, me and my 3 other girl friends went out for dinner since my best friend was leaving to head back to the Navy on Saturday. Boo! Not a happy girl. We went to our second favorite Mexican restaurant (since our favorite one seemed to get shut down due to people getting sick from the food and wasn’t the cleanest restaurant.. so mad..) and had a really great night. I love our monthly dinners where we get to catch up on everything in our life. Plus it was great seeing Sarah again before she left. I’m so upset that I won’t see her again for a few months, so I’m hoping to be able to visit her in Chicago one weekend.


I ordered the chicken quesdilla with rice and guacamole.. my three addictions!

Friday – my cousin had a surprise birthday party since she turned 16. The theme was Minute To Win It.. which was sooo much fun. Even though I sucked at every single game, it was nice being with the family and playing games all night. Oh, and eating cake & pizza wasn’t so bad either!


So we walked in and had to sign this board wishing her a Happy Birthday. The colors were green & black. I loved the decorations and how everything was set up.


Happy Birthday, Haily! (These colors are amazing.. and it tasted just as good!)


Everyone sat in a circle and then that is when the games finally started. I’m pretty thankful for having a huge family to do these things with.


The first game we played was pretty hard. We had to place a floating device in the water of a tub (see above with my sister..) and then place 5 empty soda cans on top of each other without them falling over. Sounds easy, but it wasn’t.. I think only two people achieved this. I, was not one of them.


The second game was just as hard – you had to take a fishing pole, bait a gummy worm on the end of the hook, and then try to “fish” out a pretzel from a jar. Sounds easy, but it wasn’t.. I also failed at this. You had to wet the gummy worm in your mouth and then try to stick it to the pretzel. All within 1 minute!


Ah yes, the third game.. I was soooo embarrassed during this challenge. You had to put some Vaseline on your nose (however much you though you needed.. I went overboard) and then you had to put your face into a bowl of cotton balls. Then, once you had a cotton ball on your nose, you had to run to another table and shake the cotton ball off into another bowl. I used too much Vaseline and it was stuck on my nose. So, I was shaking my head into a bowl for about 30 seconds like a dog shaking water off. Not a good time! Oh, and you couldn’t use your hands.. which made this super hard.


Game 4 – I almost had this won but then I ran out of time. You took a plate, placed it on your head, and then had to stack 5 blocks on top without them falling over. You could, again, only use one hand. I believe my niece (above) won this game.


No worries, I epically failed at this game as well. But of course, this guy makes all three cups! You had to stand on the white lines and with a tape measure and then place a plastic ball on one end and try to slide it down into a cup on the table. Yeah, I didn’t even make one cup but this guy does all three!


Now this game I finally did win! You had to get 4 cups to stack together by removing a piece of paper between each one. It was the hardest one I think and I nailed it. But of course, another lady won it as well and then we had to do a tie breaker. We had to stack 3 golf balls on top of each other – which I got 2 to stack – and she didn’t. But, since it wasn’t 3, we had to do another challenge. The next challenge was horrible. We had to shoot down 3 cards from on top of buckets with a rubber band. I don’t even know how to shoot a rubber band. So she got one down and somehow won, whatever! Haha I’m over it. It was a good time and I had a blast.


I got to play with my cousin’s baby for a while before he got fussy and they left. He was so amazed with looking at himself through my iPhone. He’s too adorable.

Saturday & Sunday I was super lazy and watched a lot of movies, did some reading, and worked on some homework for my 30 Day Push Challenge with Chalene Johnson. She is teaching me so much about how to reach my goals and I’m having a blast with it. I can’t wait to give a full update on this when I’m finished. My workout group challenge is starting week two already and the girls are showing awesome progress! I’m so proud of them and I can’t wait to see their ending results after the 6 weeks are up. I’m also excited to give a full review with that – since it’s my first workout group challenge! Hopefully I feel better tonight and I can actually get a workout in. I’m feeling so blah and I need to step up my workouts.

My Shakeology will also arrive tomorrow along with my Chalene Johnson Push book. Me and Maddie have decided on once a week to read a chapter of it and then we’ll discuss it. Our virtual book club haha I can’t wait to also write a review on that! I’m going to be sooo busy with reviews! I have my boot camp review, push challenge, push book, group challenge, p90x, Shakeology Cleanse.. I am going to be so busy and I love it! New posts will be uploaded this week as well!

xo Brittny


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