New Year, New You!

Good morning!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and got lots of goodies! I know I did.. this is one of the best Christmas’ I’ve had in such a long time! Santa was very good to me this year. Speaking of year, I can’t believe 2012 is almost over with. It’s time to start those New Year’s Resolutions again!

new years diet

My New Years Resolutions:

  • Stick to a healthy lifestyle
  • Be more organized
  • Be on time to events
  • Progress my BeachBody business

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?

And speaking of New Year, it’s time for a New You as well! New Year, New You is the name of my new Facebook group that I’ll be starting January 1, 2013 with my best friend. This will be a secret group, so no one else besides members of the group can see the posts, where we will help motivate and inspire people to stick to eating healthy and working out. There is a great incentive as well, the person who wins the challenge will win an awesome prize at the end of the 6 weeks!

It’s free to join and everyone is welcome! To determine the winner, we will be creating and sending out a points system for everyone to go off of. Whoever participates the most  by posting into the group will be the winner. We will be making the points as fair as possible so everyone has a chance to win. I’m really excited to get this started and to see everyone’s results!

If you are interested in joining, simply send me a message on Facebook, comment on this post, or simply email me @ or you can click the About Me tab and fill out the contact form. I hope everyone reading this wants to join in!

xo Brittny


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