Stuffed Pepperjack Spinach Chicken

Thirsty Thursday – you’re here at last!

After this horrible week, a few of my friends and myself are getting some dinner and drinks after work. It’s much needed! It seems like every single morning something happens and causes me to be late for work. This week can be over any day now!


On the plus side, my package from my BeachBody Coach came last night. I got a sample of the tropical strawberry shakeology, a shaker cup, and a $50 gift card for signing up to be a coach with her. These are the kinds of perks that I’ll eventually start doing as my business with BeachBody starts to grow. The gift card will definitely come in handy for more Christmas presents!

Speaking of Shakeology..


I made an awesome shake this morning, I never tried the unsweetened almond milk before so I thought I would try it out this morning and it’s so good! Plus less fat and less calories. I used 1/2 banana, 1 1/2 cups of almond milk, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, and 1 scoop of chocolate shakeology. So yummy and so filling. Definitely made my morning a lot better!

Anyways, I made this amazing meal last night. I think it’s officially my new favorite recipe that I’ve tried. Not only was it simple and cheap, but so filling and so tasty. I’ve had a few friends already ask me how to make it so I figured I would share the love 🙂


Stuffed Pepperjack Spinach Chicken


  • Olive Oil
  • Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breasts
  • Fresh Baby Spinach Leaves
  • Pepperjack Cheese


  • Mrs. Dash Southwest Chiptole
  • Kosher Salt
  • Fresh Black Pepper
  • Smoked Paprika
  • Granulated Garlic Powder
  • Cumin

Before you start, you’ll want to preheat your over to 350 degrees. While the over is preheating, start by cutting open your chicken where the fatty parts are. Don’t slice through the whole way, as you’ll want the side to be connected so it’s easier to stuff. Then, take a hammer or a pan and flatten out the chicken to be about 1/4″ thick.


In a bowl, mix all of your seasonings together.


Once you have sliced up your cheese, add it to a separate bowl. Also, add in your spinach with some salt and pepper. Like I’ve said before, I use Kosher salt because it’s great for cooking.


Place your chicken on a baking sheet with some non-stick aluminum foil. Then, take a handful of your cheese and spinach mix and place them on your chicken.


After you’ve done this, simply fold over your chicken. Any pieces that fall out you can stuff  back in or simply add it on top of the chicken. Also, take your olive oil and brush it onto the chicken and then start adding your seasonings mix onto the chicken. Once you’ve finished this step, pop it into the oven for about 35-40 minutes. Make sure it is cooked through!


As for a side, I decided to make asparagus. I simply cut off the ends, drizzle some olive oil on them, plus some salt & pepper and then fold the aluminum foil into a little pack. I stick it in the oven and let this cook for about 20 minutes. You can add almost any side to your chicken, but I love asparagus and it was a great meal.

If you’re watching your weight and don’t really want to use the pepperjack cheese, simply replace it with fat free feta cheese and it will taste just as good because the spices add the kick to the chicken.



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