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Good morning! Let me rephrase, bad morning!

This week has been one of “those” weeks. I have been late for work every morning, forgot my cell phone at home this morning, locked my keys in my car, and last night I bought kid’s socks instead of adult socks. I almost went into depressed mode because I thought my feet grew over night! Then I read the label and was like oh… really? Thankfully, the week is halfway over and I have some pretty awesome plans for this weekend! I’ll be posting about that probably on Saturday.

This morning I had a customer of mine ask me if Shakeology was okay for diabetics. So I thought I would make this post about Shakeology FAQs and breaking down nutrition. Nutrition simplified for a not so simplified week!

ShakeologyFAQ1.) Is Shakeology good for someone who is a diabetic?

Yes! It’s low on the glycemic index. Shakeology has 17 grams of total carbs, 9 of them is sugar which is very low. Also being low on the glycemic index means that the carbs in it enter the blood stream at a slower rate than foods higher on the glycemic index. Which means your blood glucose levels to not rise sharply or high and instead it enters it slowly so you use it for energy and level your blood glucose.

Benefits of low glycemic index foods for everyone, not just diabetics:

  • Low GI diets help people lose and manage weight
  • Low GI diets increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin
  • Low GI carbs improve diabetes management
  • Low GI carbs reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Low GI carbs improve blood cholesterol levels
  • Low GI carbs can help you manage the symptoms of PCOS
  • Low GI carbs reduce hunger and keep you fuller for longer
  • Low GI carbs prolong physical endurance
  • High GI carbs help re-fuel carbohydrate stores after exercise

Any GI number under 55 is considered LOW. Shakeology at a GI rating of 24 is lower and “better” for a diabetic than an apple, which rates as a 40.

2.) Is it safe for someone who is pregnant to drink Shakeology?

To simply answer this, no. Unless your doctor approves of this. Shakeology is full of so many vitamins and nutrients that it might be too much for the baby. The general rule is to avoid supplements unless approved by a doctor when you are pregnant.

3.) What is the age requirement to drink Shakeology?

This answer is not going to be a simple one. Adults need different nutrients than a child. This is a subject you will want to ask your doctor, because while it is full of nutrients and vitamins it might not be the nutrients a child will need. With Shakeology though, you can make awesome little treats that are healthy for kids. But for them to drink a Shake every day is something you will want a professional opinion on because every child is different.

4.) Is it safe to breast feed while drinking Shakeology?

Yes. Because Shakeology is made with ALL NATURAL ingredients and is safe. But it’s always good to run this by your physician to get an expert opinion because like I’ve said before, every baby is different.


5.) Does Shakeology really help you lose weight?

Absolutely. All you need to do is replace ONE meal a day with a Shakeology shake. Just one shake a day plus working out 3 days a week will help give you the results you are looking for. This does not mean you can sit there and eat a bag of Doritos and expect to lose weight. You need to still maintain a balanced diet. You must follow the basic guidelines (which is pretty simple to follow) in order for it work. Shakeology helps boost your metabolism, which is a huge problem a lot of people have while trying to lose weight. They also expel toxins from your body, which helps you to relieve you and give you energy all day long.

From personal experience, I workout at least 3 days a week and replace my breakfast every morning with a Shakeo and have lost weight and inches in just 30 days.

6.) Can someone with lactose intolerance drink Shakeology because it contains whey protein that has milk in it?

Yes, but as always, contact your physician. While Shakeology does have whey protein in it, it is 90% pure protein and 10% of the ingredient. People suggest to start out with smaller servings of Shakeology and see how your body reacts to it. Or, simply buy the Vegan options so you won’t have to worry about having a bad reaction. The Vegan options contain no dairy! You can try this is Chocolate Vegan or Vegan Tropical Strawberry.

7.) Should you drink more than one Shakeology shake a day?

The answer is no. You only need to replace ONE meal a day with a shake. Now, there is a 3 day cleanse option. This is basically an intensified program to do in 3 days instead of 30 days as the regular program requires. You’re only suppose to do this once a month. For this option, you drink 2 shakes a day for 3 days. You basically would replace your breakfast and lunch with a shake and then have the dinner recommended. Overtime toxins from the food we consume builds up in our bodies creating an unhealthy inside that can sometimes surface as other ailments.

For more information on the 3 day cleanse, check out my blog post under BeachBody tab and click the link that says Shakeology – 3 day cleanse.

Hopefully these main questions have answered yours. If not, simply comment on this post and I will gladly answer. Or, simply check out the FAQ Shakeology questions site.

xo Brittny

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