My Top 5 Fitness Apps – 2012

Happy Tuesday!

And an exciting one at that. I just finished up my posts about the amazing Shakeology recipes that you can try out for yourself. Just reading them again makes me hungry for another shake!

Nutrition aside, I thought it would be fun to share my personal top 5 favorite fitness apps that I use daily to help keep me on track. These will not be in any specific order, simply because I love them all. As I have said in my previous posts, I enjoy traveling. So it’s quite hard to always make sure you have a healthy meal packed and you can’t always bring your workout programs with you. So it’s important that even if you do go out to eat, you know how many calories you’re suppose to have daily. I’ll also be posting my favorite workout apps from motivation to full workouts that you can do where ever you are. Enjoy!


App # 1 – My Fitness Pal (MFP)

This awesome free app helps you keep track of your calories, fat, nutrition, and weight. It’s a fun app where you log in everything you eat and then keeps a total so you don’t go over your daily amount. It has a great data base of foods already programmed in so you don’t have to add them yourself. Simply search for what you’re eating!

You enter in your weight and your personal information and then it determines how many calories per day you’re allowed to have (according to how much weight you would like to lose or maintain.) You can also add in your workouts and the calories you’ve burned. It’s important to stay as close to your calorie limit as possible. Don’t go over and don’t go way under!

You can add your close friends too! Which is nice because if you haven’t logged in that day, they’ll see that and then can let you know to get back on track. But no worries, your weight and personal information will not be available for them to see!


App # 2 – P90X

If you’re a BeachBody fanatic like me, this is the app for you! It’s a fantastic app where you can set up an alarm to remind you to get up and workout! It tracks your measurements and weights as well. Use this app anywhere to help you stay accounted for.

At a hotel and need a quick workout? You can purchase versions of the workouts and watch them on your phone. It also contains a nutrition journal – comes in handy especially when you’re on the road! This app is not free unfortunately, it costs $4.99 but if you love P90X, it’s worth every penny!


App # 3 – Hot Body Yoga

Ahhh yoga.. the greatest exercise of all time to help center yourself, relieve your stress, and get fit & flexible. Women’s Healthy brings you an amazing free app that provides FREE workout routines. It has two options to choose from: Workouts and Poses. Some people don’t enjoy getting sweaty and working out, so they do the poses to help with their flexibility and to relax. Others, like myself, love doing the hot workouts. I do this workout when I’m taking a trip somewhere.

Don’t have a lot of time to workout? Not a problem. This app includes a variety of workouts to fit the time frame you need. Hot Body Yoga is becoming an extremely popular workout – so get your hands on this today!


App # 4 – Tone It Up!

These girls are just incredible. Karena and Katrina are best friends who have started a great workout industry. This fun app gives you “booty calls” to wake you up and get your workout on! It comes with amazing recipes, workouts to follow, a calendar, and much much more.

It only costs $.99 to get these great features. And believe me, their workouts are butt kickers! I do them when I need a change in my daily workout routines. Their fun workouts and very inspiring. I would suggest also checking out their blog at

Last but not least..

App # 5 – Lorna Jane


Need to go for a run, job, or walk but don’t have a way to knowing how far you’ve went? Try out this app! You can also track your cycles. Record your distance, speed, calories burned, and much more.

I love using this when I’m out for a jog. It’s girly and fun and definitely helps keep me accountable. It’s also nice because then the next time you go out for a jog or a run, try pushing yourself a little farther! Each time, just push it until you can’t push yourself anymore.

Need a little break but don’t want your distance to be messed up? Not a problem. Simply hit that pause button, catch your breath, and then start running again! Eventually, you won’t need to hit that pause button. This app is also free šŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed my top favorite fitness apps. Honestly, download these and start getting your life back on track! Tell your friends and start using them together! The more friends you have using these, the more you’ll be able to stick with getting fit and healthy. I’m very thankful to have friends keep me in check – especially with the MFP app.

Add me as well! Username is __britterflyy

xo Brittny


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