My Fitness Journey

Ever since I was really young, I’ve constantly had a struggle with my body. Kids in high school always made fun of me for being curvier than the other size 0-5 size girls. It would always make me depressed and try even harder to lose weight. Which led me into trying all of these fad diets to drop the pounds quick. Of course it worked, but it wasn’t healthy and I didn’t keep that weight off. In fact I gained even more. Then I went to college and became your typical college student. I would eat junk food and fast food late at night, I drank, I didn’t eat healthy AT ALL. I gained so much weight in college.

I would skip out on beach trips with my friends because I didn’t feel comfortable enough to get into a bikini with them. That is when I began researching workout plans and nutrition. I finally have an understanding of what healthy is. Because what I was programmed all of those years to think was healthy, wasn’t. Finally, one of my best friends told me to try out Turbo Fire. So she gave me her DVDs and calendar to follow. Unfamiliar with it? It’s the high energy workout from BeachBody taught by Chalene Johnson. I found myself smiling during this program and losing inches while doing it. I followed the program for 3 months and saw a huge difference not only physically, but mentally. I have honestly tried every workout and diet plan out there and none of it has helped me – until I tried Turbo Fire.

I decided to finally buy my own BeachBody program and ordered P90X. Talk about a workout that changes your life! I lost a total of 30 pounds and 11 inches all over in just 3 months, and get this, I actually kept that weight OFF! I know these programs work because I am living proof. So then on November 15, 2012 I became a BeachBody Coach so I can help motivate and change other people’s lives while helping my own. I couldn’t be happier!

I am currently in a BeachBody group challenge that ends January 1, 2013. Once I have completed this I will post my Before/After pictures and continue on my fitness journey.

So let me help you become Fit Bottomed instead of Fat Bottomed!


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