Week 1 Workout

Week 1 Workout Schedule:

  • 11/19 – YBB Cardio Cabaret, RevAbs
  • 11/20 – Turbo Fire HIIT 15, P90X Arms
  • 11/21 – YBB Hip Hop Abs, Brazil Butt Lift Bum Bum
  • 11/22 – Turbo Fire 30, Turbo Fire Core 20
  • 11/23 – YBB Latin Flavor, P90X Arms
  • 11/24 – BBL Cardio Axe, RevAbs

As you can see, I enjoy really mixing up my workouts and combining them. That’s the beauty of having multiple workouts 🙂

In just 1 week of working out and drinking my Shakeology every day, I have lost 2 pounds and 1/4″ off of my waist. In just one week! I measure and weigh myself every Saturday morning before I eat anything. It’s important to measure yourself weekly and keep track of it so you can see what progress you are making and to help stick with it.


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