Hot for the Holidays – Workout Group

So I am a little late posting about this but I wanted to give people a better understanding of “workout groups.” My BeachBody Coach started up a Facebook private workout group where we have a chance to win $200. How do you determine the winner? By whoever has the most points. Here are some examples on how to earn points:

  • Log your workout in
  • Shakeology check in
  • Post a before/after picture
  • Post a inspirational quote/picture
  • Post recipes
  • Tell us about your goals

For this specific group challenge there are 5 coaches and each coach has 2 participants. We all have a copy of the points system and post daily into our private group. This is a 6 week program – started on November 19, 2012 until New Years. Each workout group is different, but they’re definitely motivating and helps you to stay on track! Plus, earning a prize at the end helps anyone stay motivated – especially if you’re competitive 🙂 Below I’m going to post my weekly workout schedule up until January 1, 2013.

Week 1 Workout Schedule

Week 2 Workout Schedule

Week 3-6 Workout Schedule

I will also be writing up a full review of the progress I have made during this challenge. I have a great coach who has helped motivate me more than anyone ever has and I hope that one day I can change someone’s life as she has helped mine. Stay tuned!

Completed Challenge Review


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